His Children Will Not Ride the Train to Hell

His Children Will Not Ride the Train to Hell

When I was growing up in the 60s and mid-70s, there were things I wish my parents had protected me from. They grew up way before the 60s and times were definitely more innocent then. Everyone knew it was shameful to have sex before marriage. Modesty was in fashion and women mostly wore dresses. When my mom when on a date, she didn’t have to worry about the guy trying to get something from her at the end. My parents had no clue how bad culture had gotten for us.

I wish my parents had never let me go out on a date alone, especially with a non-believer. I wish they never let me go to other people’s home for sleepovers since nothing good ever happened at them. I wish they never let me go to a “wild” party where everyone was drinking, taking drugs, and many were sleeping around. I never fit into this life and hated even being there but it was the thing to do when I was in high school. I wish I never went to public junior and high schools. I saw and heard way too many things that I should not have at that age.

I did go to Christian summer camps from third grade to high school and absolutely loved them! I believe these are what solidified my faith in Christ. I don’t ever remember anything bad (in the way of immoral) ever happening during any of those times. I’m not sure about sending children to them today, however, with the advent of iPhones and Internet that make porn and all other types of debauchery easily at one’s fingertips. Most parents don’t try to protect their children from this stuff and they can easily pass it on to other innocent children

Micheal Pearl wrote an article called Sanctuary where he explains how they protected their children. No, I don’t think parents can be too overprotective in our culture. Children need and want boundaries and protection. “You are sadly mistaken if you think that kids who spend 30 hours in public schools each week are somehow going to be purged by two hours in church on Sunday. The fact that their parents are Christians and ‘love the Lord’ is not going to diminish the influence of 30 hours of intense indoctrination each week. The same applies to any corporate classroom setting, including church schools. When you get 25 kids together, you have a complete representation of every kind of evil. And you’d better believe that kids love to share!”

The things children are being exposed to in the high schools today I can’t even imagine. I was exposed to pornography in junior high! A mother told me recently that the local high school that her son attends is the darkest place she has ever stepped foot on. Why would we want our children to spend their days in a place like this? A place that we wouldn’t want to spend our time in? We all can hear what music children are being exposed to and catch glimpses of what TV and movies they are seeing. There’s little decency and purity out in the public at large.

“Children mature morally by resisting evil, but if it comes at them too fast, too often, and from influential peers, they will become desensitized and sin will begin to appear less evil to them. We can no longer be lax about who and where are children spend their time. We must be vigilant! ‘Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour’ (1 Peter 5:8).

“First, please DO regulate their environment and associations. Over the years as our children were growing up, Deb and I offended about every family member and some of our friends by being ‘overprotective’ of the innocent charges God sent into our care. We guarded them from any suspect company and thoughtfully planned their associations. We have not trusted ‘good Christian families.’ We have not participated in churches where the children were separated from us. After church, we watched them and their associations.

“When kids stop running around in circles, screaming, and start talking, or drawing aside, you’ve likely got the beginning of troubles brewing. Keep the little ones standing right beside you after church. They should always sit with you, never with their friends. If they go out to the bathroom, go with them. Never allow them to spend the night with friends or cousins. Slumber parties are sin parties. Never allow them to listen to music through headphones. Three-minute phone conversations, no chat rooms, no surfing the web for any reason. Parents should make it physically impossible for them to even access the web. We didn’t allow our children to spend time in their bedrooms unless they were working on a project or reading. Bedroom doors were always kept open, except for two minutes while dressing.

“On occasions when I have made these same remarks in public, people have asked, ‘What’s wrong; don’t you trust your children?’ I answer, ‘Of course not; you think I’m a fool? My children are flesh and blood, just like their daddy. They are descendents of Adam. The Devil is still active and wants their innocence. Having descended through me from fallen Adam, I know they are endowed with an all consuming passion to know good and evil. Why should I trust them?’

“Those of you who think I am too hard, too protective, and too distrusting, keep in mind that all my children are grown and married now. They have demonstrated themselves to be solid citizens and emotionally stable. They all came to marriage as virgins and are now happily married. They will never divorce. We are delighted with them, and they are delighted with us. What more could you want in this life? Their memories of life with us are not measured by the things we didn’t allow them to do, but by the many activities that we did with them. We kept their lives full of fun and creativity. They had friends and spent time with them, under controlled circumstances.

“Structured Christianity is not what it was even thirty years ago. As the world’s standards have plunged, the ‘church’ has followed it—staying about ten years behind. Take charge of your family. Put on your armor and make sure it covers your children. And while you have the chance, fit them in their own armor, and teach them carefully to identify the enemy.

“The homeschool movement is more than an educational alternative. It is parents putting on the brakes and saying, ‘my children will not ride this train to hell; I will take charge and direct my family in a different path.’ You are part of a cultural shift, and a spiritual awakening. We are in the midst of a revival of the family. It must extend to a revival of community as well. The public church is no longer to be trusted with your children any more than the public schools.

“We are seeing beautiful fruit come out of the homeschool movement. Be vigilant, and don’t let it spoil before it ripens to produce more fruit of its own.”

…bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
Ephesians 6:4

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  1. What encouragement! I completely agree about sleepovers. They are dangerous and even more so today. A preacher once told us of a man who came to him for advice about his son who went to a sleepover. The father leant his son his phone so his son could call him if anything happened. When the father looked through the history of his phone the next day he said there were all sorts of horrible images his son and friend looked through. The preacher said it was so debased that basically there are no words for it. Of course that doesn’t even touch on the physical bad stuff that happens in many sleepovers .

    I understand the concern about camps, even Christian ones. There is a Christian family camp we go to every year that the kids really enjoy. Next year my oldest will be old enough to go to a special Christian apologetics and science camp. They allow parents to come for the evening presentations by the scientists but we are considering having me or my husband volunteer there as well. Thankfully they don’t even allow radios let alone phones, etc.

