Working Mothers and Public Schools Produce Mentally Ill Children

Working Mothers and Public Schools Produce Mentally Ill Children

Years ago, I read the book Home By Choice by Dr. Brenda Hunter and she found that children who are home full time with their mothers have a much greater chance of growing up to be emotionally stable and secure. Children need and want their mothers all the time! This seems about right since God, our Creator, commands mothers to be keepers at home and have their children at home with them for very good reasons. All of His commands are for our good.

Daily Mail just came out with an article titled Pscychotherapist warns that working mothers are producing mentally ill children – and claims the problem is at an epidemic level. “‘Our society tells women go back to work, do what you want, they’ll be okay,’ she explained. ‘But they’re not OKAY. ‘I was seeing it in my parent guidance practice. I was actually seeing an epidemic level of mental disorders in very young children who were being diagnosed and medicated at an earlier and earlier age. ‘I started looking at the research that backed up what I was seeing in my practice which is that the absence of mothers on a daily basis in children’s lives was impacting their mental health.

‘”I still say daycare is my least favorite option,’ she said. ‘You’re taking a very young baby and exposing them to a great deal of stimulation and a great deal of fear. ‘When you take them out of their immediate environment and put them in a group with a lot of stimulation and a lot of people that’s not the natural environment for babies.'”

The natural environment for babies and children is at home with their mothers. This is where they belong and what is crucial for their long-term mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Rates of suicide and suicidal thoughts are climbing drastically among the youth in this country. Most children are no longer being raised by their own mothers full time. They aren’t being protected by their mothers from all of the evil in culture, including the evil in the schools. Children are hearing, seeing, and experiencing things that they should be protected from. Their childhoods and innocence have been stolen from them and many are products of divorced parents. We’re reaping the rotten fruit that we’ve sown as a nation.

The Federalist just came out with an article titled 13 Ways Public Schools Incubate Mental Instability in Kids. “The correlation between public school environments and the deteriorating mental health of children has been intensifying for decades. We ought to consider how these settings serve as incubators for the social alienation that can fuel such horrors.

“First, consider how common it is for a public high school today to house thousands of teenagers for most of their waking hours for four solid years. (More than 3,000 students attend the Florida school where the most recent shooting took place.) During their time in that maze, kids learn to ‘socialize,’ basically by finding their place in a school’s hierarchy of cliques.

“Dr. Peter Gray at Boston College has studied in depth the harmful effects of mass schooling on children’s mental health. Gray makes the point that school is simply an abnormal setting for children. But instead of admitting that, our culture prefers to say that the children are abnormal for squirming. In short, school is a prison that actually causes trauma in children.

“This sort of pecking order dynamic tends to breed resentment, status anxiety, and social dysfunction. Combine that with the toxic effects of social media and family breakdown, and you’ve got a deadly brew. Public schooling is increasingly unhealthy for kids’ emotional stability.”

Youth are taking more drugs and trying to escape reality. They are lost and confused. They have no moral compass. They don’t know right from wrong. Too many children are being put on drugs at young ages instead of being home with their mothers and being disciplined and trained by them. They aren’t being loved and nurtured by the one person God gave to do this and they are suffering.

I can tell you one thing that is for sure – God never ordained mothers to work away from their children all day long nor did He ordain public schooling where children are being taught all of their childhood by a godless government. These were invented by our culture and we know who the prince of the power of the air is and his evil intent for our children. God commands that women be keepers at home and raise their children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord while training them in the way they should go. The Devil is the one who wants women out of the home and he wants our children on the train that is headed for hell.

Rescue your children, mothers. Go home full time and homeschool your precious children. God wants a family; a family of godly offspring who grows up to be adults who love and obey Him. They won’t learn about this at preschool or public schools. It’s the ministry the Lord has given to you when you were blessed with children. Children are the most innocent among us and must be protected from the enemy of their souls. You were the one God gave to protect them.

Many women will be repulsed by these articles from the Daily Mail and The Federalist because they want to do what they want to do. They don’t want anyone telling them what to do even if it’s best for their children. Speak the truth in love to whoever will listen to you, women. There’s a tragic crisis among children and you have the answers. “On a societal level we need to recognize mothers work is valuable work. We emphasize material success and professional achievement, but there is no more valuable or more important work.” Amen.

Finally, as our preacher taught yesterday – God always pays for what He orders. He has ordered young women to be keepers at home and wants them loving their children enough to raise them in the nurture and the admonition of Him. Trust your Great Provider to pay and provide a way to accomplish what He commands of you.

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

***There’s a HomeMaker gathering on March 8th to speak out against the feminists agenda and for the value of mothers-at-home: “Fletcher said that while the left and feminists are promoting daycare and government schools, mothers hold the key to creating a healthy and prosperous society.

“What children need more than anything isn’t the best tax-payer funded daycare, it’s the love of their mother,” Fletcher said. “Strong family connections create more stable, well-rounded kids who become good husbands, fathers, wives, and mothers and contributing participants in building stronger communities.”

14 thoughts on “Working Mothers and Public Schools Produce Mentally Ill Children

    1. Of course it will catch a lot of flack, Diana, but I have learned to completely ignore it by keeping my eyes straight ahead on the Author and Finisher of my faith!

