Falling For a Sick and Perverted Lie

Falling For a Sick and Perverted Lie

In December 2014, I heard of a popular “Christian” mommy blogger so I went to her blog to see what she had to say. The first post I read was about being unsubmissive to her husband and being proud of it. I wrote a blog post about it without naming her called Baby Needs to Be Put in a Corner! (I even used this post in my book.)

After listening to a great sermon from her pastor, she did this: After he finished, I stood up in my pew and clapped and cheered and WOOT WOOTED and pumped my fists and well, my church is not that kind of church. And so Craig {her husband} said, “SIT DOWN HONEY. HONEY, sit down.” So then I stayed standing even longer than I WOULD have because Craig is not the boss of me and nobody puts baby in a corner and submitting to your spouse is not really something we focus on much in the UCC.”

A few days ago, this “Christian” woman married another woman after divorcing her husband. This is tragic for her husband, but mostly her children. Women, you must be so careful who you are learning from. There are too many popular female preachers/teachers/bloggers that are leading women astray with their witty and fun-loving writings but they are false teachers in disguise. They tickle women’s ears instead of speaking truth.

On the male/female hour of the Dennis Prager radio program yesterday, Dennis said that when a man marries a warm, kind, and affectionate wife, he wants her to stay that way and not change but most of them do change for the worse, unfortunately. One man called and said his wife became a “Christian” after they got married and their marriage got worse. She got so involved in Bible Studies and was reading her Bible every night so she no longer talked to him. Dennis Prager responded by telling him that the Bible Studies should have taught her to love her husband more not less. The man said they didn’t because she’s divorcing him.

If churches and all Women’s Bible Studies were teaching women to love their husbands, there would be few to no Christian divorces but they don’t. They fail to teach women what God commands they teach – to love their husband and all this includes (being submissive, kind, reverencing, serving, and pleasing). When churches fail to teach truth, false teaching abounds and the Church grows weak.

Marriage is the most ancient of institutions on earth. It was created by God in the garden. “Marriage as an institution has endured from the first man and the first woman until now. It will endure until mankind in this flesh lives no more on the planet…mankind was made for marriage, and marriage was made for mankind, by the plan of an infinitely loving and wise God” (John Rice).

This woman who divorced her husband to marry a woman and the other woman who became too “religious” for her husband will never find true joy nor peace because these only come from the Lord. They falsely believe that they are finally being “true to themselves” and finding the happiness they seek but they have fallen for a sick and perverted lie from the enemy of their soul. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9) without Christ and living in obedience to Him. These women have both caused great damage to their children and to the name of Christ.

Stay in the Word. Listen to solid Bible teaching. Attend and support a church who teaches truth so you will be grounded upon the Rock of Jesus Christ and not on the shifting sands of false teachers.

Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and those who hear thee.
Ephesians 4:16

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  1. I agree with the context of this post. I want to add though that the aspect of love that most Christians women fail to teach/learn and practice is the aspect of Scripture that teaches us to also respect our husbands.

    Women show love with cards and actions. Men show love with respect. And that is their love language they want in return. More marriages could be saved if this aspect alone was understood.

  2. As the saying goes….”what is accepted by the ‘world’ will be accepted by the ‘church’, just give it ten years”. The feminism that started in the sixties began to be accepted by the church shortly thereafter through the subtle corruption of Paul’s clear-cut teachings on the roles of authority concerning men/women. It is just getting worse, both in the world AND the church.

  3. When I read this article it struck fear in me. How women could be so easily deceived. The word of God plainly gives us scripture on submission, honor, and reverance to our own husband so the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5. That is just one. He also says in John 10:27. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me. I also throught about God destroying sodom and gomorrah for the wicked sin of homosexuality. This woman who is still posting as a Christian mom blogger is a homosexual… very disturbing that Christian women would follow her.

  4. I’m feeling a little surprised about Glennon, although I shouldn’t be. I stopped reading her blog a couple of years ago because I could sense she was a fraud. The link you shared about her remarriage makes me feel validated. The “sense” I felt years ago was probably the Holt Spirit warning me to stay away.

  5. How sad….terribly, terribly sad. How can this woman (who I have actually never heard of) call herself a Christian when she prides herself in going against God’s Word? I don’t understand!? How can women read her words and think it’s okay? I feel righteous anger that she would lead other women astray and true sadness for her soul. She has never known Christ. I will pray for her.

