Feminism Leads to Barrenness and Infertility

Feminism Leads to Barrenness and Infertility

“Once upon a time, women wanted to get married and have kids. They wanted other things too, but marriage and motherhood was first on the list. As a result of this natural desire, women needed to find a ‘marriageable’ man, aka a good man who could also make a comfortable living. This arrangement allowed women to raise their children without the burden of earning an income. Men understood this arrangement, and, seeing as they aren’t the ones who bear children, it made sense. In fact, they took pride in being able to provide for their families. Then feminists came along to implode this entire arrangement…” (Suzanne Venker)

“The defining characteristics of feminism are not femininity and fertility, but barrenness and infertility.” A woman shared this tragic article with me last week called Will Europe’s childless leaders halt demographic decline? If you aren’t convinced of the evil of feminism, I pray this article will convince you and you will go back to the ancient paths the Lord has set for us.

The top European leaders are childless. How has women voting created this (You know, that “great” accomplishment of feminism)? “For example, many of French citizens who cast their vote for Emmanuel Macron in the recent French presidential election were women. Before the election, 62 percent of female voters said they would back Macron.” Women are now choosing our leaders which is NOT a good thing.

Here are some of the other sobering facts from this article:

“A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that the number of young men in the US who want to marry has dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.” 

“Feminism was largely successful in severing sex from reproduction. This was considered progressive, a step forward that liberated women from caring for their children, so they could join the labor market and realize themselves.”

“The decline and fall of Rome has been explained by its decadent and ‘bachelor culture,’ much like what afflicts us in northern Europe. It is important that those who want to keep Western civilization alive do not amputate its roots and then think that it can still survive. Or should survive.”

Did you know that in past generations the Church was vehemently opposed to birth control? Now we can see why. The fruit of it has been evil. This was written in 1946 by Dr. John Rice: “Those who would encourage widespread use of contraceptives, and other artificial methods of birth control or prevention, are in the minority and have always been opposed by most of the Christian and moral leadership of the world.” Oh, how far the Church as fallen.

Mr. Rice goes on to tell of a wise Christian writer, Dr. B. H. Shadduck who facetiously suggested in his pamphlet, Stopping the Stork, that if people want to limit the size of their families they should wait until the child is two years old and then decide whether to kill it or not. Once babies are born, we love them and understand that they are a great blessing from God.

We are reaping the fruit of the leftist (Satan’s) agenda which is to kill, steal, and destroy. They have killed babies (abortion), stolen away the rights of many children to be born (birth control), and destroyed marriage, thus destroying nations. Let us not fall into lock step with this madness but seek the Lord and what He has plainly written in His Word. He created marriage and He created it for life. He creates children and calls them a blessing.

John Rice told a story of a man who had eight children and some of them were in college. The youngest was getting older when he found out his wife was pregnant. They weren’t too thrilled about it but that baby was the biggest blessing to this family. Even when the college age children came home, all they wanted to do was to play with that baby! Children bring joy and happiness to the home.

Mr. Rice had six children of his own. (Just because you don’t use birth control doesn’t mean you’ll have 18 children!) “In my own home there have been eight of us to eat around the same table, eight of us to have family worship together. There was always somebody to play tennis with, or somebody to sing with, or somebody to play checkers or dominoes with…Our children never wanted to go to other people’s homes to play or visit. Other people’s children came to our home where there were so many people and where there was always something doing! My children never needed expensive toys to play with. People are more fun to play with than toys.”

This world needs godly offspring more than it needs anything else. Gaining a college degree and a career can’t even compare to bearing and raising children who are eternal beings. If you are young, married, and fertile, go have babies and raise them for the Lord! Then train your sons to work hard and want families of their own and teach your daughters to want to marry, bear children, and guide the home. Most importantly, teach them all about the perfect ways of the Lord and the joy of living for Him!

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.
Psalm 127:3-5

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  1. Sobering article. We just got back from my daughters home-they live in a nearby farm community and my son-in-laws sister- age 21 was married. My son-in-law is the oldest of 9. His mother has 7 siblings his dad 12 siblings. So it was quite a large wedding:). Their church family also attended-as my husband and I sat and observed all the activities-it was so refreshing to see all these children Guessing 80-90 kids playing and running around barefoot (Outdoor wedding by a pond) laughing, catching frogs, and when the ceremony started all these children were quiet and well behaved. Watching dads holds their babies and enjoying fellowship and food. Was an amazing time. Just wanted to share.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Becky. It sounds wonderful! I remember reading and writing about an article from a man who lives in San Francisco and he was mourning the fact that childbirth rates have fallen dramatically there. He said the city has lost laughter and joy without children in it. As believers, we should welcome children into our lives. They are such blessings!

