Adopting the Sins of Jezebel

Adopting the Sins of Jezebel

Written By Anonymous

Fundamentally, the primary premise of God’s Word is about building the family of God. Would you agree? God made man and woman and asked that they join together as one to create the next generation of godly offspring. In doing so, we have a choice in who we marry, but once married, we are to join together as a family unit to achieve God’s primary purpose which is to give Him children who will love Him and who He will love and care for an eternity.

Fast forward to modern day and what we find is the feminist mindset has come into the church. Having children (if I want them), and making a life with my husband to create a family of God and children for God has taken a back seat to a wife’s desire to do whatever she wants. Is that not what she was taught as a young girl, “You can do and be whatever you want to be!” It is a subtle lie in that is only partially true. If she is only willing to put aside what God asks of her she can indeed be almost anything she wants to be and do in this world.

Far too many women, even Christian women, have adopted the sins of Jezebel. They play at being a wife and mother, but their true desires and purposes lie elsewhere. The easiest to see this in is the true feminist who throws off God’s design and desire for her life to go do her own thing, whatever that may be. The harder one to identify is the one who “plays” at being wife and mother, but in reality her heart is self-seeking.

Who these Christian women are should only be judged by the woman herself, perhaps her husband and her heart, but she should have a few fundamental principles in mind:

1) If she is married, is she first and foremost committed to her marriage and to raising the next generation of godly offspring? This is not an optional issue for any Christian family, except those who have bought the lies of feminism and placed a woman’s own need for “success” above what God desires and asks of her.

2) God’s design for marriage is that a husband would be head and leader of the home and his wife a willing submissive follower. No matter what success she is achieving outside the home, or the success she is having as a spiritual teacher, is she following God’s desire, or have her ambitions left her husband behind?

Too many women get involved in spiritual things and teaching, yet their success and ambitions have now turned upside down God’s design for the family unit. Even the wife who simply is in the Word for hours each day can use this as a means to exalt herself and keep her husband under her, or she can do this quietly and use it to bolster her desire to please God by constantly building up, serving, and being submissive to her husband. Also, to treat him with great respect and adoration for what he does and provides for the family and to encourage him by her godly behavior to seek to become serious in his role of leader of the family.

I am not saying that a Christian wife can never be a spiritual teacher of women, but she does this role with her husband as head and leader. Think about many of the other Christian woman who have taken on big teaching roles and their relationships with their husbands. We do not know the facts of what happens behind the scenes, but we know that these women are often outside the home and some of them, if not all of them, do not primarily believe in submission. They certainly will not teach it to other women.

Now, carry this into your local church and far too often you will find the “spiritual” wife with a husband taking the back seat, and the only reason we have found this acceptable in the modern church is because the disease of feminism has crept in. If an elder/teacher is to be one who “rules his house well,” why would not the same be true of a wife that she is one who lives in submission under the headship of her husband or she is disqualified? How can a “godly” woman teach other women the Bible when she is in rebellion to it?

The conclusion here is that the spirit of Jezebel has infiltrated the church so much that we hardly notice that these women, in their desire for success and recognition outside of their homes (feminism), have usurped the leadership of their homes, put their husbands, and too often their children, on the back burner. They have lost the priority of building first their own family, and family for God, to spend hours a day trying to win the lost. No, evangelism is not their focus. To build the body of Christ by teaching the Word? Well, that is what they think they are doing, all the while modeling for these women exactly the opposite of what God has asked them to prioritize: husband, children, and home.

I am not opposed to all women teachers teaching other women, but you do have to wonder what in the world has happened to the church to have Christian women running and teaching and listening to spiritual things and all the while neglecting their own God given roles? To watch and listen at the feet of women who do not believe in being submissive to their own husbands, do not allow him to lead, and have shipped their children off to someone else’s care. This all goes against God’s number one design and desire for them to seek after serving Him.

Perhaps not all of them are violating God’s Word to the same degree, but to the point of this post, unless a Christian wife sees her primary responsibly to build a marriage with her husband and to raise up the next generation godly offspring, she will be stepping into the spirit of Jezebel and the lies of feminism. She will be seeking her own success while leaving her husband and children behind. After all, the world says she can have it all, yet God’s Word says, do things my ways and you will reap my blessings.

