Does Female Rebellion Weaken Men?

Does Female Rebellion Weaken Men?

Most of you heard about the fiasco between John MacArthur and Beth Moore. He told her to “Go home” which is biblical and I applauded him for doing so. However, many Christians were outraged over it. This past Sunday, he preached a sermon in response called Does the Bible Permit a Woman to Preach? I encourage you ALL to listen to it. It is fantastic! Here are a few of my favorite remarks of his:

Women are collectively moving to take control over the Church as they are in the political arena. Female rebellion weakens men. You don’t want children ruling over you and you don’t want women ruling you. When the weaker take power, the strong grow weak. Men are being replaced by crazy women. We’re being dominated by women.

The Law states that women are to keep silent in the churches. This isn’t anything new. Godliness for a woman means she quietly receives instruction with entire submissiveness. Godliness for a woman is NOT preaching in the church but quietly receiving instruction with entire submissiveness. (I think he wanted to make this point very clear!) “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection” (1 Timothy 2:11).

 The holy women of old adorned themselves with submission to their husbands (1 Peter 3:5). Women aren’t even called to lead their families. Women are vulnerable when they come out from under the protection of a man, as Eve was when she came out from under the protection of Adam. God designed women to be cared for, protected, and led by men. They’re vulnerable when they’re not.

Women are saved through childbearing. What does this mean? (He goes into this in much more depth but I loved his conclusion.) God’s high calling for women is to raise godly children. This is how women impact the world.

 Wherever you have a woman preacher, you have a weak husband. Wherever you had women pastors, you have weak men. Where you have strong families with strong men and submissive women who are raising godly children, you have a healthy society.

The Church should be the highest and purest example of male leadership and female submission and it’s not today. It’s a mess. We have complete chaos. Individualism is destroying our culture.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
Isaiah 3:12

In case you didn’t hear all that John MacArthur said when asked about Beth Moore, I wrote it up and put this on Facebook which Facebook took down a day later because it was considered “hate speech.” This shouldn’t surprise us since most in the world hate God and His Truth.

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  1. Dear Lori,
    Have you ever heard of Man Rampant hosted by Douglas Wilson? I watch it through my Amazon Prime membership. I was watching it and thinking you might like it, and then they mentioned your viral blog post (debt-free virgins)!

  2. Wow! Powerful stuff and so true. When women come up from under male headship the enemy smiles. It distorts God’s word and its sinful to say the least. Rebellion is witchcraft.

    MacArthur is such a man of God for standing up for His word and speaking truth.

  3. “Women are vulnerable when they come out from under the protection of a man, as Eve was when she came out from under the protection of Adam. God designed women to be cared for, protected, and led by men. They’re vulnerable when they’re not.”


    The comment about the political arena was also of interest to me. I’ve watched as women have gained more of a presence in the political world; they use the government as a substitute husband or daddy and see it as a means to provide for them, which in turn makes them think they don’t need men. Of course, somebody has to fund all of these government programs {the taxpayer}. Not to mention many women favor illogical things like open borders, “free” college tuition and “free” health care, etc. Woman’s suffrage was a dreadful mistake!

  4. Wow. I’ve always admired John MacArthur, but he is simply blowing me away with his awesomeness in this incident. What a guy, to be able to speak such truth with such firmness and boldness. May every Christian pastor in America strive to follow his example. (If they had in the past, the church wouldn’t be the mess that it currently is.)

  5. Dear Lori,
    I just woke up to pray in my car, where I have been sleeping because unbeknown to me I married a feminist with two high level degrees who told me she won’t submit to me until I get two degrees. She has mental issues. I was pastoring and she set out to destroy me when I started teach on this topic. I’m not weak, and I refuse to let her break me. She was only taught how to get a education and overrule men. It’s been the worst 10 years of my life, but it never broke me. My faith is in the word of God. These women are evil and mean.

    Telling our children they don’t have to listen to me, when I teach them the word and how to be godly adults. Because of her, everyone has forsaken me but 4 people. She refuses to give me any of our money which she transferred into another bank with just her name on in. I’m saying this to say, you are on point and here is some of their ugly fruit. Thank God I knew I was a good man, and I refuse to bow down the enemy. I would rather sleep in my car and not eat, just to be free from that controlling spirit. The story that I have, they are crazy.

  6. They avow an acquaintance with God, but by their acts deny it. Titus 1:16

    These people arent Christian’s, they’re just false believers. They may as well not even waste time with Church.

  7. Eric, you are a very strong man, (like my dear Hubby) keep your strength in our God and never give up! God can change the hardest of hearts! If it is okay I will put you in my prayer book so I remember to pray for you and your children and wife!

    Keep the faith dear man – keep the faith! Our God is able to turn bad to good!???