  3. The women in the Bible were commended and never berated for strongly desiring children. In fact, the women of the Bible knew it was their destiny. Adam names Eve Eve, which means “Life,” because she becomes the mother of all. God changes Sarai’s name to Sarah because she becomes – princess, the mother of many peoples and kings. Ruth and Leah are praised for building up the house of Israel (and they aggressively did so as well–remember the competition between the sisters?). Tamar becomes one of the great grandmothers of Jesus and we know she earnestly sought to have children. Hannah wept uncontrollably before the priest because she wanted a child. What a list of women!!

    Today, women are the opposite. We say things like “two more and no more!” Or, we pop pills or get surgery to prevent pregnancy (self-inflicted barrenness). Or, we get an abortion. In fact, even when women are barren and would like to have children, I’ve heard them counseled to accept their condition gracefully and not “idolize” having a child. I know there is a place for trusting God but if this is something good we should earnestly desire, then we should do so. “Yet she shall be saved through childbearing if they continue in faith and love and holiness with self control.” (1 Tim 2:15).

    Lori, I know some must think you keep talking about the same things but keep it up because very few women are saying these things! And it’s so counter cultural. These words are powerful because they are from God and it’s what He has commanded us to teach and affects generations!

  4. Thank you, EC. As long as the long gives me a “voice” I will continue to teach what He values which is contrary to what culture values. He calls children a gift and a blessings and so must we!

  5. “In fact, even when women are barren and would like to have children, I’ve heard them counseled to accept their condition gracefully and not “idolize” having a child. I know there is a place for trusting God but if this is something good we should earnestly desire, then we should do so.”

    Amen and good comment, EC. I’ve head similar counsel given to women who aspire to be mothers and even to those who desire to be wives! It is still God’s will for the younger women to marry, bear children, and guide the house {I Timothy 5:14}. As such, these godly goals should be pursued. Most women I’ve known who are unmarried and childless are quite vexed about it.

  6. Whether we have kids or not we should appreciate everything God allows since His ways are perfect:)
    Btw, EC what is the meaning of 1 Tim 2:15?

  7. Don’t you love to see a big family? It’s so rare these days. I saw a big family at the park a few days ago while I was out walking. 9 kids in all, and 7 were young ladies who all wore skirts or dresses. I complimented the lovely mom on how nice it was to see a big family and to see young ladies dressed so nicely. Her face just lit up when I said these words to her. I got the feeling she has had critical things said to her about her large family. How sad! God blessed us with two beautiful children, but I would have had more. They are the most precious of gifts.

  8. I have a question. My husband and I have 4 children, the youngest is just 3 months old. I have had to have c sections with each one (this was not my choice, but required for medical reasons) and during the last c section my doctor said my uterus was too thin and he strongly recommended that we not have any more as it could rupture. I am sad to think that we may have no more children, as I wanted more. We have made no permanent birth control choices yet. What would you advise to those of us in situations like this, where we want more but are told it may be quite dangerous medically?

  9. When my oldest daughter lived in MS when she was younger, she saw many large homeschooled family and told me how wonderful they were. She was always amazed at how loving and well-behaved the children were. Children are definitely a blessing from the Lord!

  10. This will have to be a decision between you and your husband, Rebecca. I have been reading the Above Rubies Magazine for many years and there’s countless stories of women who were told by their doctors to not have any more children but they did and they were fine because they trusted God. But this is something each couple has to commit to pray and make their own decision. Many others decide to not take the risk and have more children. It’s your choice.

  11. Rebecca,
    I am in the same exact situation (4 c-sections). In fact, after my third child(I have 4 now), my doctor strongly advised me to have my tubes tied. But I talked to another doctor in the same practice who told me that I should not be afraid–and that she did 7 c-sections on a women whose uterus was very thin. I listened to her and I had a 4th and had that doctor do my c-section. She told me that she sewed me up in a different spot and that I was “good to go!” I would not have had a fourth if it weren’t for this doctor.

    I don’t know if I will have more but I would love to continue having children until I cannot (I am 40 right now). That’s what my great great grandmother did (before the days of birth control) and I still have a great uncle (the youngest child) around from that great great grandmother, that is still doing God’s work. Imagine that. That great great grandmother was the first Christian in her line of ancestry. My great great grandfather heard the gospel preached as a result of a foreign mission (from Canada) in the streets of Taiwan. They had never heard of Jesus or the Bible but after months of diligent inquiry, both of them received the gospel with great joy and were completely committed to raising their family as Christians–which was difficult as they were in the minority and were mocked for breaking with Chinese traditions and religion. They had more children after their conversion and started a line of Christians. I think my great great grandmother desired that the generations after her would serve the Lord. I mention my family history because God works through families. But if we cut our families short, then I think we are also limiting God’s work.

