Is a Patriarchal Nation a Bad Thing?

Is a Patriarchal Nation a Bad Thing?

Feminists have twisted the word “patriarchy” to make it a despised word. What does patriarchal mean since I sure hear women throw it around a lot trying to convince people that America and men are bad? According to the dictionary, it means “relating to or characteristic of a system of society or government controlled by men.” When these women speak of patriarchal, they act as if America is this way. We have women in every branch of government except the presidency (which almost happened this last election) yet they still falsely believe that America is patriarchal.

I asked the women in the chat room what they thought about patriarchal and here are a few of the great responses:

“The 12 tribes of Israel were patriarchal, because that is how God designed society to function. Men led the tribes, the clans, and the families. Men were the priests, the prophets, and the teachers. Even before the Law was given through Moses, men were leading their families and societies. We see that with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. These men were called to make the big decisions, and their wives were called to support them and bear them heirs to their inheritances. Feminists are mocking God, whether they know it or not, when they attack the ‘patriarchy,’ as it was instituted by Him” (Paige).

When I hear or see the word patriarch, I think of a strong, wise, and/or powerful man. To me, a patriarchal society is one that is led by such men. Men can and do abuse their power, which is sad. But civilization was built by patriarchy. God initiated patriarchy, so it has to be the better way. Matriarchal societies tend to be primitive, superstitious, and for the most part, failures” (Cathy).

Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said, “Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that yes, the future is female.” She, along with many others, believe that this country will be much better off if it was solely run by women. Is she accurate? Not according to the Word of God. “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12).

God’s plan is for men to be the one’s in leadership positions in the home, churches, and nations, as clearly seen in His Word. No, it doesn’t mean men are necessarily and always better at leading than women would be but, in general, men make better leaders because of the way God created them. He is a God of order and in His order, men are those in authority but many women, even some Christian women, rebel against this idea. They have fallen for the feminist thought process that believes that women are better leaders and deserve to be leaders in the homes, churches, and nations. How can they believe something that God opposes? Jesus could have easily chosen a female disciple but He didn’t. Yes, He loved and cared for women, as we can see from Scripture, but He never put them in leadership roles.

Just because women aren’t called to be leaders and those in authority doesn’t mean they are any less. Their roles in the homes, churches, and nations are just as valuable! Mothers are raising the next generation. What can be more valuable than that! Those who aren’t mothers are serving and loving others since women were born with a nurturing spirit. Our nation is a nation of loneliness and hurt. It desperately needs a woman’s touch in the lives of many. Dear women, be that touch to someone hurting and in need and celebrate the beautiful role the Lord has given to you.

By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise.
Hebrews 11:8, 9

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  1. A patriarchal nation is no guarantee of a good society–Saudi Arabia represses Christianity, for instance–but I would argue that patriarchy in some form is necessary for a healthy society that grows and creates things. The greatest breakdown of patriarchy in the US is among poor African American communities, and the fruits of this breakdown are utter disaster for African Americans–higher rates of crime, illiteracy, early death, incarceration, abortion, and unemployment; low marriage rates; unstable families. An explicitly racist hater of African Americans could scarcely engineer such distruction, and it’s difficult to avoid the fact that the absence of fathers plays a huge part in this havoc.

    Americans of other ethnic groups should take note of this as our own trends mirror that of African Americans’. Although patriarchy–like any institution–can be corrupted, the absence of patriarchy is itself a corruption, and one that is eating America alive.

    1. Yes, as much as women try to admit that they are “independent and strong” apart from men, they need men. They will always need men and children desperately need their fathers. We need strong, good men to lead our families, churches, and nation.

  2. Not at all! We need strong brave men who will protect and provide. Far from being toxic, masculinity is sorely needed among the radical feminist Soy-boys who are wimps! Sad that the traditional man, the rock of his family is now shunned as sexist, while women go around acting like men and become “nasty women”! I’m so grateful to have been raised by a strong father figure who taught me the importance of a real man in a woman’s life.

  3. Great post, Lori. I’m reminded of a couple of female politicians in the news lately, one whose daughter described her mom as being able to cut someone’s head off so fast that you won’t even know you’re bleeding {or something to that effect} and another one, a Muslim woman, who disrespectfully reviled President Trump with very profane language. Politics brings out the worst in women! The meek and quiet spirit, gentleness, sensitivity, nurturing spirit, and so on get so badly corrupted in that arena. So much is lost when women try to usurp authority and leadership from men.

