The Perversion of Humanity

The Perversion of Humanity

This post are my notes from Pastor John MacArthur’s sermon this past weekend “Who’s to Blame for the Riots?

God is the God of truth. Satan is a murderer and a liar. This whole world is in the lap of the evil one and is bent on killing and lying. So we’re in a time of chaos and lies.

Isaiah 1 is about the desolation of people turning away from God. Isaiah 5:20 tells us that “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” Our culture is turning truth, righteousness, and virtue upside down. Isaiah 28:7, “They found refuge in lies.”

Humanity leans in the direction of calling evil good and good evil. It’s essential to keep harmless working people locked down at home kept away from their jobs and businesses so they don’t get the flu, but it’s more essential to let people bent on doing harm run free destroying the very places people earn their living. They block up the weak and fearful, and allow the strong and violent run lose to create havoc.

Call on all forces to bring the world to a halt to stop a virus. Then remove all restraint when a far more deadly virus sets out to destroy a whole nation.

Demand justice when a man’s life is taken and then applaud lawless mobs of criminals attacking the police. Put the police in a situation where they can’t act to protect property but rabble mobs are allowed to destroy it.

You can’t shop in a store but you can loot it.

You can’t work but you’re free to steal.

You can’t attend church but you can burn it down.

You can’t eat in a restaurant but you can demolish it.

Now, we’re seeing charges brought not against the rioter but against the police. We see leaders who control the strong because they’re afraid. If you worship the god of hate and anger, you can have church anywhere, anytime without any rules.

And the perverted solution to this is to abolish the police, the protectors of those who do good and punishers of those who do evil. Isaiah 5:20, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

What is wrong? How did we get here?

Criminals become heroes and the real heroes are vilified. Everything is upside down. We need the truth of the word of God.

Romans 3:10-18 is the summation of the human condition. We are all unrighteous without Christ. All other religions in the world are attempts to run from the true God. They are all satanic counterfeits sending men in the opposite direction from God.

Isaiah 53:6 “All have gone astray.” Eighty five million people were murdered in a five year span, mostly civilians, in World War Two. We would be appalled at this. Yet we hear that black lives matter and they do. God knows they do. They matter just as much as any other life. But if they matter so much, how is it that Planned Parenthood can support black lives matter when there are a thousand black babies aborted every day? This is a holocaust.

If you make a law that allows people to murder, they’ll murder. Hitler allowed people to murder and they murdered. People piled upon each other in deep holes. They’ll murder in what should be the safest place – a baby in a mother’s womb. This is the human heart without Christ. Behind all of this is they don’t fear God.  “By the fear of the Lord, men depart from evil.” Be in the fear of the Lord at all times.

Listen to the rest of this great sermon HERE.

By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil.
Proverbs 16:6

35 thoughts on “The Perversion of Humanity

  1. The social justice cult has also redefined words. Racism is no longer judging someone by their race but an inequity of power. Words can now be equated with violence so they have a right to physically attack you if you say something they disagree with. Being easily offended is a virtue. None of this is biblical.

    From a bit of buzz I’m hearing, certain people (especially women) are introducing it into the church via book recommendations etc. Much like our mother Eve they are judging based on their own wisdom and not God’s.

  2. Lori,
    What do you have to say about all the women that President Trump has employed? Including his Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany? I believe he has broken some records with the number of women he has employed.

  3. Lori, wow, John MacArthur sure has a way of getting through Scripturally to regular people. Think his audio sermons are at Thanks.

  4. I weep for what I see going on in this country
    I weep for what I see us doing to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    This country was a very blessed nation because we followed God’s word.
    Now this nation spits in God’s face just like a treacherous, adulteress wife that leaves her husband to chase after other men.
    God says that His judgment will start in His house.
    Look around you at the so called Church.
    A lot are run by women, directly or indirectly, in clear violation of God’s word. The women know it is wrong but they continue to take great delight in doing sin. The men in Church refuse to stand up and be men of God.
    (Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:)
    We call what is good, evil.
    We call what is evil, good.
    Women want to pretend they are men. Women destroy their marriages, husband and children so that a woman can “follow her heart’s desire” But yet God says that ( The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? )
    Men are not being men. They can’t lead his wife and children because wife has a lawyer and police to prevent him from interfering with the woman’s “dreams”.
    Gov’t is supposed to be the rewarder of good and the punisher of evil.
    Now the gov’t throws good people in prison and evil people are rewarded.
    (And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.)
    People are facing the same decision nowadays.
    And God is still hearing the crickets chirping because people will not follow Him…….
    (Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. )
    The church is no longer the salt.
    The church is working to lead the people straight into the wide gates of Hell.
    Where are the righteous men to stand in the gap?
    Where are the righteous women praying for her man standing in the gap?
    Or is the woman knifing the man in the back so that Satan can come through the gap?