    My husband does not really want more children but he is open to the possibility. I desire more children and am praying for more. I just want my child bearing years to take me right into old age. I know a few older women (in late 40s) that regret stopping at 2 or 3 children and have told me how nice it would have been to have a child in their 40s. I think when women cut their fertility years short, they are depriving themselves of joy. But I know that those child bearing years can be wasted too if you do not embrace the role that God has for you as a mother and a wife. And I think that’s what 1 Timothy 2:15 means. That we are to bear children while pursuing faith and love and holiness and self-control.

    I do think of Rachel when she said, “Give me children or I die!” She wanted children more than her own life. I know that’s scary and I don’t say that lightly but there is something about desiring something good, more than your own life.

    We hear from medical professionals and family members all the time, making us fearful to have more children, if it’s not your own health, it’s the health of the baby, or not having enough finances, etc. I just don’t think Christians should give into these fears–at least I don’t think I should.

    I hope this helps. I know it’s a lot to think about, especially since we’ve all been poisoned by our culture to think otherwise, and sadly, the church even promotes the things of this world.

  12. My grandmother had her 7th when she was 47 years old and lived to see his children get married! He was also her tallest and strongest of all of her seven children. It seems as long as women can bear children, they should be open to them. We sure regret ever using birth control or trying to prevent having children since our children are our greatest blessing and the gifts that keep on giving!

  13. 7th at 47! What a blessing! I love that. And what an encouragement. My friend’s mother had her 7th at 47 too and he ended being the tallest and strongest. Isn’t that funny?

    My friend who had two after 40 (completely natural and after 15 years of not being able to have children) said it’s God’s way of saying to older women at the end of their fertility years, “Here you go! Have fun now!”

  14. it is not talking about neing literally saved through childbearing. That is absurd a) because only Jesus saves us and only he will ever be able to save us and b) because where does that leave women who cannot have children?

    If you study original scripture in the Greek it is talking about how we are saved “through the childbearing” the birth of Jesus who came to die for us Saying that women are saved through childbearing is a false gospel message.

  15. I think since we never can truly know what is going on in other people’s homes and lives we cannot judge about family size. We limited ourselves to two kids because that was all I could handle physically pregnancy and birthwise. It’s also all we can handle financially just scraping by providing healthcare, food, clothing, etc. It’s also all we can handle emotionally & mentally as we homeschool both kids full time on top of managing a farm, making ends meet and investing in our marriage. We are perfectly content with our decision and made it after a lot of prayer and consideration. If we had had more kids my husband would be working 80-90+hrs to just get us by and that wasn’t an option for either of us. I didn’t want him half killing himself working and he didn’t want to work all the time and never have time to invest in his wife and kids. He loves being a dad and being home as much as he can to spend time with our kids and he is brilliant at math and science and teaches those two subjects in the evenings to our two.

  16. Where comes trusting in the Lord and His provision? If every couple only has two children, as is happening, it spells disaster for the culture. I will teach the truth of the Word which is that God loves children and He had no part in the creation of birth control but then each couple needs to determine what to do with it. I certainly don’t go around judging individual families but I do teach the truth of God’s Word for any who want to listen.

  17. We do trust the Lord. And with his help we faithfully meet every bill and need. But to have more children would severely hurt my physically and push my husband into working two jobs to survive, and that is a life neither of us want and would be terrible for our marriage and our current children that we are trying to raise and educate.

  18. That’s exactly my husband opinion. But he’s not a Christian. On the other hand, you don’t need to be a Christian for that, in Niger (a Muslim majority country) women have on average 6-7 children and having a big family is considered to be a blessing of God. Attempts to introduce contraception are not going very well and abortion is mostly illegal .

    Back to me, I have struggled with infertility and I’m struggling again, as I would like a second child (and ideally a third one) so in the end it might not matter at all. But , in 20 or so years, I would love to have Christmas with multiple children and their spouses around my dinner table. It’s such a nice thing.

  19. This is why I hate birth control. It “allows” couples to decide how many children they want and how many “they” can afford instead of trusting God with these eternal treasures that He calls blessings. With so many Christians deciding to prevent His blessings, this world is suffering without their influence.

    “Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” (Psalm 127:5)

  20. People forget how the Israelites became so powerful in Egypt; they had many children when they were slaves! Yet, here are many couples in the richest nation that has ever existed saying they “can’t” have more children as if God isn’t their Provider and will take care of them.

    I will pray the Lord blesses your womb, Mrs. G. At least you can say that you aren’t preventing the Lord from blessings you with children!