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. 1 Corinthians 11:3

35 thoughts on “Adopting the Sins of Jezebel

  1. I think sometimes we can get so involved in helping others too that we forget our own family and their needs. I am not saying do not help others in the community and church. I think we should help as we can and do for others. But I think family the husband and the kids should definitely come first. I say this from my own experiences. There were often times I was busy making meals for others and helping others that I did not have my own family meals and the house cleaned and the clothes washed. This is my own fault and lack of time management. God has shown me through his word that my families needs come first. It sure makes the home happier, joyful and in order.

    1. You’re right, Karla. A young woman’s ministry is to her husband, children, and home. She doesn’t need to be made to feel guilty if she has a full plate with this. It’s God’s perfect will for her at this time in her life.

    2. Karla,

      You are absolutely correct. My wife has been on both ends of this issue. At one point, she was so heavily involved in a “ministry” that our kids even felt the neglect. It really hurt our relationship, but God, our amazing God, restored what was lost. However, I still bristle when the ministry is mentioned as it has left an emotional scar. I do hope one say I will leave it and not look back, but it has been a real struggle (and I would covet any prayer in this area). She is now in a very healthy ministry that has been a blessing. She is fulfilling her role in serving God while she continues to invest in our family. The work is done during the day, when I am at work. We are at the edge of being empty nesters, so she this is a perfect time for her to be more involved in daytime ministry. We have great conversations about the events that occur while she is in the middle of God’s will.

      When we, both husbands and wives, put our families in the right priority (yes, men can get this completely wrong as well, placing ministry over family – an easy pitfall for pastors, from what I have seen), God will bless both the family and the ministry. I am afraid I may have rambled on more than I should have, but my point is that when you set your priorities according to God’s will, the married couple, the family, and the ministry will flourish.

      God bless.

  2. Lori, I have to disagree with the phrase “do not allow him to lead.” That is, unless you meant “do not follow his lead.” The first implies that she is the head, but she’ll give him permission to take the lead, until he does something she doesn’t like. Following his lead is what’s biblical for wives, presuming they’re doing it out of their desire to love God.

    1. You are correct on this Daniel. Husbands are to lead even if their wife will not follow. It’s a technical, but important correction.

      It seems it does get muddied at times because some Christian husbands would lead, but their wives usurp his authority and he does little or nothing to keep leading, instead faulting her and trying to keep the peace, instead of keeping his God given position and role in the marriage. In too many cases she is both “not allowing him to lead” and he stops leading. Even if he never loses the position of headship he is not seen as the head by him or his wife.

  3. It seems that a lot of christian women fall into this category. My pastors wife would. She ministers to others with meals, gifts and other things, but she seems to neglect “her house” with her husband and children. But it seems she is blessed by this and does good things for others. And she has also reached out to many that need the Lord. So I am some what confused by this, can the Lord bless you if you are being what you should be in one area, but neglecting other areas? The most important areas?

    Many women want to minister but do not minster to their husband and children. Now, let me say I am guilty. I also neglect my husband and children by not spending time with them, guiding my children, not keeping my home as I should, not being a help meet to my husband. I put my children and their needs in front of my husband as well, So even though I may not be involved in other ministries per say, I still neglect my ministry at home. Not good!! I need God to help me with this. I need to repent, confess, and get back to what I know I should be doing. Thank you for this!

    1. This is a tough one for many who are married in the ministry, fathers and mothers. My parents were missionaries and hence the children often took a back seat to their ministries. In retrospect as great a Mom as I had, she could have, and should have invested more time in her children who she loved dearly and served dearly, but the work of family life and ministry often overwhelmed her time to be with the children and to help grow us up into godly offspring.

      Some of my other siblings suffer from this far more than I do.

  4. Wow,

    Absolutely astounding and timely post, Lori.

    These are wonderful words of wisdom, and they are paving the way for a Christian reformation and revolution.