  5. What is behind this perversion is the same globalist banker backed, Communist outfit who controls America’s money, schools, and tech companies, was behind every war since World War 1, the ones who murdered 100 million under Communism, and who destroyed, in succession, Russia, Germany, and China.

    They are coming here. I disagree with MacArthurs cowardice on not meeting in churches.

  6. I will never be a fan of women being in leadership positions, Paulette. Kayleigh is fantastic but she has a six month old baby that needs her a whole lot more than we do.

  7. I don’t see any cowardice on Trump’s part or the Church to not meet for a few weeks to a few months in a building and have the church continue in the lives and hearts of the men and women, especially when we can still watch and listen to the services.

    At some point we have to say enough, but certainly if this was the Bubonic plague it was said to be, we would not want to test God by gathering until it had passed. Children’s programs at church are a breeding ground for viruses.

    That said, I detest the government over stepping its bounds, especially the ridiculous tracking ad harassing those who were meeting in the parking lot in cars. There has been a significant violation of our constitutional rights through this whole thing.

  8. It’s not cowardice to follow cdc guidelines and government officials. Our children were observing our response to the coronavirus recommendations, and my husband and I felt that what they needed was to see obedience to authority. There was nothing being asked of us that was unbiblical, and our church went above and beyond to livestream services and utilize technology to reach out and encourage our church family. Our time in the Word was not affected, and for our family, I suspect we’ll look back on worship during this time fondly as we gathered together as a unit in our living room, given a break from Sunday morning volunteer ministry opportunities that take place on “normal” Sundays.
    We are a multi-generational congregation, who, to my knowledge, was not affected by the virus physically, which is a huge blessing. Our church reached out to the community to help those economically as well.
    The church is not a physical building, but a body of believers.
    We’re in the process of reopening, and I’m appreciative of our Elders for their discernment over the past several months and moving forward.
    Families can/could decide for themselves how to respond to guidelines, but churches have/had broader issues to consider in their reopenings.

  9. I have to ask you a genuine question, Lori.

    How can you be a Trump supporter? He is doing a horrible representation of this country. Relentlessly insults people on Twitter, tears others down (probably because he feels so bad about himself), has cheated on all his wives, has said he does not feel the need to ask for forgiveness, I doubt has ever been to church on his own.
    I won’t even go into the lack of promises kept that he made during his campaign.

    I guess I just don’t understand how you, as a Christian, can support him. He says he his pro-life, but I would bet money he has paid for the abortions of his mistresses. He is accused of raping a 13 year old girl (there are published court documents), he employs lots of women (which you don’t agree with), he is pro gay-marriage (which you don’t agree with).

    What does this man have that you support? Because it seems to me like all he has done is torn this country to shreds, divide us and insult people on Twitter. To me, his behavior is indicative of someone going through mental psychosis.
    I am not trying to be combative, I just want to learn more.

  10. They are coming here. I disagree with MacArthurs cowardice on not meeting in churches.


    MacArthur utterly destroyed his credibility with his recent capitulation to Caesar on the church reopening issue. Worse, in fact, is that he BACKPEDALED after declaring that churches should reopen, and did so based on the unlawful fiat of a politician. He then justified it be saying that temporal civil authority is the ultimate arbiter of how churches are to operate here on Earth. Ergo, JOHN MACARTHUR, LIKE NEARLY ALL “PASTORS” NOWADAYS IN NORTH AMERICA, PLACES CAESAR’S AUTHORITY ABOVE GOD’S.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall on Judgment Day to hear how MacArthur and these other cowardly pastors justify this before the Lord.

  11. Honestly,

    Figure out how to get your kids a second citizenship.

