Daycares and Elementary Schools are Empty

Daycares and Elementary Schools are Empty

A few people have scolded me for “enjoying” what is happening to America right now. Am I enjoying it? I know without a doubt that God is allowing this to happen. He is sovereign over all. He promises us that ALL things work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He commands that we walk by faith instead of by fear. We are to trust Him and know that He uses our sufferings for His good and His glory. We are also to dwell on the lovely and those things of good report so I do. I am not going to allow this suffering to destroy my joy. Sure, I don’t like it but I do know that America has been on a wicked path for a long time and am praying that many will turn to Him because of it. Our eternal souls are all that matter in the end. This life here on earth is a blip.

Almost every day, my husband and I take a walk around our neighborhood. We walk past a daycare and elementary school. I have seen parents drop off their babies and toddlers at this daycare early in the morning and pick them up after dark. There is just no way those children are being nurtured like they would be at home with loving mothers. It’s heartbreaking to me. Then when we walk past the elementary school where children spend a large portion of their childhoods, I grieve. I know what they are learning and seeing in this school since some of the neighborhood children who attend and their mothers have told me.

Now, we walk past the daycare and elementary school and they are empty. I am thankful. The babies and children are home full time with their mothers. The children are being nurtured by their mothers if they have good mothers. This is the way that it’s supposed to be. I am also thankful that all of the public schools and universities are closed. I am thankful that bars, casinos, and some abortion clinics are closed. Will they reopen? Of course, but for the time, good things are happening and I choose to focus upon these and pray that people’s eyes are opened to the Truth.

Every day, I sit for a few hours in front of my house in the sun with a hat on. I read and chat with people walking by. Families are taking walks together and going on bike rides. I am meeting young mothers walking with their children. They will stop and chat with me for a while. When Ken and I take our walks later in the day, there are many more people out walking than there every used to be. Neighbors are sitting in front of their houses with other neighbors and yes, they are sitting six feet away from each other. It’s a blessing to see.

If you spend your days watching CNN, you will be depressed and lose your joy since they only focus upon the negative and fear mongering. I couldn’t stand that! If you want to do that, you are free to do it, but I am also free to focus upon the good and the blessings. As long as God is ruler of this world, there will be good since He is good. Yes, many are going through very hard times but hard times are not bad. They increase our faith in Almighty God, remind us that this isn’t our home, help us lose affection for this earth, and instead, focus our eyes upon eternity where our true homes awaits us.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Philippians 4:8

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  1. Yes, Lori, I am thankful for all the closings of daycares, schools, bars, casinos, etc… too! May the Lord bring a revival to our country through this crisis. One contradiction to closing all nonessential businesses in my state did not include abortion facilities. Our Governor’s office has been flooded with calls protesting this. Sadly, however, nothing has changed. We must be vigilant to watch and pray for our leaders. I also loved the encouragement you brought in your post, “ The Silver Linings in all of This.” I forwarded it to my daughters and they were uplifted by it as well. God’s blessings to you today.

  2. Thank you, Holly! Those who are participating in wickedness, such as in the abortion clinics, will reap what they are sowing. Our God is a just God.

  3. I LOVE walking around my small city where I live. It is like walking in a storybook these days. I see families and couples out spending time with each other at all hours of the day. Yesterday my heart was filled when I heard a teenage girl on her bike in front of her father. She said, “should I turn off here Papa?” He said yes. She said, “This was so much fun!” He replied “cool.” She turned off (presumably home) he was dressed in bike gear so he continued on as he seemed to do this seriously. You can’t get any better than a teenage girl having such wonderful bonding time with her Papa. I loved it!

    When God sent the Israelites out of the land and into bondage He said that now the land can rest. The Isrealites weren’t giving the land it’s Sabbath rests, they weren’t being kind, they were filling the land with bloodshed, and dishonesty. I of course don’t know what God is thinking during all this but perhaps he is getting a bit of a rest. I read an article about how crime has plummeted during this time. Burglaries are down about 50%, rapes were down about 40% etc. We were spiraling out of control. If we use this to embrace God’s ways it can go very well for us in the end (as Lori stated), but if we turn our backs on God’s warning we may find ourselves even worse off.