    Also definitely be careful with any overnight trip with a bunch of young people. My husband and I used to work with the youth many years ago and sometimes we had to separate the boys and girls in different rows in the van so they would keep their hands to themselves. On one church trip at my close friend’s grandparents’ church, three girls came back pregnant from the same boy. It is just not worth it.

    1. Yes, as Michael Pearl wrote, parents must be vigilant at all times with their children since we live in a wicked culture and Satan is prowling around looking whom he may destroy.

        1. Unfortunately it is only in the US and we are actually going to have to drive quite a distance to get there ourselves . It is put on by http://apologeticspress.org
          Sign-up starts in January and apparently you have to sign up fast because it “sells out” in the first two days.

  2. AMEN! I could not agree more. My parents were vigilant of our influences, friends, social circles and homeschooled/sent us to a very small Christian school (run by my mother’s best friend and devout Christian). I am so grateful!

    I will be vigilant with my children, as well.

  3. I remember riding the school bus in the 60’s and 70’s and the bus drivers always had the rock station on the radio because that’s what the kids wanted to listen to. I didn’t pay too much attention to the lyrics of the songs at the time, but I’m sure all that goes into one’s subconscious mind. Later, over the years, I have occasionally heard some of those songs that were popular then. Now I listen to the lyrics. I’m shocked at what was sung about even back then.

    1. I road the bus for hours when I went to junior high and high school, Sami, and I had some pretty bad experiences on them. I can’t even imagine what goes on now in them.

    2. Sami, I can relate. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and recall singing along to the songs on the radio. When I became a Christian, I was sing along to a song from that era, then screeech!! I used to sing those lyrics? Yikes! Don’t get me started on the 80s with the age of MTV.
      Kids nowadays are being brainwashed by the likes of so called ” divas” of pop music with their trashy videos where they are wearing the attire of a harlot! And even Christian parents are allowing that filth in their homes!

  4. That’s great for christian kids in christian families, but who does that leave behind? The kids with uninvolved parents and/or non-christian family’s kids. Then society, that’s you, Lori, and your followers, and me, and other christians are left to deal with the societal repercussions of middle schools and high schools with NO salt or light in them. That’s why I’m such a fan of organizations like Young Life, who reach out to kids who would never, or could never darken the door of a church. As a Young Lifer in High School, my mission was to befriend, form a relationship with, and share Jesus with, my non-Christian classmates. A dozen or so of us changed the entire feeling of a high school in that way, and its happening worldwide.

    1. Yes, I was involved in Young Life, too, but I was strong in my faith and was an adult at that time. There aren’t many children being salt and light in the public schools since they are not grounded in their faith and are easily swayed by others.

      As Lindy Johnson wrote on my Facebook page: “If we are to go and be salt and light, why do parents never put their kids in Muslim schools? Those schools could certainly use some light.

      Why don’t they send their kids to the bars on the weekends to preach the Gospel?

      And how can a kindergartner who is not even saved yet be salt and light?

      And how can we teach our kids to be salt and light if they are not with us to see our example?

      Do we just ignore the Biblical commands to teach our kids throughout the day from Deuteronomy 6? What about to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord? (The Greek word here used for “nurture” literally means to educate)

      What about when Scripture tells us to not learn about other gods? (Greek mythology taught in schools).

      What about when Proverbs warns us against foolish companions and the NT tells us not to fellowship with unbelievers?

      And can we not be more effective at being salt and light when we are not bound to a building for 7 hours a day not allowed to boldly and clearly preach the Gospel than going to the park with our parents to tell others about Christ there?

      The people I have met who use the Salt and Light argument do not spend the couple of hours a day they have with their kids to teach them how to share the Gospel. They take them to even more activities in the world. The salt and light argument is an excuse to live the way they want to live. Otherwise, we would be having revival in our public schools.”

      Then when these strong and godly children are grown up who have been homeschooled and trained in the ways of the Lord, they will be a mighty force for the Lord and will witness to those kids who had uninvolved or non-Christian parents. The Church is weak because few in the Christian world are strong in the Lord nor know His Word since they aren’t learning about them in their home and not even allowed to in the public schools.

      1. Where in the Bible does it tell us not to learn about other gods? I have not come across that particular verse. On the contrary, I have always believed that it is good to know why other people believe what they do, so that we can share what we know to be true. For us to effectively share the gospel message, it helps immensely if we know where the other person is coming from; to know what they believe, and why.

        I don’t think children should be learning about other gods, but I have certainly never thought it’s wrong for adults to do.

          1. Exodous 23:13 :13
            And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth

            The problem is always when we think something – I hate thoughts but thy law do I love!

  5. I’ve watched plenty of court shows involving young people. There are cases a parent is suing a another parent for their minor children’s bad behavior.
    There are cases where the young plaintiff(who also had bad behavior) is suing their now former friend for their bad behavior.

    The one thing I noticed in each of these cases the parent tries to make excuses for their child’s behavior or denies any wrong doing involving their child. And underage drinking is almost always involved. If parents would be more strict with their kids they won’t have to find themselves on Judge Judy (who always read the parents and the child or young adult the riot act) or worse yet criminal court.

  6. Oh, how I would LOVE to homeschool. My husband is against it as he fears the education would not be the best. It doesn’t help that he sees my sister homeschool Who allows her children to use the answer sheet for tests and fudges their grades for the district. I am just quiet and submissive and don’t bring it up.

    Luckily, we moved to where there is a great school that is small and intimate. My children have not had to deal with the bad stuff I read about from other public schools. And their teachers love them. I went to public school and I still lco God with all my heart.

    Also, we do not do sleepovers. Growing up, I was not allowed, neither are my children.

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