“The Exodus of Women From the Home Has Been a Disaster For Women” – Elizabeth Warren

“The Exodus of Women From the Home Has Been a Disaster For Women” – Elizabeth Warren

In an article called The Forgotten Reactionary Elizabeth Warren, the author wrote this about Ms. Warren’s book The Two Income Trap: “Its wide-ranging conclusions are too numerous to summarize here, but the central one is that, generally speaking, the exodus of women from the home into the workforce that began in the 1970s has been a disaster for women, who find the infinite responsibilities of child-rearing compounded with the drudgery of wage labor; for families, who are now twice as vulnerable to the pitfalls to unemployment — a disaster for everyone, in fact, except corporations who have benefited from the vast pool of cheap and readily exploitable labor provided by women over the last four or so decades: ‘As millions of mothers poured in the workplace,’ Warren writes, ‘it became increasingly difficult to put together a middle-class life on a single income. The combination has taken these women out of the home away from their children and simultaneously made family life less, not more, financially secure. Today’s middle-class mother is trapped: She can’t afford to work and she can’t afford to quit.'”

What is her solution to this problem? “…a generous financial subsidy for stay-at-home mothers…” She, along with many others, fail to see that high and higher taxes simply puts more burdens upon families not less. No, the solution is to drastically cut taxes and allow families to keep a lot more of their own money. But Democrats solution to everything is bigger and more intrusive government that is destroying our nation and causing more and more people to have an entitlement attitude as if they are owed stuff without working hard for it.

It’s refreshing to see, however, that a left-learning Democrat like Elizabeth Warren at least is honest enough to see that mothers are needed in their homes. That the “out there” that women were promised isn’t so great after all. Working for a boss, a time clock, and a paycheck can’t compare with being in one’s own home nurturing one’s own children with a husband who provides and the security the home gives to the family.

Mothers leaving their homes has ended up making it harder for mothers to be home full time. I can tell you that nothing that goes against God’s will for us ends up doing anything good. Even a leftist Democrat can see that mothers leaving their homes was a very bad idea, yet I can’t convince the thousands of women who read what I write that mothers at home with their children is a very good thing.

I want to dispel the notion that a middle class mother is trapped, however. There are many middle class mothers who are making it on their husband’s income. They live frugally and simply because they know their value at home far surpasses any paycheck they could bring home. Their children need them more than they need stuff, vacations, or other luxuries in life.

Many of the women in the chat room are middle class families but are content at home with their children. They are wise women who are building their homes up. They do without so they can have what truly matters. Their eyes are set on eternity and their children’s eternal souls instead of the latest and greatest new technological gadget. Plus, they understand that what God commands He provides. They know God wants them home with their children. They know that God is their ultimate Provider so they live in trust of Him; for with Him NOTHING is impossible.

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:5

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  1. That is a pleasant surprise, but sure to not garner her much acclaim from her radical feminist peers! I am incline to think though she has a less pure motive as usual in talking about mothers staying home as it’s way out of character for the radical feminists to say such! It just proves though, that motherhood will never be inconsequential, and every woman deep down knows it no matter how much they lie to themselves!

  2. So true Lori. I love how you double down on the truth as opposed to mitigating it when you are opposed.

    A lot of the proponents of mothers leaving the home to work are deluded into thinking their careers matter more than raising the next generation. What could be more important or deserve more attention than shaping our future? These women also lack creativity. They are convinced they need to infiltrate men’s institutions and work for them (how’s that for patriarchy?) instead of starting their own businesses or investments where they can be with their children.

    Then when they have left their homes to work for other men, they have to ask Daddy Government for “free” child care, K-12 education, healthcare, and a host of other things they are currently hoping for that used to be able to be provided for by the economy of the family.

    These women are not “strong independent modern women”, they are weak, deluded women dependent on Daddy Government.

  3. My sacrifice to stay at home and teach my children certainly put me significantly below middle class, but I have NO REGRETS. The eternal rewards far surpass having a nice house, a dishwasher, a dryer, etc. Going without not only gave me the opportunity to be at home with my children, it also provided the kids with opportunities to learn to work. Two of them are now missionaries in an underdeveloped area.

  4. “The wings of the ostrich wave proudly,
    But are her wings and pinions like the kindly stork’s?
    14 For she leaves her eggs on the ground,
    And warms them in the dust;
    15 She forgets that a foot may crush them,
    Or that a wild beast may break them.
    16 She treats her young harshly, as though they were not hers;
    Her labor is in vain, without concern,
    17 Because God deprived her of wisdom,
    And did not endow her with understanding.

    Job 3

  5. No regrets to stay home and raise my children. We did need to sacrifice a lot of worldly possessions ( not that we didn’t fight the temptation to have some of those things) but a lot had to be given up and thought through in order to have enough to pay the bills and make sure there was food on the table. Once you can discipline yourself ( your own self wants) and lay aside things that you don’t really need like designer purses, clothes, home decor, eating out, you overcome 5he frustration of it and learn to adjust and be grateful for what you have. I learned a lot of myself as a young sahm but it was worth it all . I was there through it out and once it’s gone you cannot make those memories. Precious mama learn to be home with all your heart unto the Lord. If it is able for you to be home, choose home & make it a lovely, secure place for your children.

  6. I read this book when it first was published. It was actually one of books that inspired me to take a hard look of just how much my family was sacrificing and how little financial benefit we were receiving from my employment after childcare expenses and other added costs. I will never regret the years I spent as a homemaker raising our children. Yes, it complicated our lives and we had to make some sacrifices. We still live in the “starter home” we bought 2 decades ago, we had to live more simply in order to save money for retirement and college expenses for the children. We don’t take many vacations, we shop at discount grocery stores and eat most of our meals at home, and search shop thrift stores and garage sales for furniture, household items, and clothing whenever possible (not really a sacrifice since people often donate gently used and high quality items in the city where we live). The one thing I did not anticipate was the difficulty of finding and maintaining employment as a middle aged woman with grown children. It seems that many companies assume that my skills are out of date (even though I have continued to update old ones and learn new ones) and they don’t value the strengths that come with age and experience like patience, self-motivation, integrity, and a greater understanding of dealing effectively with coworkers and customers. I had originally planned to return to work at the request of my husband to help save for retirement and possibly continue to work part-time in retirement but “ageism” and health issues are making that idea less of a possibility. At this point I may create a “cottage” industry to earn some money, but I don’t see much prospect for a full-time return to work.

  7. No, it’s refreshing that Elizabeth Warren’s GHOST WRITER was smart enough to see that women being taken away from their families was a bad idea.


  8. Nobody has to convince me in any book. I lived with the disaster that it was. It took a normal family tree and turned it into mulch.

  9. What’s your evidence Senator Warren used a ghost writer? She’s a very articulate and highly educated woman. She’s not some D list celeb or reality show cretin.

  10. In any case, it doesn’t matter whether the author used a ghost writer or not, because the ghost writer only writes the content the author wants. They do not put their own ideas in there – they work off an outline the author has given them, they do not write their own stuff.

    It doesn’t actually matter what the ghost writer (if there was one) thinks. The views of the author are what is printed in the book, not the views of the ghost writer.

  11. You will eventually find your kids with you in heaven. The house, dishwasher, dryer etc. will all be left behind.

    I think you made the winning choice.

  12. “It took a normal family tree and turned it into mulch.”

    The out of wedlock families so common in some demographics now is resulting in accidental incest on an increasingly frequent basis.

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