    This only ever ends one way.

    I am descended from two groups of people…A Frenchmen who fled the French Revolution for the United States, and Russian-Germanics who fled the Russian Revolution and ended up in America as well

    So, I think I have a genetic marker that says ‘Run, and Run Fast’

    You’ve got max 10 years to get out

  12. I’m so sick and tired of people coming on here and calling our pastors “cowards” because they won’t meet on Sundays for church. Just because pastors care more about the health and well being of their flock DOES NOT make them cowards. I so appreciate my pastors and the rest of the leadership team for taking precautions to make sure we are all safe. We just started meeting again but with precautions such as social distancing of seats , masks recommended but not required, shortened services because we have three and the leadership team cleans and disinfect between services. These are just a few things our church does to keep us from getting sick in case someone may not know they have been exposed.
    Staying home and watching church from home may not be the most ideal but church is not the building.

    I thank brother John MacArthur for his teaching and this great message.

  13. Thank you @June 11th 12:57. As of this writing , no one from our congregation has sick from COVID-19. I know people who’ve gotten it and sounds absolutely horrible. I have friends who lost family members from this horrible virus.

  14. I hope to be close by, too. I suspect what God WILL say is “Well done, good and faithful servant” to John MacArthur!
    He is a man of God who unashamedly preaches the Gospel. The reopening of churches has been a complex issue, but with most Americans having a smart phone and/or a computer, church services were plentiful.

  15. Montesquieu,
    Your views with a lot of things concern me. There’s nothing cowardly about caring about the health of your congregation. I think you need to start listening and understanding more, while judging less.

  16. I believe you need to look at his administration in totality, Jim. There are many who believe as you do, but I would recommend listening to conservative podcasters that will give a clearer picture of what has been accomplished in 3+ years. You will not hear of anything positive from the mainstream media. I also suggest googling online Christian leaders’ explanations of why they believe he’s been a strong leader. There are several that have been transparent in their past concerns but have become supporters due to the great job he’s done as our president.

    I remember hearing a Christian Trump supporter saying that you can tell a lot about a man by how he gets along with his grown kids. President Trump has a very supportive family and they all adore him. I agree, he’s rough around the edges at times, but I’ve described my willingness to overlook his personality flaws like this: if I needed surgery, I wouldn’t care how obnoxious or arrogant my surgeon appeared if he was the best man for the job. We’ve come to the point in our nation where a successful non-politician IS the best man for the job.

    I’ve grown so weary through the years with the dishonesty of most career politicians on both sides. President Trump doesn’t need this job and isn’t even getting paid to do it. The American people obviously have grown tired of business as usual or he wouldn’t have won the election.

    While I believe he is refreshingly honest, I will admit that I wish he would run EVERY tweet, response, press conference remark, and speech through a trusted source in order to remain effective, professional, and display class in his message. It would further elevate his presidency and remove some of his opposition’s narrative. They do enough damage to themselves, though, through their antics. President Trump has little to nothing to do with the mess this country is in. I believe in the future, an HONEST look at his presidency will reveal that President Trump is doing a wonderful job!

  17. Christine,

    I totally agree with you. Both of parents left eastern Europe shortly after the USSR disbanded. They wanted better opportunities for themselves and for any future kids. They were sick of the government controlling every aspect of their lives.

    The so called “free” countries may not be too far from having a revolution as well at this rate, especially the USA. It’s simply getting out of control. People can’t freely speak their minds as conservatives anymore! The are disbanding or at least defundimg the police in so many places! It’s literally chaos! I live in Canada and I read the USA news sometimes, but the first time I read this I thought it was a joke that they were decreasing law enforcement. I’m almost sure that the USA is going to collapse in my lifetime. Even though I’m just about to graduate from a public school, my thankfully conservative history teacher has called North America today the “reverse soviet union”. ? But sadly this is the truth : the USA is not far from its citizens calling each other comrades. The freedom that so many people fought for or immigrated to North America for may soon be non existent. ?

  18. I am not so certain we should put our trust in Trump. While he’s a million times better than any Communist Democrat, his hiring of the flamboyantly homosexual Richard Grenell to serve over the 17 intelligence agencies ought to give every Christian pause. Also, the biggest banker haven in the world is NY, and that’s where Trump is from. His administration is full of globalist Rothschild pawns, like Wilbur Ross, and Steve Mnuchin. The idea that Wall Street will save America is one big lie.

