The Future is Female?

The Future is Female?

Hillary Clinton has just made a video and she proudly proclaims that “the future is female!” Then she goes on to say how wonderful the Women’s March was last month. (You know, the one where women were bare chested with “NO GOD” printed on their chests, wearing vagina hats, and nailed bloody tampons to the wall.) “We need strong women to step out and speak up. We need you to dare greatly and lead boldly…Set an example for every woman out there who worries if our rights, opportunities, and values will endure. And remember, you are the heroes, the history makers, and the glass ceiling breakers of the future…” 

The future is female. I sure hope it is not. We live in the wealthiest country that has ever existed. Hillary almost became president barring a miracle it seemed. Women are senators, in the military, and do almost whatever they want today. Being raised and living in this culture right now, we are the most blessed women anywhere in the world and have the most opportunities but they are still dissatisfied and angry.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. (Isaiah 3:12) God created men first and He created them to be the leaders: Patriarchs, Kings, Prophets, Apostles, Authors of the Bible, and Priests were all men. This is God’s perfect plan but Hillary and many like her want to rebel against everything that God says is good. This is the rebelliousness in women: to want to take control in marriages, churches, and in countries. Don’t fall for it, women. Fall in line with God’s perfect plan for you.

The rights women today are worried about being taken away are the rights to have their unborn babies murdered. Our constitution grants the right to life, yet the least and most innocent don’t have this right. This is a cruel and evil fact in our country right now. I have no idea what opportunities she was speaking about since women can do everything a man can do now practically speaking. What values is she speaking about? The right for government paid abortions, free birth control, LGBQT rights, and same sex marriage possibly? Theses values aren’t based upon the Word of God but upon a reprobate/depraved mind.

And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper. (Romans 1:28)

Do you see how her values and all those like her are in opposition to God’s values? A mother at home spending her life raising her children will have a much greater impact upon the next generation than anything Hillary proposes. This is why the Lord wants women to marry, bear children, and guide the home. He wants women raising their children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord, meaning they are steeped in the Word of God, so there will be a strong and godly remnant for Him.

Jesus Christ has broken that glass ceiling for us, women. We have complete access to God the Father whenever we want to go to the throne room of grace. We don’t need godless women to do this for us in their God-forsaken way. We have all we need to live an abundant life because we have Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sin, filled us with His Spirit, and has given us many precious promises. Your work in your home with your children and as a help meet to your husband is beautiful in His sight. Never forget this. Turn off the lies of this culture and dig into the living and active Word of God.

Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.
Philippians 2:14, 15

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  1. This comment could go with any of your past few posts on IF Gathering or the Pearls or our beloved Hillary today. These are all HUGE posts and it speaks to where the church needs to go.

    The church has a lot of blasphemy of the Word that it needs to unravel. By example: I have been supporting two wonderful ‘at the forefront’ Christian organizations for the past 20 years and I came to the realization last year that while they fight for the gospel, they were blaspheming the gospel, the Word, in the process; sort-of foot on the gas and brake at the same time. One is a Christian college and the other a legal association. The issue: they both train women to go into the world and confront men. And they both are very ‘successful’ at it, at least in the carnal sense. I was caught up in their professionalism and success in the major issues of the day: abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, religious freedoms, etc. Yet all the while they were taking the leadership mandate of men and transferring it to women. They were stripping men of the Sanctity of Command and giving women Illicit Authority to that command. I was supporting that. Yikes! I was aiding in the blaspheming the Word of God [Titus 2:5]. I’m blaspheming the being of JESUS. Forgive me, Heavenly Father, forgive me.

    Women don’t have to worry about going into the world to save anyone. Men don’t have to either. We don’t save anyone. God has already elected – before the beginning of time – His people. ALL WE DO IS OBEY; that IS ‘going into the world and proclaiming the gospel.’ Actions speak louder than words. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

    God rewards those who do things His way …and we usually get to see a miracle in the process! I consider you one of these miracles Lori, being able to work through the physical pain and health issues ‘so the Word of God is not blasphemed”, by speaking to women about their scriptural place. Praise God!

    God is building His church, but only in His way, by women giving up their Illicit Authority and men returning to their Sanctity of Command – “that the Word of God be not blasphemed” …so that the world may see Jesus.

  2. Thank you, Dave. Women today are told that being home raising children is beneath them but it is not. It brings glory to the LORD and this is all that matters. Femininity is a disappearing characteristic among women today, unfortunately.

  3. Hi Lori,
    I almost lost my breakfast after Googling pictures from the Women’s March. I’m horrified and I can’t believe any woman who claims to be a Christian would participate in such a evil event. Women are being brainwashed by the as “FemiNazis” in this world. They also need to get right with God and stop whining over Trump being President.

  4. No kidding, Regina. They are going to have one long four year temper tantrum with riots, protests, and blocking freeways, I am afraid, something the right never has done. We learned early on in life that things don’t always go our way and we accept it on our knees in prayer not by hurting others and their things.

  5. Gee, if those women are meant to be the ‘cream of the crop’. Id hate to see what bottom of the barrel is. Yuck!

  6. I couldn’t agree more with you Lori! Feminism makes me ill. I have not looked up photos of the women’s march nor heard too much about it because I didn’t really look into it…however, from the few things I Have heard, I am sickened! How can women behave in such a way!? I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but I definitely did not want a woman in office (and a feminist one at that!). I am truly aghast at the behavior that feminists portray and am sad that so many of those women were probably not brought up in a home where biblical roles were the norm. I am also sad that if any of those women have children, they are bringing them up to believe this feminist garbage. They should be embarrassed at their behavior.