  4. I pray for the children who mama’s don’t want to be home with them and pray they are safe and looked after well and safely.

    I don’t understand how a mama can be like that – but sadly I have known some over the years!

    I have spoken to their children and they have said to me “Jilly I just want mum to go back to work as it is hard and horrible when she is home”. I have never understood how a Mama wouldn’t want to make her child’s childhood a wonderful time to look back on in their older age and thank God for the way my parents who worked hard at making my childhood a Godly and wonderful one!

    I miss my precious Mama so much Lori it physically hurts; I love the bond my precious Daddy and I share dailly! Family is one of God biggest blessing we have – we need to make it a happy and wonderful one for our children! Once our sweet children are grown there is time for us to do the things we would love to do! While still staying close and being available to them – once a Mama always a Mama in my opinion!

    Thank you Lori!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  5. I am loving this time at home with our 4 children. No running around to activities, no spending saturdays running here and there. We’ve been playing games, taking walks and enjoying time at home. I’m thankful God has given us this break to reassess what is truly important in life!!

  6. Every cloud has a silver lining indeed, even COVID – 19. We don’t “enjoy” what’s happening because we take no delight in the thought of people perishing in their sin. However, we cannot ignore the blessing of having COVID-19 put the kibosh on those vile gay pride marches. The obscenity and blatant reveling in evil of them is grievous. I for one, am grateful to God for the brief respite from them. Along with any women’s marches or any other celebrations of pride of any kind. God hates pride of all shapes and form.

    I’m also glad that the sacrifices to Molech are somewhat frustrated and hopefully stopped in most parts of the world as resources are redirected to necessary medical care. I read an interesting (albeit macabre) statistic on; 146 babies are murdered by abortion everyday in Texas? on April 4 2020, Texas had 105 COVID-19 related deaths which is over a period of approximately 3 months. It therefore stands to reason that if all or some of the abortuaries/abortoires got closed, in Texas alone, then COVID-19 is, bottom line a net life saving pandemic. In Texas at least. But I think it’s fair to say that the data can be extrapolated to the whole developed world with some level of confidence.

    It definitely caught my attention that New York is considered the epicenter of the pandemic in the USA. New York is the proud haunt of every unclean spirit, from homosexuality to abortion and everything in between. New Yorkers pride themselves in being thought leaders and doers in the pursuit of seared consciences; it’s hard not to wonder if this pandemic is not God’s providential intervention to hold them (and the world at large) back from being as evil as they are capable of being?‍♀️

    Just as each of the mosaic plagues knocked and made a mockery of each of the idols of Egypt, so has COVID-19, the idols of our generation. Sports, alcohol, travel, fitness, stock markets, education, medicine, consumerism, homosexuality, abortion etc. All have taken a hit from a single virus. My prayer is that people will use this time to consider the finitude of mankind and turn to God in repentance.

  7. I’m a full-time SAHM, so the biggest change for me is having my school age children home, and I’m loving our new normal. Their teachers are excellent and provide assignments to continue the learning process remotely, and the ability to engage with friends and extended family on zoom and Face Time has been a joyful encouragement. Our family is enjoying our time together in the evenings as all activities have ceased temporarily. We’re enjoying the weather and hiking, bike riding, yardwork, gardening, and home projects. It reminds me of when we first became parents-our whole world revolved around home. Kids grow, cultivate interests, make friends and get part-time jobs, so I’m enjoying every minute having them home with me!

    While it is a blessing that some victim oriented crime activity maybe has lessened, with all the free time that some people have now and the endless filth that can be acquired on tv and the Internet, don’t assume that people aren’t engaging in sin.

    When I go before God’s throne in prayer, I remember who I’m praising and petitioning-the Almighty, Sovereign, Creator, & Redeemer. He needs no rest, and as much as it pains me to imagine, He has knowledge of every vile thought and deed of every human created for all time.

    For Christians, this is the most important week of the year, the days leading up to the foundation of our faith. I encourage everyone to read the Gospel accounts for each day leading up to Sunday, the resurrection of our Savior, God’s Son, Jesus, who bore the weight of every sin of EVERYONE so we could be in God’s presence eternally. If possible, use the blessing of the extra time at home this week to draw closer to the Lord in preparation for Easter. For us, instead of hosting our 30+ extended family, I’m preparing dinner for my husband and children. We’ll begin the day watching our online church service. The physical separation from our wonderful church family has been difficult, but our staff have gone above and beyond to keep us connected online. Not worshiping with our brothers and sisters in Christ on Easter Sunday will be tough, but we will worship and praise Jesus in our home!
    He is risen! He is risen indeed!