    His own daughter, Ivanka, dated a Rothschild, and married a Zionist. Zionism and Communism are funded by the same bankers. We Christians are trained to associate opposition to Israel with anti-semitism, and opposition to Gods will, from birth. In reality, Jesus was very clear, the Jews would be destroyed if they rejected the Son of God. Aiding them in setting up their temporal Kingdom is defying God. I’d hate to be judged by God supporting Israel on Judgement day.

    Besides, the nation doesn’t even obey the Torah, as it supports homosexuality, and it is backed by the same bankers who funded Communism.

    Christ commanded Christians to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We cannot resist any enemy, we are too afraid to acknowledge publicly.

    Also, the virus was a gigantic hoax, concocted by the same bankers who control Communism, to crash America’s economy, and to throw our nation into a tailspin, readying us for destruction. They did the same thing in 1929, crashing the stock market, to pave the way for FDR, World War 2, welfare, and the U.N.

    What this virus has done, is expose all the fake preachers, and, I’m sad to say, MacArthur is one of them. These preachers make fortunes off of telling smooth lies, not when it comes to identifying and fighting the real enemies, like Saul, MacArthur and his fellow pastors are in the caves, hiding, while the Communist Goliath parades in front of a terrified nation.

    Also, MacArthur also teaches the heretical doctrine that you can’t lose your salvation, which is the doctrine of Judas. This fills church coffers, but it sends entire churches to hell. This is why so many churches are enslaved by sin, because their leaders basically promote the antinomian heresy. MacArthur sounds fierce on the radio, but, he hasn’t even got the guts to say contraception and masturbation are sins, watch they are. How is a church to fight sin when the leader is too afraid to call it out? It is because the church has so many false teachers like MacArthur that we are in such a mess. These false snakes lead millions to perdition, while the lonely few who hold to Gods word are isolated in caves, like Elijah after destroying the prophets of Baal.

    California has 40,000,000 people, and less than 5,000 deaths due to this virus, of which, it’s questionable all of them were due to it. Additionally, we just had massive protests, with millions not social distancing or wearing masks, and there were no new virus outbreaks, proving this virus is a hoax. Further, you didn’t hear Democrat politicians lecturing rioters to not protest because of the virus, did you? Oh no. But, while protesting fake narratives about Communist black lives matter themes, abortion clinics, and weed dispensaries are left alone, we see the Democrats are anxious to shut down churches and gun stores. Common sense shows the ruse the Democrats are up to, and shame on MacArthur and the other foolish leaders.

    Completely agree with your last paragraph, Ken, and these race sensationalizing incidents, and the viruses are weapons being used to destroy America. Be not deceived.

  19. Ma’am, it is cowardice to follow CDC guidelines and the Goverment when both have proved, repeatedly to be wicked frauds. We must use critical thinking.

    Both entities see no problem with homosexuality, yet, you trust them completely? Why would any sane person do that?

    We obey authorities who are a terror to evil works, as Romans 13 says, and we already know the CDC and the Goverment are definitely not a terror to evil works, which should make us question everything they say.

    Who would trust a Goverment which authorizes weed clinics and abortion clinics to open, but, tells churches to close? No sane Christian.

    I’d say you need to find a new church, your leadership is foolish and untrustworthy. I would not want to have them as my leaders in a crisis. God doesn’t like gullible, naive, obsequious sycophants.

  20. The pastors are cowards, Regina, when following a Goverment that disobeys and hates God. They are following orders intended to destroy your church and you. Why would you obey that?

    Your church is more afraid of a lawsuit than God. They obviously don’t do their homework and are easily deceived. I’d think twice before following foolish leaders who are easily deceived.

    Brave pastors refused to shut down, because we knew from the start this virus was a massive hoax.

    God identifies who are false prophets, by stating they are those who lack vision. Every single preacher in America who bought into this house is a false prophet. That’s why the virus was so great, it exposed all the frauds. Those who have been busy being apathetic, were caught unawares by the virus hoax.

    Woe to those who follow blind and foolish leaders.

