Men Aren’t Allowed Preferences That Offend Women

Men Aren’t Allowed Preferences That Offend Women

It seems men aren’t allowed to have preferences in this feminist culture that offend women, as I found out quickly on my Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgin post. A man who goes by The Multibeast on Twitter wrote this: “Long hair, sundress, no tattoos, clean skin, carefree attitude, caring demeanor, ability to make things beautiful, nurturing, kind, values family, no ‘ax to grind’ = the most powerful thing on planet earth. Has ALL the chips. Can write her own ticket. Nothing is more powerful.” Of course, women were highly offended when I shared it on my social media sites.

Another man on my Gab account wrote this under The Multibeast’s tweet that I had shared:

“I’ll share a secret with you ladies. If you want to be more attractive than 90% of women in your age bracket, there are only two things you have to do:

“- Keep your weight down
“- Keep your hair long

“Do not worry about nails, makeup, hair treatments, skin care, jewelry, shoes, purses, or fashion. My wife spends no money on the above because none of them are important. She keeps her hair long and her weight around 120 pounds, because these are extremely important.

“I know young women 100 pounds overweight who spend a fortune on makeup and hair products and wonder why they can’t find a husband. Just do the two things above, save thousands, and look better than most women easily.”

This too, offended many women. “How could he think all women should be 120 pounds?” and many other comments explaining how wrong his comment was.

Dear Sister on Instagram wrote this to these women: “People, generalizations are generally true. If it’s not true of you, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true in general. Most men do prefer women with long hair who aren’t overweight. It’s reasonable (and health-conscious) advice.”

Then, a man on my Instagram wrote the following:

“If a woman does NOT care to try to please her husband the best she can, then you’re right, this post isn’t helpful. It is definitely Biblical though. I will explain.

“Does not even nature itself teach you that… if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her?” (1 Corinthians 11)

“Long hair is a sign of feminine beauty in numerous places in the Bible, both in the Old Testament and the New. Men were NEVER condemned for wanting physically desirable women in the Bible, only for focusing on that AT THE EXPENSE of more important things. Jacob was never condemned for desiring the more beautiful, Rachel, over Leah. Both were good women, but one was younger and prettier according to the Word of God. If Rachel had been a harlot, I bet Jacob would’ve been scolded for desiring her above Leah. Likewise, women are never condemned for wanting men who have a greater ability to provide and protect.

“A husband should satisfy his wife’s needs. And a wife should satisfy her husband’s needs. The wife’s body does not belong only to her. It also belongs to her husband. In the same way, the husband’s body does not belong only to him.” (1 Corinthians 7)

“Lori ASSUMES her followers (if they aren’t already married) are interested in attracting the best husbands, and the best naturally have more options in women. So she assumes women would want to be spend their time on things that have higher value versus lower value. She also assumes that her followers want to please their husbands, as the above scripture instructs. If her assumptions are correct, then it’s also fair that she assume women would want to know the MOST important outwardly attractive things to men. That’s an economically logical conclusion in ANY context in which a resource, such as time, is limited. ‘Here’s how to get the most out of your time and effort.’

“For example, if you’ve only got 30 minutes per day to invest in activities to either: 1) maximize your market value to potential future husbands by making you more desirable than other women, or to 2) pleasing your existing husband, better to use those 30 minutes to get a quick workout in than to paint your nails or put on your makeup. I have nothing against makeup and nails or anything else feminine, I love ALL the feminine stuff, but some things are simply more valuable than others.

“I don’t normally try to speak for large groups of people, but if there is absolutely anything in the WORLD I would do it, it’s this. Lori is 100 percent right. In the eyes of men, these two things are far more important than any other outward-appearance efforts women can make. Truth is always useful, whether it is Biblical or not, but here, it is Biblical. (A fair assumption in any context in which a resource, such as time, is limited.)

“Also, let me go ahead and say that anecdotal exceptions prove nothing more than than anecdotal exceptions exist. Anecdotes do not give cause to dismiss the overwhelming body of evidence.”

In closing, I want to say that I never write nor share anything for shock value. I write and share what I believe is truth and good for women to hear whether or not it offends them. I love to be convicted and challenged about every area of my life. Truth and common sense never offend me.

But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.
1 Corinthians 11:15

But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.
1 Corinthians 9:25

Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.
Philippians 4:5

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.
1 Timothy 2:9

13 thoughts on “Men Aren’t Allowed Preferences That Offend Women

  1. All the women in my church have long hair, it’s one of the first things I recognise about a Christian woman.
    The Bible verses about long hair were taught to me when I was still at primary school and broached the idea of getting a pixie cut to my parents. To this day, I still have long hair, and so do both my daughters.