  8. Great post! He was absolutely right! Women, go home and stay there! I am so sick of this feminist/empowerment movement , it just sickens me. The Jezebel spirit is definitely in the land. So sad.

  9. Eric I am saddened by your story, no man should be treated in this manner. “An excellent wife who can find?” Proverbs 31:10. The answer is not many or perhaps even very few. I’m terribly sorry you have to suffer in this way. I have family members who have had their lives ravaged by our feminist society in similar fashion. These afflictions we face are light and momentary compared to the weight of glory that awaits. Look to Christ and take not your eyes away from him. He will return and he is bringing his recompense with him, repaying each for their deeds. I pray your wife will repent and flee from her rebellion. May God bless you Eric

  10. Dear Eric,

    We are in the UK but we would like to be in touch to assist you with your need and share the Word of God. Could Lori forward this email to you:

    Stay close to your Father – He will avenge Himself of His (+your) enemies and honour you.

  11. I believe it does! I know of a female preacher near us and while she is lovely, everytime I see her husband his body language screens ‘i feel defeated and downcast!’ I visited her home on two occasions and it was dusty, cluttered and not welcoming at all. There is a male preacher near us as well. However he gives the platform to a woman at least once a month. His doctrine was weak and he had no courage about him.
    I’m so thankful for John MacArthur and his boldness!

  12. Eric,
    I’m sorry you are going through a rough spot. However, I can’t help but wonder if there were indicators of her behaviour before you married? If so, I struggle to muster up sympathy for you.

    You’re wife is clearly in the wrong. If I was like that, my husband would sooner kick me out of the house and change the locks on the house than sleep in the car. I will pray for you and you’re family. But if she was this career minded, stubborn,manipulative and controlling before you married and you married her anyway, then it was a foolish move that you will pay the consequences for for years and generations to come. That does not mean you can run from it. Stand you’re ground in Christ and if she can’t stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen so to speak.

    Tell her, ‘this is my house, regardless of my education, and my rules. It will not change unless directed by God. Either conform, or there’s the door, come back when you change you’re mind.’ and leave it at that.

  13. Meg,

    Are you really that naive?

    You say “If I was like that, my husband would sooner kick me out of the house and change the locks on the house than sleep in the car.”

    If he did that his wife would call the police on him and big daddy government would come with their guns and throw HIM in jail and it would all work against him even more when she divorced this “unloving”, “hateful”, “cruel” man for what he did to this “poor innocent woman”. It happens every day.

    The deck is stacked WAY against men in this gynocentric world and men are in a no-win situation with virtually ZERO tools to combat this type of out-of-control woman. 100 years ago he could have turned this Jezebel over his knee and paddled her bottom and most would have applauded him for doing it but nowadays if a man even looks at his wife wrong, he will find himself with a restraining order against him and the court kicking him out of his own home.

    You say “But if she was this career minded, stubborn,manipulative and controlling before you married…”

    Seriously!?! No man would marry a woman like that. Women lie and are some of the most deceptive and manipulative creatures on this earth! Many of them are award winning actresses that never get on film, they just do whatever it takes to get that ring on their finger and a child support payment (or two) on the ground and THEN their true colors began to come out. Jekyll and Hyde!

    And for the record, Eric did not ask for your sympathy. There might of been some things he could have done differently but frankly you (as a woman) are NOT the one to be telling him that. You should be ashamed of yourself for being disrespectful and kicking this man when he is down. It is not your place.

    If your husband is half the man that you make him out to be and he saw what you wrote up there he would tell you the same thing.

  14. Trey,

    Thank you for your input.

    I am fully aware of what women are like and it’s shameful. And yes, they can be deceitful. I am disgusted by such behaviour. However it’s not entirely uncommon for men to think it’s wonderful marrying an ‘educated’ woman. But overtime the woman becomes arrogant with her knowledge and affirmation from peers and morphs into a beast at home, blinded by feminism. I am aware of that.but does this mean he sleeps in the car for the rest of his days to avoid the wrath of his sinful wife? By doing so does this confirm in his children’s minds that daddy has no authority? There has to be a line drawn somewhere.

    If she chooses to leave rather than obey his God given leadership. It’s her choice that she will have to answer for. Could there be legal ramifications? Yes.but the question is, who do you fear more? God, or man? If he acts in a way that honours God, while she may get everything, children,house, car etc. It’s earthly possessions. God is in control and as long as we honour Him she will eventually be exposed and come to ruin and the kids will be drawn to daddy. While she becomes a bitter, lonely old wretch. He may not of asked for sympathy but by posting about his woes he had to of been aware in a site geared towards women he was bound to get it. As for teaching a man? We’re men surrounding him encouraging him to stand his ground as head of his home? I didn’t see it. He’s not forced to agree with me however I don’t usually give my thoughts on topics like this. I leave it to my husband. Had he been here, his only gripe would be it came from my mouth, not from his. I appreciate your words.