  21. In a sermon that he did a few weeks ago, he made the point that he was against churches being closed and made a statement as soon as President Trump declared all churches open. He was set to open his church the next day until our Governor said, “NO!” He realized the hypocrisy in allowing many other things to be open but not churches at this point.

  22. President Trump is far from perfect but we believe he’s the best president in our lifetime. He has appointed many conservative judges, was the first president to speak at the March for Life and is trying to defund Planned Parenthood, surrounds himself with godly people like Ben Carson, Jeremy Adams, and even his new press secretary is a strong believer (although I would much rather her be home full time with her baby). He supports Israel and Christians. These are just a few of the many reasons we support him and pray for him daily. Do we like everything he tweets and does? No, but we like most of what he is accomplishing as president. Just seeing how much the Left hates him and is doing everything to destroy him tells us a lot.

  23. But it’s everyone’s faults.

    Christians were too busy being Nice rather than being good

    Even now I could write a few sentences that would throw everyone into apoleptics…even though the bible clearly backs me up

    Every great thinker in the West has Warned everyone…No one listened.

    People get what they deserve.

  24. I praise God for Dr. MacArthur for the countless time in my new life in Christ. God used him mightily to bring me to Himself (and He used you also, Mrs. Alexander). This sermon as always was the kind to cut to the heart.

    Some comments above accuse him of cowardice, to which the only right response is the horselaugh that deserves. Such a coward! Sure wish he’d have used his massive public platform to stand up for God’s truth in the face of rabid cultural opposition at least once in his 60-year career!


    Saying you wish you could be a fly on the wall to hear his answer to the Lord for his deeds on earth is like being that sort of awful bratty sibling that relishes hearing his brother receive their father’s discipline. Even if it is needful (as it will be for you, too, and me, as we give our own accounts), it’s none of your business. “He will have his reward!” was Paul’s pronouncement on apostates, not faithful undershepherds whom you happen to disagree with.

    You don’t have to agree with his theology or practice, but with great affection, if you truly know Jesus, honor your father in the faith. He has showed himself approved, holding to the trustworthy word as taught.

    I don’t comment much on anything but it’s occurring to me that the time for tolerant silence has drawn to a close, and the time for boldness is at hand. It is not bold for me to bleat my opinion in the basement of a blog comment thread. Not bold to call out faithful men as cowards on the same. Boldness looks like John MacArthur for twice as long as I’ve been alive. Pay attention, my dear brothers and sisters, and let there be no divisions among us where they do not belong.

  25. Christine,

    ? You are sadly right. Most people have become corrupt and blindly follow the media and crowd. The chaos of the results are simply the consequences that they are now reaping.

    I’m 18 and I’ve been in public school for a good chunk of my life, about 7 years. However, I am and was a conservative even before I found this blog. I’m wondering if anyone else who attended public school here is also a conservative because of it? I am because I have seen so much hypocrisy in the leftist movements most of my classmates and teachers support.

  26. He has boldly speaking out against female preachers, spoke up for biblical womanhood, and now is speaking out about what is going on. I appreciate his teachings too, Jolee. He’s one of the few who preach about the difficult things that few are willing to teach on.

  27. He has, you are right! The sarcasm in my second paragraph may have not quite come across as intended. He has stood on the Word against every insidious false teaching of the last half-century, from liberalism to pragmatism to feminism to the vilest extremes of the Charismatic Movement. He is a faithful watchman.

  28. I hung out with the card-carrying ACLU, Planned Parenthood crowd in high school.

    My friends begged me to start a chapter of the ACLU. Luckily, I was too lazy.

    I was pretty liberal (aka naive) until college. I remember my last speech in high school was an insane rant about Putin being KGB.

    Then college came. I got a full ride to a huge top of the line liberal college (I’m bragging here) but during my interview with the professor who was to become my mentor ‘Things didn’t feel right.’ Pretty sure some weird #metoo or *even worse* stuff would have gone on with that. I listened to my gut and gave up the scholarship and went to a school that I noticed a lot of girls I respected went to.

    Best decision ever! Not because I accomplished the goals I wanted (to be more feminine and find a boyfriend) but because I saw more Sh*T and had a few people confirm that they felt the same way.

