Birth Control Allowed the Sexual Revolution to Happen

Birth Control Allowed the Sexual Revolution to Happen

Yesterday, I watched a film called “Unprotected” on Amazon Prime which someone suggested to me. I took a lot of notes and want to share them and add some of my own thoughts. I encourage all of you to watch it.

The solution for homemakers who were “bored and unfulfilled” at home was to have a career, decided Betty Freidan. With a career, women would be fulfilled, content, and happy. They could forget the laundry and feeding the children and instead, go into the workforce and have jobs as men do since men’s lives were so much better than theirs, so they were made to believe. Feminism is actually the idolatry of men.

“Sex and the Single Girl” was written in 1964 by Helen Gurley Brown. She believed that young women should enjoy being in the workforce and having promiscuous sex since homemaking wasn’t what it was cracked up to be and working in a career and having sex will lead women to much more happiness and set them free. The magazine “Cosmopolitan” became a sex manual for young women at this time.

There was, however, a problem with this – pregnancy. Both of these women became unified in their fight to have free access to birth control pills for women. The birth control pill is what allowed the sexual revolution to happen. It could never happen if there were consequences to sex. Since happiness was found in money, careers, and promiscuous sex, as these feminist leaders believed, the birth control pill was the perfect answer because it separated sex from all of its natural consequences (babies).

Margaret Sanger wrote a book called “Motherhood in Bondage.” She falsely believed that the more sex hopping a woman did, the smarter she became so she did a lot of sex hopping. Her goal was the unshackling of women from domestic life. You can see from all of this that NONE of it was from God. No, it was Satan’s perfect plan to pull women far from God’s will for them.

ALL denominations preached against the immorality of birth control up until 1930. They saw the danger in rendering sexual intercourse sterile. Many people at this time said that if contraception becomes the order of the day, we’ll end up redefining marriage. Their prediction has come true.

“The abandonment of the reproductive function is the common feature of all perversions” (Sigmund Freud).

Mahatma Gandhi said birth control “made beasts out of men.”

“The one sin for which the penalty is national death” (Theodore Roosevelt).

T.S. Elliot wrote that contraception  was “an experiment upon civilization that was bound to fail.”

Cosmopolitan was filled with stories of women living and loving promiscuous sex, but these were all made up stories as one woman who became an editor found out. Women were finding out that cheap sex wasn’t cheap at all.

These feminist women leaders fueled women into pursuing college and careers. In the 1960s, seven percent of women completed four year degrees. They now earn one half of all law and medical degrees. But guess what? Women are now less happy than men, and they are more stressed out than ever before trying to juggle work and family, money and bills. Even single women are stressed out due to the high student loan debt they carry.

Pope Paul VI predicted that with the advent of birth control, there would be an increase in adultery, premarital sex, divorce, fatherless children, crime, drugs, poverty, and many other social ills. Of course, we know that abortion is the most horrible result of all and in the case that contraception fails, ABORTION NEEDED TO BE EASILY ACCESSIBLE since babies are now seen as unintended consequences of sex.

Human nature needs deterrents or people will be tempted to do things they shouldn’t do. With the birth control pill, there was no more fear of consequences in committing adultery. Sadly, adultery is a huge cause in the rise of divorce. The devastating results of divorce can never be underestimated. Parents are children’s security and identity and when divorce happens, they lose all of this.

With the advent of the acceptance of artificial contraception, women also began dressing immodestly. Pope Paul VI predicted that with contraception, men will look at women as sex objects and women will make themselves into sex objects as clearly displayed at the Super Bowl Halftime. Pornography began to be more accepted and more available at this time too.

These are the notes I took during the first half of the film. Maybe, I will make a follow up with the second half of the film. We are in the last days, women. You can see how our culture is setting up to forbid marriage and forbid having children. The time is short. Live for the Lord and Him alone. His ways are perfect.

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
1 Timothy 4:1-3

35 thoughts on “Birth Control Allowed the Sexual Revolution to Happen

  1. I pray that God will bless this article and convict the hearts of a multitude of men and women to understand this truth and turn to the Lord and trust Him for the number of their children and for the hearts and souls of their children and grandchildren.

  2. The strange thing about this movie is those who produced it are anti-contraception AND anti-fruitful and multiplying!

    Think about it, a Catholic movie about the ruins of contraception and yet trusting God to grow your family is not mentioned even one time!? Christopher West is quoted as incredulously saying, “Does this mean I just have to have 15 kids? The Catholic church has never taught that couples are obligated to have as many children as is physically possible”.