  21. May I offer a slightly different perspective on the advice of not making marriage and children an idol? I’m someone who was single for a few years before God chose the right timing to let my husband enter my life. I am also barren and have suffered from the heartache of infertility. In those situations it can be very easy to lose focus, to become obsessed with being a wife, obsessed with being a mother. It can come at the cost of finding fulfillment in Christ, and it can come at the cost of important human relationships. Is it good to desire to be a wife and mother? Absolutely! Certainly that is the way the story unfolds for most people. But if that desire outweighs a woman’s desire to love and serve God in the circumstances she is in, that desire can indeed be an idol. I know because I’ve been there. Releasing those desires as idols did not mean giving them up, but it did mean putting God first and seeking His guidance for every step. I had to learn to be content in every circumstance, and I had to learn that my sufficiency was in Christ even if I never became a wife and even if I never became a mother.

  22. I had to come back this afternoon, as I saw the title yesterday and did not have time to read this. I also have gotten the same magazine for years! And there are so many stories of women choosing life. It is all so sad to see many young girls not wanting to get married or have children. Everything in this article was spot on as usual dear friend. Please keep writing and sharing this truth, as the world is believing a lie that will leave us barren and lonely. Just because you wanted to be selfish and “All about ME culture”!! Blessings to you and YOURS and the inheritance you have in Godly children and now your grandchildren. I believe they will all rise up and call you blessed!

  23. Thanks for pointing out that not everybody who doesn’t use birth control will have tons of children. I say that all the time, but have never heard it from anyone else! It’s unusual to be able to have that many kids… That’s why there are TV shows about mega families. I grew up in a non birth control church community, and the biggest family I know had 13 kids. 6-7 was a much more common number. But no matter the number, God will provide. He gives them to us in the first place!

  24. I want to comment on lots of your articles on birth control, but I think this comment sums a lot of it up. God made intimacy in marriage for procreation, he also made it pleasurable and emotionally satisfying, but he intended that it should always, always, always be open to his gift of new life.

    We can choose when we marry and in marriage we can choose when we are intimate, but beyond that we should submit to his will and trust in him.

  25. I think the culture of contraception, so seized upon by feminists has lead to an ever widening legacy of sin. It encourages and promotes promiscuity, un-naturally and immorally sexualises and cheapens women, is an attack on femininity, modesty and chastity, an attack on the traditional family, goes directly against God’s design for us and ultimately leaves many women infertile, childless or regretting the family they wish they had had.

    Christian women should be educated to understand that to practice birth control is a sin. Churches should make it clear that it is completely unacceptable for any woman who professes to be a Christian to use contraception and Christian society should actively work to end its availability.

  26. Yes, GOD is the One who blesses us with children! Why did the Church so readily cave to the culture and begin rejecting God’s blessings? It’s tragic.

  27. Your view is right along the lines of what the Church held and preached for many, many generations, Susanne. There is nothing more important in this life than bring human life into it and raising them for the Lord, along with sharing the Gospel with others.

  28. I believe Churches taught that for generations even well before Christ because birth control goes completely against God’s purpose for sex and plan for marriage. For a woman to practise contraception is for her to directly reject his purpose and design for her body in a way which quite rightly no Church would tolerate. In fact in most Christian societies contraception has been illegal until the march of feminism.

    I find it very sad and wholly wrong that whilst my own Catholic Church still preaches that contraception is a sin it endlessly turns a blind eye to its use, continues to offer communion to women (and men) who practise it and does not actively prevent women from falling into this mortal sin.

  29. I agree it is a myth that families who use contraception are inevitably large.

    I suspect it is also a myth that society’s which follow God will necessarily be overpopulated. After all how many children are born out of wedlock when God’s command is that we wait for marriage.

  30. I noticed you didn’t publish my commen, which is fine, but I’m not quite sure why. I was agreeing with Tam, and encouraging others to notice the well behaved children around them, no matter the size of the family. If I had my one well behaved child out in public, I would hope someone would compliment me. The truth is that my husband and I do not use birth control, so that large family mom and I are really not all that different even though she has a large, lovely family to show for it, and I have a small, lovely family to show for it.

  31. Hi and ditto we have 3 children and though I pray for more God seems to have other plans.

  32. I’m not infertile due to feminism as I don’t believe in that rubbish.

    I’m infertile because I have health problems, and it’s caused a great amount of heartache that only God himself would know the full extent of but I’m also not that old that I can’t have at least one child and I have truly believe that all things are possible with God…

  33. I think children are a blessing, but am not sure how they are linked to salvation, though? I do not understand what saved through childbearing means- I thought slavation was the same for men and women? Can a woman still be saved if she chooses to not have children for any reason, or if she never finds a husband?

  34. I was told by my endocrinolgist that I probably will be unable to children- I have read the commentaries re that verse on saved by childbearing but no one makes it clear what happens to the woman who ends up not having children? Do these women still ingherit the kingdom of God? I have been wondering what wil happen to me when I die, seems as I may be unable to have children?

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