    Women who don’t want to have children, should not be having sex and getting married, period. Too many women want sex and relationships, but refuse to be in subjection to their husbands and God, and refuse to have children. And there are tens of millions of weak men who don’t understand how to lead, and who don’t want children either. Many men love the idea of lots of sex and no children and responsibilities.

    The Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday was a travesty. First off, no Christians should own a television. Anyone who doesn’t understand why television is the worst communication medium in human history can read three books.
    1) The Plug in Drug
    2) Four arguments for the elimination of the television
    3) Amusing ourselves to death.

    Christian men are often more visual than women, and it’s nearly impossible to watch television for just one hour without watching some scantily clad woman prancing across the screen. This incites lust, and that lust will not stay dormant and latent.

    Jennifer Lopez was completely out of her place, wearing practically nothing at age 50!! You’d think a woman would learn about modesty and discretion by age 50, BUT NOT THIS WHORISH WOMAN! Bad enough she did it, but her 11 year old daughter prances around wearing practically nothing too!! How can we condemn pedophilia when 11 year old girls are gyrating around wearing practically nothing at the Super Bowl Halftime show with 100 million people watching!? Same goes for Shakira. Christians are a big part of the problem in America, because they keep trying to fit into and conform to a corrupt world. We are not supposed to. I’m glad Abraham didn’t conform to his home country, Joseph didn’t conform to the wishes of Potiphar’s wife, and Moses didn’t conform to Egypt! The world is a far better place as a result.

    Women leaving the home, voting, and dressing immodestly and indiscretely has been a disaster for them, for children, the family, and the nation.

    Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are models of HOW WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE ACTING AND DRESSING!

    No wise and virtuous man looks at them with any desire or admiration at all. They are obviously silly and sin laden women, as no Godly woman acts or dresses this way.

    1. You’re absolutely right about the disgraceful halftime show, Montesquieu. My family was at a party, so luckily our children who joined us were off playing. Just this evening, we were eating dinner with my parents discussing it, and I thought how mortified I would’ve been if we would’ve watched the game with them!
      If the NFL and Pepsi are promoting the Super Bowl as family friendly television, they truly dropped the ball!

      I am a SAHM who dresses modestly, but I do vote.
      What are your thoughts in strengthening my husband’s vote at the polls?

    2. I feel this comment is as short sighted as watching that trash in the first place. Why do it? I have noticed in passed comments you mentioned you have struggled with impurities and lustful sins in your passed. And you are very correct MANY MANY men struggle with that too. So why mention how scantily clad and naked these women are? That half time show is a click a away on the internet and you’re really just giving those women more advertisement. EVERYONE knows what that half time show was going to include, even Lori warned against it so no one can plead ignorance. It’s like watching porn, knowing full well what it entails, and then saying ” no one should watch what I just saw and am about to post details about!”

  5. I’m not sure if this is the right article to post this but Mrs Lori can decide.

    With the Jezebel spirit alive and well in BOTH the unsaved women and Christian women, the massive amount of lies they both tell with a straight face and the massive amount of sexual activity taking place with other men besides their husbands…….

    I have said that being a widower and before getting married again, that I would require a STD test for all known STD’s. (and I would take the same test) Some STD’s are incurable and why would I jeopardize my health or my family’s health of never being able to hug or kiss them again for fear of passing that STD on. I have had people tell me that requiring that test would make me a nasty jerk but I see it as a “prudent man seeing the danger”. Thoughts?

    Also how reliable are lie detector tests?
    What about a lie detector test a few days before the wedding to see if she has been with another man (or woman – puke) since the engagement? (I would take the same test) I am not concerned about any guys before me, that is between her and God. I’m only interested from the engagement onward. Or to test to see if she does love me or only interested in some guy taking care of her while she still goes out to be with the guys. Or to intentionally divorce to build her bank account. Thoughts?

    People say if I require a lie detector test, that means I don’t trust her enough for marriage. No, its just that I see Christian women lie with a straight face and swearing on a stack of bibles that she is truthful and then be out the same night committing adultery.

    I am not bitter about my past and would commit 100% love to a christian woman again.
    But I am disgusted though by what I see in a lot of Christian women and unsaved women.