    Huh? I thought all children were God’s creation (Gen 30:1,2; Job 31:15) and that the main reason why contraception is immoral is because we’re supposed to have faith in him (Isa 26:4, Ps 56:3).

    Other than this and creepy adoration for the Pope’s, (straight up calling one of them ‘heavenly father’ in one scene), I greatly recommend this movie. It was full of insight and explained things in a rational and easy-to-be-understood way. And whilst centering on contraception, it hit a wide range of topics that relates to our society, and how women are more dehumanized now than we ever were before in the states.

    Thanks for the daily blogs, Lori 🙂

  3. I clearly remember my mom talking about all the tentacles of feminism. Working moms, multiple sex partners, birth control, abortion. She said she never understood how women could think that any of this was a benefit to them. She saw it as the polar opposite. Working moms took on a whole other job in addition to their home responsibilities. Multiple sex partners was degrading, at the very least. Birth control pumped unnatural chemicals into a woman’s body, increasing the chances for cancer & affecting their personalities.
    And abortion killed a child, not to mention the physical and emotional toll on the woman.
    In her mind? The winner was men. Women work, men get to buy nicer cars. Women have sex with everyone, men see no reason to marry. Birth control, no risk of having to keep the woman or child support. Abortion, walking away from an *accident* with no baggage.

    As the years went by, I noticed that my mom was right.
    Further, it left the world short-handed on good quality men (& women, of course).

    Like most everything the feminists brought to the world, birth control was just another way to damage the very women they were supposedly trying to lift up.

  4. Christopher West is a false teacher and does not represent the views of the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church has always taught that any form of artificial birth control is gravely sinful. It does allow for the use of NFP (Natural Family Planning, ie, using observation of the woman’s monthly fertility cycles in order to attempt to plan pregnancy) however, official teaching is that this natural, temporary-abstinence based approach is to be used to postpone pregnancy ONLY in extreme grave circumstances. Certain modernists within the Church have pushed it, however, to be considered the normal, expected practice among married Catholics, for example making it a significant portion of the mandatory education one must receive in order to be married in the Church, which has very much led to the “contraception mindset” which Lori wrote about here: …to run rampant among Catholics, even if they aren’t using it themselves. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.

    It is not my desire to argue denomination; I am aware that this is a Protestant site, but I didn’t think it was meant to exclude any believing Christians. There’s been a recent upswing in Catholic bashing in the comments lately, which has made me wonder if I had best return to silently reading the articles, if Catholics are not wanted. But I did just have to clarify about Christopher West, because he’s been lionized and promulgated a LOT, but he is NOT representative of accurate Catholic teaching.

  5. I stopped taking my birth control several weeks ago after being on it for around 6 years and I’m so glad I did. (My mother made me start taking it at 16, this is way before I became a Christian later at 20 and got married. I also was not raised in a Christian home so it was encouraged my teenage years). Anyways, after recently feeling convicted and looking more into it, I stopped taking the pill weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. Since then I’ve been seeing more and more affirmation that I did the right thing in God’s eyes. Now I’m just praying for forgiveness and that God would heal me from any damage that may have been brought to my body all those years taking it. I was so deceived and ignorant to both the biblical truth and serious health risks it can bring…

  6. I am not a Catholic and I do believe the Catholic church has some false doctrines such as having a Pope, confessing to priests, praying to Mary, etc. but I do know some Catholics who I know are believers in Jesus Christ. They read His Word and believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came in the flesh, died for their sins, and rose again. Other Catholics aren’t believers at all. They’ve never even opened up their Bible but this can be said about many who call themselves Christians.

  7. Beautiful post, Lori, and badly needed.

    As a man who desired/desires to marry and have as many children as possible, I am disgusted by a culture that celebrates abortion, contraception, pornography, fornication, adultery, and masturbation, but which hates marriage and child rearing by married men and women.

    The sex drive was designed for marriage and children, and if men and women don’t want to marry and have as many children as they can, they need to stop having sex, as they are only destroying themselves and their society.

    Sex outside of heterosexual marriage used to be stigmatized, and avoiding having children ridiculed, now they are both exalted and deified. We are becoming just like the pagan and heathen savages in America before Christianity came here. For that matter, we are becoming just like the heathens that were in the Promised Land before the Jews took it over. We are becoming a nation of idolaters. The Amalekites, Hittites, Canaanites, Perizzites, etc, and the fertility cults of Baal, Moloch, and Ashtoreth still live.