    May the Lord have mercy on them. May He open their eyes to the Truth of His Word and of His Son. May there be a revival in this land and women embrace the biblical roles God ordained for them! This is my prayer!

  7. I agree with what you said about women not having to worry about going into the world to save anyone. I think people are forgetting that WE can’t save the world–Jesus does. I am much more content, which equals most at peace and loving and effective, when I am fulfilling my God-given role to serve my husband and children at home, rather than out trying to save the world. There is a huge burden lifted when women realize this is the best way, God’s way.

  8. My earlier comment was before I read today’s post. I actually wrote it after reading the ‘IF Gathering’ post and thought it would apply here also after reading today’s title. But I have since read this post and your following words jumped out at me:

    “dissatisfied and angry ….rebel against everything that God says is good …rebelliousness in women: to want to take control in marriages, churches, and in countries …a reprobate/depraved mind …in opposition to God’s values …in their God-forsaken way …”

    I share with you now a word the Lord placed in front of me on 17 Dec 2015. Yes, I have already been labeled hateful. But my duty is to share this. Others duty is to ‘prove all things’ – take it as from the Lord, or leave it.

    This is God’s plan for His people Israel as shown in Ezekiel 33-48 but more specifically in Chapters 35-37 where Edom is women and Israel is men, addressing the longstanding antagonism of Edom against Israel, against men, the very leaders of the church, which is the bride of Christ. The resulting one nation is not a geographic nation but a nation of His people —IN EVERY NATION — modeling the way of the coming Lord, His church, His bride of REAL marriage, of men with their woman, one in body and spirit at his side, individual households together making up His church:

    Women are angry.
    Women have a perpetual hatred.
    Women are envious.
    Women are filthy.
    Women have idols.
    Women boast that they now govern both women and men.
    Women are blasphemous with boasts against men – ‘they are given us to consume.’
    Women boast against God.
    Women keep expanding their boast against God.
    Women kill their own children, the seed of men, at the time of their calamity.
    All these are so obvious to the world that the world rejoices that God’s people have
    become desolate from this.
    God is furious at this, in His jealousy, because this is as shameful as the heathen.

    Women have devoured men.
    Women have bereaved His people of men.
    Women have caused men to bear the shame of the heathen.
    Women have defiled God’s people by doing things their way.
    Women have profaned His holy name.
    Women have slain men.

    But God is for His people.
    He will till us and plant new seed.
    He will rebuild the waste.
    He will make all better than our beginnings.
    He will do this by multiplying men.
    He will cause men to walk on women.
    He will cause men to possess women.
    He will cause men to possess all of His people.

    Then men will stop being ashamed of women acting as the heathen.
    God is not doing this for His people; He is doing this renewal for His sake, for His
    holy name.

    He will sprinkle clean water on women.
    He will take away the heart of stone in women.
    He will give women a heart of flesh.
    He will give women a new spirit.
    He will cause women to walk in His statutes.
    He will cause women to keep His judgments.
    He will cause women to recall their evil ways.
    He will cause women to loathe themselves.
    He will cause women to be ashamed and confounded for their ways.
    God will till the desolate land; He will increase the harvest; He will restore all like the
    Garden of Eden.
    He will restore the waste cities by increasing them with men.
    He will bring flocks of men for His restoration.

    And there is yet a great valley filled with dry bones; many dry bones.
    These bones are those of the devoured men.
    But God will breath upon these bones that have been slain, with His Word, that they
    may live.
    And there will be a noise and a shaking, and the bones will come together, even
    together with the bone of God.
    These bones will stand to their feet as an exceedingly great army.
    And these bones are the whole of the house of God.

    God will then open the graves of all His people.
    Then He will take His people out from the heathen and make them one nation with one
    King, in their own land.
    And they all will know that He has spoken this and that He has performed this.
    And He will make with them a covenant of peace.
    And He will be their God and they will be His people. [End]

    Now consider Isaiah 4:4 “…when the Lord shall wash away the filth of the daughters of Zion and
    shall purge the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning. And the Lord will create upon every dwelling place of Mount Zion [shade by day and light by night].” The Lord will restore the house; ‘Jerusalem, Zion, tabernacle, assembly, Israel’ all refer to men, for God inhabits the praises of Israel. Men glorify God with women at their side building them up – 1 Cor 11:7.

    All must realize that this seed of anger, of contention is always in the woman as stated in Gen 3:16 and demonstrated in other scripture [like Isaiah 3:16]. It is like family diabetes that never goes away; it is only managed to a healthy and fulfilling life; and similar to the sin that Paul speaks of that he has to contend with every day …that we all contend with.

    The war for the soul of the greater church has been waged materially in western [Christian] culture and the biggest battle at this time is certainly in the USA and I think no coincidence that we have a battle aimed at the rule of law and the White House, etc. It is God opening our eyes to much of this issue.

    Men have many sins to repent of and many bad habits to change. But, the healing of the church, of God’s people, STARTS with godly women returning to their rightful place. Thank you Lori and many others commenting here in leading the charge of Titus 2, and starting all this. Bless you, bless you. So be it …to His everlasting Glory.

  9. This is needs to be front page across our country. I needed this to not feel alone. God bless you for speaking the truth.

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