  6. She didn’t like submission, therefore, she didn’t obey the LORD in this area, Karla, and it’s easy to slowly drift away from the Truth of God’s Word and into sin when we decide to make up our own rules instead of following the LORD’s.

  7. This has happened to me reading many different “Christian” women’s blogs, Courtney. There’s another very famous one that I would read once in awhile and couldn’t see what was so wonderful about her. Not too long after, she wrote that same-sex marriage is fine and dandy.

    Any woman’s blog that doesn’t focus upon Titus 2:3-5 and godly womanhood, I don’t read. I listen and read men’s blogs and teachings for the meat of the Word of God.

  8. The only women she is leading astray are those who don’t know the truth of God’s Word, Katy. They are “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” (2 Timothy 3:7). I am so careful about who I learn from and we all must be since there are MANY false teachers out there.

  9. This blogger always struck me as a big time attention-seeker; someone in constant need of validation from others. She never found her worth and her value where she should find it; in Christ. Jumping up from her pew and drawing all of that attention to herself?? I doubt the sermon was anything more than an opportunity for her to put the spotlight on herself. How embarrassing for her husband. Eventually this sports celebrity that she “married” will be tired of paying attention to her. The cameras will stop flashing and the media will move on to another story. Then where will she be?? Divorced again and looking for “love” (attention and admiration?). How very sad and aren’t there children in the middle of this foolishness? Who is putting them first? Ugh!

  10. If you call yourself a Christian blogger, you need to be Christian. A woman that does not submit to her husband–and then later DIVORCES him–is not a Christian. I do feel so sorry for her children. 🙁

  11. Thank you Lori for your daily posts. You are really helping me to refine how I see and study the bible. I am truly grateful for all that you do.

  12. Many call themselves “Christian” but make up their own bible and their own rules to live by, Russanne. They are not Christians who love the Lord and His ways.

  13. It appears that person she ” married” can’t decide if she wants to be a woman or a man. That’s just gross. I hope that they come to a true faith in Jesus before it’s too late!

  14. Lol. Women use words for love, not action. That is why the Bible says for women to be silent in the church and obey your husband using behavior to win him over.

    Women have a tendency to talk, but not use behavior.

  15. Regarding Dennis Prager, when my wife does Bible study or volunteers at an anti abortion clinic weekly, she gets arrogant and disrespectful.

  16. That was sad, scary, and sick. Sin upon sin upon sin. Sad.

    This exact scenario played out among some family friends of ours. I wouldn’t have believed it possible if I hadn’t watched it happen.

    Thanks for calling attention to this sad situation.

  17. I keep clicking on this website that says it is a “spiritual sounding board” or gives a warning about “false” teacher and so forth.

    And I start to laugh. Ha ha. They in their website believe that by deceitfully pulling apart the scripture and making fun of “patriarchs” of the faith, that they can somehow “improove” Christians by doing so.

    Well, this type of writing which is opposed to patriarchy is also opposed to matriarchy as I have discovered. So their world is a world of gossip and scorn. And they claim it is the “patriarchy” group’s fault for all of it.

    The group of women that put up blogs like that are literally WASTING their time.

    Keep strong in your convictions, as you are a well-known writer, despite these naysayers.

  18. Yes, there are sites that are dedicated to slandering those who speak truth. It must be a miserable place to be involved in. There’s no joy, cheerfulness, or happiness when Christ and His truth aren’t part of the conversation or life. Hopefully, many of their eyes will one day be opened to the truth but in the meantime, I encourage you to not read their words for bad company corrupts good morals, the Word exhorts us!

  19. Because she feels as though she is doing something so highly spiritual that I wouldn’t “get it”. That God is using her to help, and that I don’t know what that looks like or have ever seen it or experienced it. Like without her God couldn’t do it. She sees young women and older women too, but doesn’t see that they are as culpable as the men they slept with. Not one person so far has come in from “rape”, “date rape”, or incest, but for some reason none of the women have any fault in their pregnancy and as a man I wouldn’t understand.

    When we discuss some of the scenarios, her condescending tone is too much, so I generally tune out.

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