    As a boy, I used to wonder why God was so angry at the Jews for having idols, what was so bad about them? Now, I know, as I look at the death culture America has been transformed into.

    However, this is not by accident, our education system has been hi-jacked. Any who have not read the Epoch Times (THE BEST NEWSPAPER IN AMERICA!!) 12 part piece by Alex Newman, simply must do it. Every single one of us in America who attended public schools or colleges, has been brainwashed to a certain extent. Knowledge is power. ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’. John 8:32

    Part 1)

    Part 2)

    Part 3)

    Part 4)

    Part 5)

    Part 6)

    Part 7)

    Part 8)

    Part 9)

    Part 10)

    Part 11)

    Part 12)

  8. Your mom was so wise. If only more of her generation had seen the truth and taught their daughters(and sons).

  9. As I said, I do not wish to start a big Catholic vs. Protestant debate. My point is that ‘Christopher West, who claims to be Catholic, said such-and-such, which is wrong,’ is no more indicative of the ‘wrongness of Catholicism’ than Mary Kassian’s claims are indicative of the ‘wrongness of Protestantism.’ The refutation of Christopher West I summarized above is the actual official teaching of the Church on the subject of birth control. I don’t know that there’s anything contained therein upon which we would disagree.

  10. Thanks for these links, Montesquieu. I’ve seen ads for the Epoch Times and wondered if it would be worth the investment.

  11. Real happiness is found at home and with family, not by being promiscuous and building temporary careers. So sad how feminists target young women and lead them astray and sadly I fell for their lies! With God’s help I’ve been celibate for 8 months and plan to stay that way until I’m married. I’ve also been living more according to His plans. This morning I told my partner I’ll be the first stay at home mom in my family and he said “there’s nothing wrong with that.” There’s a first for everything and I’m glad I’m putting my future family first instead of worshipping a career.

  12. You’re welcome, T, my friend.

    It’s about $33 a month, for four weekly newspapers, but, it’s full of profound insight.

    It’s far superior to any other print newspaper I’ve seen, and I’ve seen dozens. It’s far better than the NY Slimes, Washington Compost, and the rest of the leftist disinformation.

  13. I agree whole heartedly. My mother did not support birth control because of side effects, but she might say a passing comment, “I’d you get pregnant before marriage I’ll kill you” or “I had so many kids because birth control wasn’t an option.” The take away for me was that pregnancy/kids were bad despite adamance about sex being for marriage and abortion being wrong. Little messages sneak into Christian homes and minds that reflect the world.

    I am worried that if I teach my children about biblical sexuality and sex that they will still hear messages that sex and childbirth are separable. I can say they aren’t separable but realistically the world has divided what God put together so saying they aren’t separable is untrue, while saying they shouldn’t be separated is true. Do you have specific suggestions on how to educate children about this option/temptation?

  14. I have started viewing this today. I thought I could listen to it like a podcast while completing housework, but for me, I need to watch and listen to this content.
    As was mentioned, it hit a large range of social issues-it’s a lot to take in.

    My thoughts continually settled on a theme-the history of men and women behaving badly. Contraception may have been the catalyst for the areas Lori mentioned in her post, but BOTH women and men have been making bad choices since its inception, and thousands of years prior to its usage in the area of sexuality. Fornication, abuse, and infidelity are not new concepts and were not born out of the sexual revolution; they’re found in Genesis.

    I’m not yearning to return to a more (fill in the blank with a blissfully innocent description) time, because sin has and will always be present, and will only increase as we get closer to Christ’s return. I’m looking forward, living with an eternal perspective. We ALL need a Savior, not just feminists, unfaithful spouses, sexual predators, and women who’ve had abortions. This documentary is a solid history lesson, but a reminder to live a Gospel-centered life, focus on Biblical mandates and principles, and instruct my children accordingly. I’m not going to wax eloquent about the good old days. For one, I wasn’t born yet, and I believe it’s dangerous to ignore rampant societal sins in some areas while celebrating “innocence” in another as if we were Jim Carey’s lifelong character from The Truman Show. I doubt there was innocence anyway, hindsight’s 20/20. We may come to a time when the year 2020 is looked upon as an age of “innocence” hard to imagine!