    Then I made another fateful decision…

    I decided to become an actress. Yupp, 23 year old me decided to become a Hollywood Actress…cuz if Amy Adams could do it. So could I!


    To make a lot of long stories short, I exorcised every single person I had ever met in my life out within 1 month. No one from my past exists for me.

    It gets crazier…

    I then contacted a person in a foreign country completely at random and asked for help (not joking…still one of my closest, most trusted friends)

    That person helped me get out of the U.S., where I Married way out my league…and now you have today 🙂

    I call it getting into the ‘Nest’…if you are lucky…or unlucky…. enough to get into the ‘Nest’ of Liberalism….

    You either become evil yourself, or run the farthest corner of the earth and hide

    And yes, they really really hate Christ.

  29. Please pray for all the individuals who work in churches and are doing their best to bring the Word of God to their congregants. One of my family members works in the church and I don’t think many realize the stress that Godly pastors and those working behind the scenes are going through to reach out to their church members.

    Godly pastors are preaching to empty seats in front of cameras when many just want to present the Word of God to real live human beings. At our church those working behind the scenes are spending long hours working on tasks they never expected, such as learning how to film and edit sermons and how to record music to worship online. Add the scrutiny that the government and others have placed on them and you can begin to see a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scene.

    It always seems simple until you are the one tasked with creating a whole new way to reach your congregants on this complex issue. Fortunately, we live in a state where we returned to worship together last week.

  30. Oh and I read about CHAZ today. The USA is truly in chaos now, and the mayor where CHAZ has been set up is doing nothing about it. It’s apparently “not a threat.” ? I watched Ben Shapiro’s commentary on CHAZ, and I again thought it was a joke at first but then realized how serious the SJWs are about CHAZ! ?

    Honestly, Christine I think I have the same genetic marker that says to run fast. The USA is a couple of years maybe three decades away from having a communist revolution at this point! You’ll be calling each other comrades sooner or later, as much as I don’t wish for this to happen to my southern neighbours. But it just seems inevitable at the moment.

    People are now rebranding heroes as villains and vice versa. I know that in the USA people now are tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus! There is a day you have to celebrate him right? ? I’m wondering if without him we’d have the chance to come to North America to have freer lives…

    And don’t get me started on Churchill. He was not perfect I admit. He did cause millions to die in Galipoli. But to declare him a racist is just wrong. I had another insightful discussion (can’t have many such discussions like that these days can you sadly?) about Churchill statues being torn down in the UK by BLM. They’ve officially lost their minds!

    My teacher phrased it like this: “Churchill fought the world’s biggest racist aka Hitler. Would we be any better off with Hitler’s and his side in charge if they won?” ? This is self explanatory. No. Churchill and UK colonies and the USA stopped the world’s biggest true white supremacist. ?? ? ??
    We own them our gratitude! Meanwhile Che Guavra is a” hero” in my country now. He’s a communist and he killed LGBT people. ? Let that sink in… ?

    I’m actually asking a serious question to everyone right now. If you went to a public school or public university, did it make you more conservative? In my case it did. Too many hypocrisies that I can’t stand.

  31. Well said, anonymous.
    New Zealand has pretty much gone back to normal now, thanks to our early, strict lockdown and churches here have resumed. But spiritually, I don’t think anyone missed out. We (as a nation) had televised services, online services, radio services etc. My church had a group chat set up using viber so we could still have fellowship.
    It was a lesson to me that the whole world can shut down over a virus, but God’s word can still get through. The Gospel can still be taught. God’s people can still gather together in spirit. We don’t need a building to worship God in.

  32. I went to public school. So did/do my children.
    No it did not make me more Conservative, but I went to school in the 90s and I live in New Zealand so schools were likely different than what you went to.
    The racist statue demolishing thing is happening here, too. The bronze statue of John Hamilton was just removed a few days ago and the local Maori are wanting to change the official name of the city back to its original Maori name. Other statues have been vandalised recently, and more statues reflecting our history and colonial past will be removed. I believe it is sad, because its part of how my nation came about. It’s part of who we are. Also, one of the statues facing removable is my ancestor so it’s a bit personal. This has all started because of what is happening in America.
    I see above people saying to leave America but where are to going to go? This is happening all over the world.

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