  2. Young North American women today seem to go out of their way to make themselves as repulsive to men as possible, both with their bodies and their personalities. Tats, piercings (in inappropriate and potentially dangerous places other than their ears), and excess body weight that they defiantly have no intention of bringing under control are the physical repellent. A perpetually angry, defensive, arrogant, hate-filled attitude is the even more hideous behavioral repellent. It is unfathomable to me how the amount of emotional energy required to maintain this front cannot be a painful burden to carry. How can it not perpetuate both mental AND physical illness?

  3. Truth!
    I know there is a big push right now for “body positivity” and it seems to involve the idea that being overweight is to be celebrated. How ever well meaning that idea might be, it is not helpful or healthy in the long run. Would you want your friend to keep running red lights and stop signs until she got hurt or even killed?? Of course not! A weight problem must be addressed. I have addressed it in my own life so I do understand that it isn’t easy to change bad habits but it is entirely possible. I decided to set a good example for our children who are very healthy adults now. We can do it, ladies! Be encouraged today and be healthy!

  4. I will be 60 years old next month and although my hair wasn’t very short I decided to let it grow out. But wondered is 60 too old for long hair? Happily married 40 years….also I asked my husband if he wished I was 120 lbs. (I have given birth to 7 children and about 70 pounds heavier than that. He said he would not want “a 120 pound (my name here” lol…. I wonder what extra skin I would have if I was 120. Anyway… is 60 too old for long hair?

  5. I will make sure any future wife of mine has these amazing qualities. It shows a lack of control if they are fat. Ugh. They will dress to please me, no lying around in sloppy clothes. Christian women have a absolute duty to do this for their husband. It is soul destroying to see women who are overweight, with short trendy hair, colored very strangely and clothes that are totally inappropriate in a Church. Stay away from them, gentlemen!

  6. No argument from me. I had/have my preferences in men so why on earth would I expect a man not to? Smoking, drinking, tattoo, long hair, ex wives or kids…all big turn offs when I was looking.

  7. I keep my weight down, but my husband is obese…are there any others who have this issue? What is your response?

  8. Betsy, I know 2 60ish women with long hair. My idea of long hair is waist length. One is entirely grey and the other is streaked in grey. Both are beautiful. I encourage you to keep it, especially if your husband likes it.

    I would love to have long hair. My hair simply doesn’t grow that way. I haven’t cut it in decades, just trims to keep it healthy. Once it hits my shoulders, it just gets bushy and thick. I joke that if I didn’t have it thinned, it would just keep growing out until both sides met on top like a folding fan!!

  9. Betsy, 60 is not too old for long hair since God’s Word makes no qualification for age. I am older than you and have hair past my shoulders, although it’s less hair than I had when younger. I keep it trimmed and do things to not damage it — no coloring or heat from dryers or curling irons — since it is fine-textured. I think you and your husband will like your longer length!

  10. Sandy, while my husband isn’t obese (he does not seem to gain much weight no matter how much he eats) he eats terribly. He turns his nose at anything “healthy”. He absolutely refuses it. It’s frustrating and I worry for his health. I just try to do the best I can as an example to him, and then try to serve the few vegetables he actually does eat as often with a meal as I can. At one time I had an extensive list of my husbands favorite foods, snacks, etc, and also what he didn’t like. It helped me as a reference and if I served something on the “like” list and he said he didn’t like it, I’d say, “but it’s on your list!” Lol 😉
    He has gotten better through the years, but mealtime is almost always very stressful and frustrating to me, so I feel for you.

  11. It’s truth that you are not allowed to say out loud. I am not a young woman, but instead of getting manicures and caring about shoes and clothes, I work-out and stay in shape. I do keep my face and hair attractive too. But before anything else comes my fitness routine. Men are far more attracted to me than my overweight peers, who have problems getting a second date. It’s the obvious truth, but I certainly shall not use my full name on this comment.

  12. To Mick
    Do you consider a long dress with a modest neckline and sleeves , in a bright colour or bold print not appropriate for church ? Well that’s what l wear and l have never had any complaints….
    Just a thought

  13. I’m single and although not 120lbs, I am slim and in the 130lb range. I would grow my hair long but for health reasons this is not possible and its rapidly thinning in parts because of that. I tend to wear wigs to cover it. If I’m wearing a wig its long and it makes me feel feminine. I have come to accept that if a man wants to marry a woman with ‘real hair’ then he would just avoid me when he found out or I told him?.

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