      “For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.” (Isaiah 50:7)

  1. Love this! Hearing all too often of young kids trying to end their life because of teasing in schools. The latest was a 12 year old boy who made 2 attempts. So sad, they so desperately need Jesus.

    1. Yes, bullying kills children every single day. It is even rife in Christian schools, sadly. Schools insist they have a “zero tolerance” for bullying policy, but it’s clear that they are powerless to stop it.

      Our beautiful children, our teenagers, are being driven to suicide by their peers. And I know this to be true, because I have children in both the public school and catholic school systems and bullying is rife in both.

      1. It’s tragic, KAK. I was bullied all throughout my years in the public school system and it was terrible. Thankfully, I had my mother’s support and encouragement. I just told her the other day that I would have loved being homeschooled by her when I was growing up but she didn’t know about it back then. I would have loved being home and protected by her. I’m sure she would have done it since she always was trying to do what was best for us and didn’t mind going in the opposite direction of culture.

        1. I was bullied very much all throughout elementary and middle school, too, but thank God I had a single friend that helped me get through it, although I admit I went through periods of depression at a rather tender age. I would’ve loved to have been homeschooled! My mom always thought she wasn’t very smart because she didn’t go to college, but she made up for lack of scholarly knowledge with common sense and strong faith. I bet she would have done a great job. 🙂

          Now that I’m a mother, I did attempt to place my daughter in a public preschool a few years ago despite my husband preferring me to homeschool. Within weeks she began to exhibit behaviors in class and at home, and they put her on a “behavior plan” – at 4 years old! I was horrified at the concept, and could see the road it would lead down if she stayed in public school. I also felt a strong conviction that it had to be ME who addressed any discipline problems with my own child, and not depend on anyone else to do it for me. We are 3 years down the line with homeschooling and although we still butt heads and she remains strong-willed, I’d rather it be me than anyone else who works through it with her. Sometimes I have my doubts about it, but then I read one or your blog posts, Lori, or some of the wonderful comments on here, an article like the one you cited, or another terrible loss at a public school, and I feel determined to stick with it.

          So thank you for all the encouragement! God bless you and yours.

  2. Lori, this is a wonderful article you have written and I am learning so much from you which I am so grateful for. I realize my dear husband and his sisters have deep issues as their mother in the 1950’s chose to work instead of stay at home in a very conservative community at that. There are deep wounds on top of her own mental instability and alcoholism. Please pray for me to continue in courage on this Godly path of home schooling my boys and being my husband’s help meet, that has recently been altogether so challenging. Please continue your great contributions which I know can be challenging and receive my deep appreciation and gratitude for such. Love, Diane

    1. Thank you, Diane. Continually remind yourself that the joy of the Lord is your strength and that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. The Lord often uses the trials in our lives to cause us to rely on Him more and trust Him.

  3. Loved this and shared it on twitter! I would LOVE if you had easy to share buttons on your posts so we could share it on Google Plus and other platforms easily!! Do you have a way to add that?

    Thank you for speaking truth Lori! 🙂

    1. The buttons are on the upper right hand corner of this blog, Katy. It’s how I share my posts on google plus, Pinterest, etc. At the bottom of each post are pins to share on Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest, too. Thank you for sharing them!

  4. Hello,

    I’m a man who was turned on to your posts by his girl friend. I have learned a great deal. It has been very illuminating. My girlfriend and I have discussed that when we get married we would like her to home school our children. The more I read your posts the more I see how there is so much garbage in this world that consumes children and the youth as a whole. I see young men who are sex crazed, lewd, and generally indecent. And I think, how did their parents allow them to grow to become this? I really think parents have no idea how to be parents these days, especially the younger ones.

  5. Hi Lori
    I’m a new mom and a new stay at home mom!
    I just discovered your blog and I have been devouring your posts over the last couple of days. It’s exactly what I’ve needed to hear and I have been so encouraged!
    I cannot agree more about your views on daycare and moms staying home with their kids.

    To be honest, before I was married I was career driven and I always saw it as my number one goal. I also pushed my husband to be career driven as well and this manifested into me being controlling and nagging him to the point where we would fight SO much.
    We struggled with recurrent miscarriages two years into our marriage and that’s where God started working on my heart. He started giving me a passion for not a 9-5 job plus evening classes to further my career but rather being there for my husband and supporting him as much as possible. Our marriage got better.

    But, Even still when I finally did get pregnant I had already signed our baby up on waiting lists for day care centres so that I could quickly return to work and I was even signed up for evening classes at the university to continue to further my career.

    This all changed when I looked at my baby for the first time. I prayed to God and asked him to provide so that my daughter does not spend even one hour in a day care centre somewhere with 15 other kids and the rollercoaster that is day care workers coming in and out of her life.

    Wow! Did trusting God completely change our life!!!!
    I fully submitted to my husband and instead of nagging and controlling him all of the time he opened up to me and told me his dreams of how he wanted to provide for our family. We became fully on board of me helping him meet his goals. He is now two weeks away from graduating from our federal Police Force in Canada (RCMP) and it is absolutely amazing seeing him accomplish his dream.
    I have been at home with our daughter for a year and the blessing it is to teach and guide her in the ways of Christ is so fulfilling. SO much more fulfilling then any career!
    Thank you.
    I will continue devouring your posts 😉

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