    1. A couple of old adages come to mind.
      Once bitten twice shy.
      An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. – Benjamin Franklin

      I don’t blame you at all for insisting upon these measures as they are clearly prudent. In my opinion, any woman (who didn’t have something to hide) would not mind them either, especially since you are willing to commit yourself to the same.

      At the time of engagement, you should also “request” tracking software on her phone so that you can not only see where she currently is (24/7) but also where she has been (and for how long) on any given (recent) day. It allows her to see your location(s) also. A woman with something to hide will cry “creepy” or “stalker” but this really serves as a small pop quiz to test her willingness to submitting to you in everything. Life360 is a free app on the iPhone and Android for basic location services and a modest cost for additional functionality. There are certainly other programs (apps) available but that is just what I am currently familiar with.

      Cameras in your property that cover the exterior doors and driveway entrances as well as the interior (recording to a secure hard drive) are not only good for home security and figuring out which child really broke the lamp, but also for a husbands piece of mind. Most of these also have remote internet access so you can look in from work (or travel) when you so desire.

      It’s a real shame that we have to go to these measures but facts are facts and we have to deal with the reality that IS, not what we wish that is was.

      Anyone trying to guilt or shame you into “trusting them” clearly doubts their own ability to earn it honestly.

      1. My husband and I share a cellphone. Some people think it’s strange but when we first met we decided to condense all bills and our cell phone bills were horrendous. We have the same password to every account and since we work from home on our business most times I answer phone as secretary. Safe way for us to live and some people say they couldn’t do this but for us it works. What do I do when he’s not home? Google voice is connected to your email and you can make and receive calls from there just have to have your email up.

      2. Trey – some of your suggestions may seem extreme to people but I applaud them, one can never be to sure these days. A dear friend of mine has a husband who many suggest he is “controlling” but he’s concerned for her safety and welfare (she has a slight handicap), I think this shows his love and devotion to her.

      3. To me this is why it is important for women to live under their father’s protection until marriage. A woman living at home will usually be much more sheltered than a woman living on her own or with roommates. I do think one must remember that the responsibility of caring for a wife begins after the wedding, when that duty is passed from the father to the husband. My father would have had an issue with a young man demanding location tracking on my phone or implying that his daughter is not being properly looked after under his care. The topics mentioned need to be discussed before a wedding of course, but also approached with respect as many women will not marry a man without their father’s blessing.

        1. The location tracking suggestion was intended for Blair’s type situation, not for a younger woman still living in her fathers home under his care and supervision.

  6. How does subjection tie in. When church takes action against your adult sibling. Withdrew from them ( no fellowship with them) until fault is publicly taken care of. I did not agree. Felt punishment was greater than the crime. They weren’t going to hear anything otherwise . So I stopped going. .y husband continued. But because I would not honor that judgement. Which entailed that sibbling not to come to our home. Not long afterwards my husband left our home. We’ve been separated now for over 4 years. Would it have been wiser to have just gone along with it.

  7. Just some thoughts…

    Subjection is the physical, outward response to rule[s]
    Submission is the spiritual, inward yielding to roles.

    Submission is the words…sub and mission, or under the mission, so simplistically, submission is supporting the main mission, God’s will passed to man for his family (1Cor 11).

    Here is a clear expounding of that from a (Catholic) Bible study…makes sense whether you are Catholic or not.

  8. Thank you Lori for your blog and post on social media. I am 35 single, no children, a God fearing man. I am trying to unlearn all the unhealthy and ungodly ways I’ve picked up on over the years. I come from a divorced home and I see how that has impacted me up to now. You are very needed in this generation. I hope you continue to teach. Love you,

  9. This is such a timely comment. My daughters are just getting into the Youtube and Instagram and they wanted to show me these “Christian” Youtube channels called “Girl Defined”. These “girls” (who are actually 35-year-old women pretending to be teenagers and dressing like teenagers!) have adopted the sins of Jezebel. They’re trying to teach my daughters “radical design for femininity” but once I looked into the spiritual lives of Girl Defined, it was clear that they were neglecting their husbands and forcing them to do the housework/chores/care in pursuit of their so-called ministry. The one girl (I think they’re twins so I don’t know who is who) clearly bosses her husband named Dave around and he just laughs about it! Yet she preaches submission! She doesn’t even submit herself! Why are they saying they’re teaching God’s radical design for femininity when they care more about getting $30000 from young girls, getting as many people into their conference to hear them preach, and making cute Instagram posts instead of cooking a decent meal for their very scrawny husbands!

