The Devil Wants Women Out of the Home

The Devil Wants Women Out of the Home

“Why does the devil want women out of the home? So he can get his claws on the children. He wants to steer them towards his ways. It’s the mother who protects the children from the lies of the deceiver” (Nancy Campbell). God is clear in His Word that He wants women to be keepers at home (Titus 2:5) but women rebel against this today. They don’t want to be keepers at home since this isn’t valued in our culture. No, only making money is valued in our culture. Raising the next generation is not.

God tells us that women are to be keepers at home so they don’t blaspheme the Word of God. What does this mean? It means that when mothers aren’t keepers at home, their children are with people who are not their mothers. God gave mothers to children to protect and nurture them. Children are not nearly as safe when they aren’t with their mothers. This blasphemes the word of God since God wants children safely at home with their mothers.

Mothers are to teach and train their children in the ways of the Lord. When they are not with their children full time, they can’t do this and the children are being influenced by those who don’t love and care for them like their own mothers do. Those caring for the children are most likely working for a salary and don’t have the children’s best interest in mind. Yes, there are many great teachers and preschool workers but they can’t possibly fill the role of a mother in the children’s lives. There is just no way.

Children are exposed to garbage away from a godly mother’s home. They hear things they shouldn’t hear. They see things they shouldn’t see. Yes, Satan is getting his claws into the children and if mothers aren’t around to protect their children, no one will. God wants mothers to be keepers at home to raise up their children in the Lord.

The healthiest and happiest children are those who have been raised up by godly mothers full time. They are secure in who they are in Christ and haven’t been marred by the Devil and his schemes. They are prepared to go out into the world and be salt and light instead of trying to heal the wounds from their childhood.

Women are safer in their homes than out in the workforce. They don’t have to worry about sexual harassment and abuse, plus hearing and seeing things that are opposed to God’s Word and what He commands that we dwell upon: the good, the lovely, and the pure. Their marriages are stronger since they aren’t exhausted from working out of the home all day and giving their energies to others. They can be busy at home and make it a beautiful place for their families, friends, and visitors.

Go home, women. Yes, God will provide a way. Seek His wisdom in prayer and He promises to give it. He wants you home with your children.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

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7 thoughts on “The Devil Wants Women Out of the Home

  1. But who will wear fancy clothes and act important at the coffee shops?

    There’s nothing funner than seeing two women have a ‘business meeting’ at a coffee shop.

    There’s nothing sadder than seeing two (decent) businessmen having a meeting and then being oddly joined by a young 20-something co-worker who gets the whole meeting off balance by her bizarro-world presence.

  2. I often watch the women in the workforce and wonder why they were so easily deceived into thinking that standing behind a cash register all day long or sitting behind a desk are better than being in their own homes. I will never understand this since home is the only place that I have ever wanted to be.

  3. All truth statements written here Lori, but I suggest not the WHOLE truth.

    What was noticeably left out of the discussion is what is left out of many discussions of the home, marriage, and family [unless someone needs to be blamed]: the husband and the father. The primary reason why there is not a good connection to the next generation – and why Elijah is returning to “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and hearts of the children to the fathers” in Mal 4:6 is because of the Jezebel spirit, what Elijah confronted centuries ago, and who has never yet died, and is returning again to confront that ever increasing Jezebel spirit.

    And it is what mature women in God are to warn less mature women to watch out for, that Jezebel spirit in themselves that will lead their husband away from God [as Jezebel did with Ahab, Eve did with Adam, Solomon’s wives did to him, etc], and is noted in Titus 2:4-5. That has broken the heart connection of the father and his children. That has broken the generational connection to the Father.

    If you want to have well rounded children, it cannot happen without the wife respecting and submitting to her husband. The children notice this every time and then see the model to disobey any authority, even the Word of God written on their hearts. And Paul notes this as the model for the church. The wife submitting to her husband is the basis for a healthy marriage, it is the basis for a healthy family, and it is the basis for a healthy church, His people. It is no coincidence that we have such a breakdown in all these institutions and also have the rabid belittling of the position of the husband/father, for several generations now.

  4. I would love to be home and have been working on transitioning out of the workplace. However let’s not jump to conclusions about the woman behind the register or at the office. We can’t assume that she wants to be at work. It could be that her husband is laid off or sadly won’t hold a job. Or in our case, while we have a very frugal lifestyle and no huge house payments, my husband’s $15 an hour job is not enough to support us and our 3 kids. Not to mention a blind mom who requires financial assistance (as social security pays the bare minimum). So while I agree with this article, it unfortunately isn’t possible for every woman to live this out during every season. As much as she would want to.

  5. Just today, I was stopped by one of the teachers at the Learning Center where my kids take some classes and she said “The staff and I have decided you have the best kids.” Wow. What a lovely compliment. I know for certain my time here at home, teaching, raising and having fun with my kids makes a big difference. They are quiet and secure and they shine.

    By the way, these are the nice kids CA has kicked out of school due to SB277. Three kids whose teachers and other kids love, and who have no allergies or health problems of any kind. My two oldest have never even needed a dose of antibiotics. Way to go, CA! So we are homeschooling and my thirteen year old gets to skip learning about “gender fluidity” in public school.

    Anyways, just a side-note to say I appreciate your blog Lori. I don’t read here all of the time, but once in awhile I pop on because you are always encouraging us to be better/do better. Thanks.

  6. Lori,
    The concept of gods was invented in the Stone Age. Stone Age man, unable in his ignorance to comprehend naturalistic explanations for the phenomena of the world around him, necessarily resorted to supernatural explanations. Such explanations similarly appeal to the child, who also is unable, in his ignorance, to understand naturalistic explanations. That is how primitive superstition is transmitted to the modern world, in the name of religion.

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