  15. Excellent job, Trey.

    There’s a concept called putting a woman in her place. That implies enforcement whether light or severe. It used to be a laudable practice. Now with women having cultural, social, and legal leverage over men, men cannot do this anymore without severe risk of convictions of domestic violence.

    It never occurs to these people that women lie and throughout history they have been known for it. It is also possible that a woman can change for the worst after marriage, in many cases today, the reason is wicked companions or influences. If men try to restrict their wives’ associations he will be called controlling or manipulative.

    It’s ridiculous how these people complain about the marriage rates and birthrates falling while at the same time, they put severe pressure on the collective of young men need to man up and get married. Then when these young men do get married to women who are not good wife material they try to put all the blame on him.

    Eric, you deserve better. You are a man who I have no doubt have done a fine job as a father. I have a prayer group at my church I will add you to it.

  16. In case you didn’t hear all that John MacArthur said when asked about Beth Moore, I wrote it up and put this on Facebook which Facebook took down a day later because it was considered “hate speech.” This shouldn’t surprise us since most in the world hate God and His Truth.

    Lori, you (and everyone else) really should consider ditching Facebook immediately. Not only is it a hive of leftist thought control that censors and de-platforms people for the most ridiculous of reasons, but it also compromises its users’ privacy. I’m sure that you see it as a useful tool for reaching out to the widest numbers of people, but given its totalitarian, anti-Christian bent, it may not be very useful in that respect for much longer.

  17. While I do consider myself a feminist and also a liberal, I will say this to Eric:
    This is terrible. You need to go to the police and do your best to take charge of this situation. There is no reason you should be sleeping in your car!

  18. Lori,
    From a legal standpoint if he were to divorce her (which he SHOULD) he can collect alimony, which will provide him some of the money that is rightfully his.
    The first time I read this, I read it as she kicked him out of their house. If she were to do that, that’s illegal, because in most states you have to file an eviction notice which gives at minimum 24 hours to vacate the premises. However, you can fight the eviction in court.
    Regardless, he should not be sleeping in his car. He needs to go to a lawyer. And if she has mental issues, the children need to be away from her.

  19. Meg,
    about 97% of the people I talk to think they have above average common sense. Why? Metacognition! Those who lack sense, don’t have enough sense to realize it.

    Have you ever turned around a rebellious wife in this culture? Trey has. Trey, a very intelligent and wise man has told you to stop foolishly trying to tell this man what to do, after the original post also tried to tell you to stop trying to lead men. So, did you wise up and pipe down? No when you got corrected you doubled down on your foolishness and tried to even implicate your husband as being as foolish as yourself. But yet you assume that this man’s evil wife will respond in some wiser way when she is corrected, as though this wicked woman will somehow have so much more sense than you that she will know to respond with meekness and humility. LOL

    And if, due to his wife, he is living out of his car, can you not grasp that he already realizes he married a poor choice, every single miserable hour he spends in that car? There is no way she would have ever led him to believe she would be this way, and that he would have signed on for this. He got misled by trusting a woman. Hopefully he has been burned enough not to take marriage direction from yet another woman.

  20. Elias,
    There is no guarantee she will turn around. But that does not release him of responsibility before God. Additionally, he also made an unwise choice before marriage. He’s not the only one. As for teaching men, I am not to teach men scripture. I used no scripture in my comments. I affirmed what I’m sure he already knows is his position. As for implicating my husband, I’m only repeating what Ive heard him say many times before.

  21. My husband and I never joined Facebook-it didn’t set well with us from the start. I’m not at all surprised by anything you’re sharing. In this dark, fallen world, greed will always take over, from the advertising potential, and as for users’ privacy being compromised-disconcerting.

    Knowing the nature and positive influence of Lori’s ministry on FB, we should be praying for her in this endeavor.

  22. I agree wholeheartedly that women should not be preaching. What concerns me is…who is preaching this message to the men? Men need to stand up and get it done. So many are setting back and allowing women to preach so they don’t have to. It is so sad!!

    One thing I learned in marriage is when I gave my husband room he stepped up. Would this be the case with others when it comes to preaching? Women need to stay out of the pulpit but are the men being taught to stand in it?

  23. I think the devil started by making Christian women feel less valuable than Christian men and then deceived them by telling them to be as valuable as Christian men they have to be doing the same things as Christian men. I can’t think of any other reason why a Christian women would want to teach and be in authority over men. Really they are saying they want to be equally valuable. I know that when I was single I had a very valuable role in helping families. Baby sitting and helping them with the house work was valuable to them and also me, because it prepared me for my own marriage. Now married, I help others in different ways, just as valuable to God. I think that women doing the work that God meant for men will make the church weak, in the long term, that is just my own thought.

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