    I’m trying to figure out how to best tell my daughters that these fake Teenagers preaching to other women about ungodly nonsense (they hardly ever cite the Bible!) are dangerous to their faith. I will share this article with them so they can understand why Girl Defined is going against God’s definition for women.

      1. Girl Defined gets attacked regularly through their comments and through videos made about them, as Lori does (literally the same youtubers that make videos trashing Lori trash these women). That should give you a clue that they are not all bad as Leila is portraying.

        How about also having some grace, Leila? I have the highest standards as far as submission out of all my friends but that doesn’t mean they’re horrible or not saved. I have only watched a handful of their videos but I feel your comment is way too dramatic. Obviously tell your girls you don’t think that kind of content is what you want them to model themselves after (since that’s how you feel) but make sure when you speak that there is actually “truth” and “love”.

        Btw, they’re not twins and started their blog over ten years ago when they were both single. 😁

  10. I always have to assess my heart when Lori posts about the Jezebel spirit because as she’s touched on in previous articles, I’m a woman and like to have control. It may be in some small way, but I can always tell when I’m hanging on too tightly to control in an area. I can get defensive when being lovingly corrected by my husband. For example, he’s given me ‘control’ of the household, but if he makes a suggestion on how to make it run more smoothly, I’m thinking he’s being critical. In reality, he’s just helping me in this area because he sees room for improvement or a way to make it easier for me out of love.

    As far as being the spiritual head of the family, my husband readily admits that I knew more about the Bible coming into our marriage. I made the mistakes of nagging him to lead devotions, nagging him to get to church, etc. It wasn’t long before he resented me and my holier than thou attitudes and balked at anything I suggested. I learned that this wasn’t the way to force him to change. I read the verses in Proverbs about it being better to live in the corner of a house top than with a brawling woman and was convicted. I began to pray for a quiet spirit and for my husband as the spiritual leader. I essentially got out of the way, and God began to work in my husband’s heart through another godly man at our church who wasn’t afraid to tell another young brother where he needed to improve in his walk with God. That was the catalyst for change that my husband needed. He made sure we got to the Lord’s Supper. He became more active in our church. That was 20 years ago. Today, he’s a righteous defender of the truths of Scripture, specifically the principles of godly headship in the family and church. He believes and counsels that a woman’s place is in the home and that men should lead their families. He strongly believes in long hair being a woman’s glory and her glory ought to be covered as part of headship. He is a strong protector and guide for his wife and children, even while he’s battling cancer. He’s taught his sons to lead and to stand for what the Bible says. He’s taught his daughter the importance of serving and loving in the home. He considers himself to be God’s blunt instrument, a diamond in the rough with discernment, which means he can see the issues clearly and cuts to the heart of the problem. Sometimes, people don’t like that, though, and relationships have suffered. God still uses him everyday in my life because we became one flesh physically over 30 years ago, but it takes a lifetime to become one flesh on a spiritual level. So long as we continue to both draw closer to God, we will draw closer to each other.

  11. I really wish I was 20 and getting this teaching. It feels like I am basically too late for a lot of it. I am 58. I did go to college to be a teacher. I quit when we had our first baby. I homeschooled and God was gracious to give me that gift because I would be so full of regret for all I had given away of my children’s lives and missed. I don’t think I was a strong spiritual mother. I still feel like I am weak in that department but I keep praying and reading. I have not been a wonderful wife. My in-laws and I were at odds and my husband was torn. They wanted public school/daycare, sugar treats, send away to camp, etc. Hubby stuck with me but their was tension and pouting from me. I did it wrong. I needed this teaching back then.

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