    As Christians, it’s certainly responsible to understand policies that affect religious liberties and the sanctity of human life, but I believe we must be careful that we’re not attempting to create Heaven here on earth. We long for communion with our Lord and Savior, so our time should be spent in His Word, praying, serving our husbands, children, extended family, local church, and community. Aside from the topic of the pure evil that is abortion, I don’t play the blame game of this, that, or the other for the degradation of our society. Our sin nature is to blame for every disobedient thought, word, or action from the moment we drew breath. In Isaiah 53:6, we’re told like sheep we’ve gone astray. It’s our responsibility to follow God’s ways, but let’s not fool ourselves in believing that without revival, anything will change in the area of sin and all its wicked ways in our nation and beyond.

  15. For anyone interested there is a DVD documentary called ‘Birth Control:How Did We Get Here?’ It is parallel to what Lori speaks of. It is refreshing truth of God’s design for His created people and it is beautiful because His plan is perfect. It exposes the cultural lies to husbands and wives about “God’s gifts” (children). Very Sound documentary. I pray the true church would get ahold of these teachings that are from scripture and we would repent of the love of self and idolatry and turn to our LORD walk in His ways and bless His Holy Name.

  16. What do you recommend for wives like myself whose husbands insist on using birth control, when we are not trying for a child? Do I have any alternative but to submit to his decision on the matter?

  17. Natural Family Planning (NFP) is the safest birth control method & reliable when followed. There are no side effects except for maybe a baby, but that is the same with ALL birth control options except for sterilization which isn’t even 100 percent fail proof.

  18. Lori,
    I do not believe that Catholics are Christians. They confess their sins to a priest (Jesus died for our sins so that is not necessary), they pray to Mary..not to mention the loads of pedophile priests the church protected.

  19. That’s great but I still can’t get over how the church covered up those horrific sex crimes against children. That priests were responsible for!

  20. Ellie, I would lovingly say to my husband that I would be going against my conscience in using birth control. He could then choose to use it if he wanted to but my conscience would be clear and I would pray for us both to desire God’s will in everything.

  21. NFP is still a form of birth control and should be avoided but I agree IF one is to submit to birth control this is the way to go. I would still pray hard that your husband changes his mind.

  22. They will hear and see messages of sex and childbirth as separable in today’s world, which is all the more reason to teach them God’s plan for families. They should consistently hear us teaching them God’s design for this and EVERY other Biblical mandate that goes against the grain of society, and we need to call it what it is: disobedience, which is the springboard for the Gospel, and once accepted, principles that we should follow as a Christ-follower.

    However, I’ve told my 9-year-old daughter it is NOT appropriate to debate this Biblical principle with other children. My concern is another child who comes from a single-parent home, or where Mom & Dad aren’t married yet, but living together, or a divorced home, overhearing such an argument. I would never want the innocent victim of any scenario I listed to feel in any way more uncomfortable about their family situation than they probably already do, especially since they are in no way responsible for their parents’ decisions.

    Somewhat off-topic, but the snippet on the effects of divorce on children from the recommended film Lori post on 2/20 was eye-opening to me. Divorce is so prevalent and heartbreaking for children, even grown adult children from divorced families.

    I always frame discussions using Lori’s “God’s ways are best” phrase (which is understandable for young & older children) or say that God made and loves us, He knows us more than we know ourselves, and His rules help keep us safe. Once terms of sexuality are introduced to the conversation, this rationale is more applicable and appropriate for my older children.

  23. I am a devout and traditionalist Catholic but honestly I don’t believe that this is a matter of denomination. The fact is that God calls us to be fruitful and multiply and to submit to him.

    Birth control – natural or artificial goes against his design for marriage, for sexual intimacy and for womanhood.

    My own view is that all artificial contraception is deeply sinful and should be prohibited. So called ‘natural family planning’ is essentially informed abstinence but is still sinful if the couple use it to allow sexual intimacy with the intention of avoiding pregnancy.

  24. Dear Ellie, Lori’s advice about NFP is excellent but I also want to encourage you to follow your husband whether he allows NFP or not. I used to think I was smarter than my husband about all types of matters, but that was just pride and ego. I was the opposite of meek. Since I learned to JOYFULLY obey and submit myself to his leadership, we have been blessed and are much closer. God’s ways are best, and we are so privileged to be given men as our headships to love and guide us. And protect us! Blessings to you,

  25. I agree that it would be nice to stop the Catholic-bashing by some commenters on this site. I am not a Catholic myself, but there is no reason why Catholics and Protestants should not get along perfectly well on this blog, as Lori’s teachings follow both orthodox Catholic and orthodox Protestant (and orthodox Orthodox, for that matter) teachings.

    Thanks for this good article, Lori.

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