    And Heidi’s comment above about the black community is spot on; I’m black and see the evil fruit of this first hand. It’s very pro-feminist and matriarchal. We and all people need to repent toward God.

    1. Yes, it’s what this nation needs more than anything – a return to the Lord and His ways but few want this. It’s horrible watching some of these new women who have been elected to congress. They are a disgrace to our nation!

  4. One additional note: The etymology of “patriarchy” is “father-rule.” I believe this has a few implications: 1) That fatherhood should be considered a ruling position, as it was for most of human history (as, for instance, the Biblical requirements of eldership); 2) That fathers or men who could be fathers are the preferred leadership of a nation; 3) That rulers of all kinds should carry out the responsibilities of fatherhood (providing, protecting, guiding) even as they are accorded the respect due to their position.

    Unfortunately, fathers are today are denigrated if they abdicate their responsibilities, but are rarely given respect even when they are exemplary fathers. This contempt has damaged the family unit, society as a whole, and our very notions of what it means to be a leader or a father.

  5. “Patriarchal”
    “Men face the evils and misery of the world so women can create a gentle and loving home to nurture children”

    That is all “patriarchal” means. That’s the entire meaning. When women say they “oppose patriarchy” that means they want mothers and children to be exposed to more evil and misery. They want mothers to be exposed to more misery because they hate and resent mothers.

  6. My dictionary defines patriarchy as “a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.”

    If the men in charge are good men, a patriarchal society is going to work well. But if the men in charge are not good men, then of course it isn’t going to work.
    Middle Eastern countries and other societies were women are totally oppressed, springs to mind. There are still places in this world that practice female genital mutilation – to ensure the old man’s child bride is a virgin upon marriage.

    There are still places in this world who will stone a woman to death for getting raped, while the rapist gets off scot-free.

    Are these societies “good”? No. But it’s not because the men are in charge – it’s because BAD men are in charge.

    Good men, who treat people well, and are good leaders, run a good society.

  7. Those who aren’t mothers are serving and loving others since women were born with a nurturing spirit.

    Oops you let a bit of stereotype loose there, that isn’t supported by any Bible passage. The Bible tells us we are all born with a sinful and selfish nature. And men are, in fact, commanded to nurture their children in the Bible:
    Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
    However, fathers like myself are today being severely denied the opportunity to nurture our children by “family courts”, in favor of women, due to the codification and belief of such stereotypes.

    Once it was a Feminist teaching that mothers were better at raising kids than fathers. However I think the Feminists are moving from claiming heterosexual marriage is a form of slavery and rape, towards motherhood and raising children, also being a slavish burden.

    Please read these following links before disregarding my comment. These type of research findings don’t often get publicly acknowledged.

    A very large study using data from 433 Canadian Municipalities concluded: “Single mother families had a much stronger conducive effect on youth crime than did the single father families.”

    The major finding of the study was that across a variety of assessments of psychological well-being (self-esteem, anxiety, depression, problem behaviors), children (especially boys) did significantly better in the custody of their fathers. Moreover, children in father custody had the advantage of maintaining a more positive relationship with the nonresident parent, the mother.

  8. masculinity is only toxic if it abused- eg a man verbally or emotionally or phsically or sexually abuses his wife, daughters, sister, mother etc

    patriachy is toxic IF taken to extremes meaning that woman are “Owned” by men with no autonomy of their own. In a healthy marriage, a man and w wife have equal but different roles and the complement each other.

    in a healthy father daughter relationship, the father is the daughter’s head and authority until she comes of age or leaves home and then she is under God until she marries or her church pastor if she doesn’t.

    it is about freedom of choice and authority means guidance and protection. only if it is abused, taken to extremes does it become oppression, as in a woman has no autonomy.

    Just like with God- He does not want us His slaves but He calls us His friends and sons. we are HIs children who are always welcome in His home.

    1. A better way to say it might be, that masculinity is having characteristics of a male, and that abusive behaviors have a toxic effect no matter who is guilty of them. Masculinity itself is from our Creator.
      In a Christian marriage both own the other. (1 Corinthians 7:2-4)
      A father is head over his daughter until he gives her away to another man.
      Christ is the head of the church, which is his own bride. The men who serve the church are not the lord over any, except their own family, being expected to rule their own house well.

      1. ah, i see, then single middle aged women who live alone in assisted living apartment (not with parents) like myself are under the headship of Christ? ah, i thought that was the case. good point.

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