    I trust in God’s sovereignty to get us through this and what’s to come (Romans 8:28), but my heart aches for those who’ve contracted the virus and the effect it has on those suffering and their families. You don’t have to watch the news, we see it in our friendship circle and family. Economically, there is no way of knowing the long-term effects of shutting down businesses to slow the spread of coronavirus, and I pray for individuals and families affected financially as well. I pray for our leaders and medical professionals during this time. Their round-the-clock efforts are allowing me to protect my children at home, and my heart goes out to everyone suffering physically and economically during this time.

    Thank you, Lori, for encouraging us to trust in God and focus on the positive right now.

  8. The is that there is still a lot of feminist career moms who desire that this pandemic end up so that they kids could go back to public schools and so that they could go back to work in their office it’s sad.

  9. Yes, everything this culture idolizes has been put to a standstill, and big cities breed sin and disease. Governments are mandating what I teach: mothers home full time with their children and homeschooling them. Money and careers can be wiped out in a moment and this is why God tells us to store our treasures in heaven. There will always be tribulation on this earth but we take heart because Christ has overcome the world!

  10. My sweet children are home with me and while I do my work from home work, they do their schoolwork. When they are done, they help cut fabric for homemade masks. It is never too early to teach our children how to give back! This season is providing a wonderful teaching moment for our children. We can teach them what loving our neighbor truly means. It isn’t just words in a book, it isn’t just an ‘I’ll pray for you’, it is an action. A bold action in many cases. One that requires us to go beyond our own comfort. To do what we once thought we couldn’t. To do what we once said we wouldn’t. To push through pain and sickness, to look toward Christ as our example.

  11. It isnt that bad to have certain things closed but many of us do need to get back to work.I just wish this could have happened on our slow year. (First year back not being injured and we cant travel!)

  12. This has been shared with me:
    Isaiah 26:20
    New Zealand went into full lockdown on March 26, 2020. Quite a cool coincidence 🙂

  13. I have loved seeing all the families out for bike rides and walks. I like seeing the bears and homemade rainbows in the windows while we are walking. I hope more mothers will decide to stay home, and that more will choose homeschooling. It really is possible. I hope both parents have been enjoying the extra time with their children.

    I think many children will look back on this time as a highlight, especially since they don’t understand the economic side that adults worry about. I also think there is going to be a baby boom in nine months!

  14. I remember as a kid I would be dropped off at school at 8a.m and get picked up at 6 p.m. My older sister and I would be the last kids to get picked up every single day. I promised myself my kids won’t go through the same thing. It doesn’t seem right to be raised by teachers and day cares.

  15. All around me I see mothers at home teaching their children, cooking with their children, gardening with their children.

    As God intended !

  16. I understand your viewpoint but I am a high school teacher and it is not good that schools are closed. I teach in a low-income area and am terrified for my students. Are they safe? Are they getting fed? The school has pick up for meals but is anyone actually getting that for them? Are their parent’s essential workers? Are they safe? Or have they lost their job? Are my students who work staying safe? They don’t have internet or the tech? Okay, the school is providing that. Oh, parents won’t answer the phone at all? No way to let them know. It goes on and on and on and on. Please don’t assume there aren’t Christians in these schools taking care of these kids when the parents can’t. Please don’t assume a school doesn’t do anything to help. Please don’t assume God isn’t using schools every day for His will.

  17. I understand this, Taylor, and I pray for those children who are not in good, safe homes during this time. We live in a wicked world and especially now with the mass breakdown of the family.

  18. Hi Lori, you probably don’t remember me but i commented on a lot of your posts last summer/fall, I got busy but I always missed your posts and it’s nice to see this blog still running and still speaking the truth. I completely agree with you about the effects of the quarantine, it’s a dream come true to see children at home, career women finally coming home to raise their kids and young women out of university and back at home helping their family!

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