Things Women Couldn’t Do Before Feminism

Things Women Couldn’t Do Before Feminism


Everyone seems to rave about what feminism has done for women and how great it is for them. I happened upon an article called 11 Ordinary Things Women Weren’t Allowed to Do in the 50s and 60s. As you can imagine, I was curious to see what great things feminism has accomplished.

Number one: Open a bank account. Okay, this is an okay one, although I would have been fine without it. My dad supported me until I got married for the most part and then Ken took over so for me, this wouldn’t have made a huge difference in my life. I will give feminism a point for this one.

Number two: Serve Jury Duty. Blech! It was feminists who accomplished this for us? No thanks. I am always trying to get out of this one since I want to stay home and keep to my duties here instead of going to jury duty, plus I have struggled with my health for many years. I am not sure many women love going to jury duty. A point taken away for feminism in this one, in my opinion.

Number three: Practice Law. Nope. Men can do a fine job doing this. What have women lawyers fought for that was worth much except for more freedom to abortion, free daycare, and things of this nature? I know there are some great women lawyers who are fighting for good things like the life of a baby but some wise men could do just as well. Besides, being a lawyer makes women much less feminine because they have to be argumentative and loud to state their case. It would be difficult for them to have a meek and quiet spirit as the Lord calls women to have. No points for this one.

Number four: Take birth control pills. Horrible! This has led to the slaughter of over 54 millions babies in the womb since women can now decide to control their fertility. Once women could take control of their fertility, it has led to more sexual immorality, terrible side effects, and less children. Minus 54 million points on this one.

Number five: Go on maternity leave. Yes, make it easier for women to leave their jobs for a few months to be with their children who they will then leave in the hands of strangers to raise. No thanks. Negative points. (Remember, it was feminists who fought so hard for women to leave their homes so they could have careers. Now, they have to fight for many other things that makes the government bigger and taxes higher to support them in this cause. Next, all of the tax payers are going to have pay for child care. All have been terrible for children and society since they need and want their mothers home full time.)

Number six: Breastfeed in public. If it means that a woman can breastfeed with her breasts completely exposed, it is a bad victory but if it allows for a woman to breastfeed covered up, it’s a great one. It’s a draw on this one, depending on what they were fighting for.

Number seven: Attend an Ivy League University. These are full of humanistic teachings, anti-God, feminist’s teachings, and nothing about what God desires women to do and be. Negative points.

Number eight: Attend a military academy. In the Bible, everyone that went to war were men at least 20 years of age (Numbers 1:45). This is how God planned it to be and it should have always stayed this way. Fighting wars is not a place for women. Period. Negative points.

Number nine: Run the Boston Marathon. This one doesn’t matter to me. I see no harm in women running that long if that is what they want to do but for Christian women to spend so much time in preparing for this seems a waste of time to me. They get a point for this one.

Number ten: Serve in combat. See number eight. Blech! To me, this is wicked, especially since they are thinking about drafting women. Thanks a lot, feminists. Multiple negative points on this one.

Number eleven: Become an astronaut. I am not sure why a Christian woman would want to pursue this since it has nothing to do with what God has called women to do and it ministers to no one but if a woman wants to do this, so be it. Feminism gets a point for this.

Feminists get a few points for things I don’t care about at all and I am sure God doesn’t care about any of these things. Did you notice at the beginning of the article, the author wrote, “seeing the things my mother and grandmother were forced to endure.” It’s as if women were beaten, stoned, and treated like slaves before feminism came on the scene. I have heard this a lot. They act as if feminism has been a woman’s savior, but in my mind, it has been a woman’s demise. The world’s ways are not God’s ways.

They also claimed that a wife was “legally classified as subordinate to her husband.” Wives being under the authority of their husbands is a good thing since all of God’s commands for us are the best for us, but God uses the word “submission” and not subordinate. Feminism likes to use this word to twist what God has commanded. Submission brings harmony to a home, if the husband is not an evil and abusive husband. (Submission of a wife does not cause a man to be abusive contrary to popular opinion. An abusive man has an evil heart.) All this means is that women and men have different but valuable roles in marriage.

Stop listening to the lies of feminism and the supposed “triumphs” they have gained. They have only gained them because men have let them. It’s nothing they could have done without men stepping aside and allowing it.  (I am very sad they stepped aside in all things having to do with the military and protection of our country. What were they thinking?) You can see from this list that the negatives far outweigh the positives and the negatives have been exceedingly detrimental to this culture, especially for the least among us, the children. Nothing that they have accomplished is important to the Lord and this is all that is important to me.

Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said,
They do always err in their heart; and they have not known my ways.

Hebrews 3:10

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  1. Great post. The feminist movement is so evil and has destroyed the family and society. It is so crazy how easy it was for Satan to deceive woman. Just like Eve they desired power more then anything else. Lord please open our eyes to Your ways and roles you have for us as woman of God.

  2. The thing is I know I was always told when I was little is that I could be anything I wanted to be when I got older. I am sure a lot of us were told that. And as we got older some of those doors started to close. When we were kids those thoughts of anything were just kids imaginations. Policeman, fireman or baseball player.

    As for girls growing how many of you dreamed of being keepers of the home SATH moms etc. it’s taking a lot for I am sure for woman to get the feeling of self worth with staying home. People feel accomplished when they see earned money. That’s the way the world revolves money, money, money. How much do you make? The way I look at it is woman who stay home are the most important in the world. The job of either homeschooling or just keeping the home is so honorable and challenging.

    I mean this respectfully. Woman need to realize that the worth of self accomplishment isn’t being a CEO or making a lot of money. It’s working along side your husband and being a team. Every team has a captain and because it’s biblical for the husband to be the captain DOES NOT make the wife any less a person or worth not to be the captain.

    Our joy as Christians is to serve him and give him all the glory. Glory is not a bank account or a fancy job. Every player on a team has a role for that team to be successful. You are not less important because you stay home Feminism is ruining the world.

  3. This was so interesting to read! I would have no problem with any of these still being law. I think one of the worst things feminism has done is created a comparison and competition between men and women, and we are definitely the worse for it! So many men out there are becoming stay-at-home-dads because they say their wife doesn’t want to be around the kids all the time and has a better paying job because of her assertiveness. This is just so backwards and those marriages are suffering for it.

    Knowing many people who participate in marathons, I can tell you that the practice time to prepare for them is grueling! They are out there every single day for hours and hours, then in the gym training with their coach (if they have one). Even if a woman had no children and thus had more time, that time would be better spent mentoring young women like you do, Lori! You are doing such important work.

    I have a female friend who told me her dream is to be an astronaut one day. I can totally understand her intrigue of outer space and how fascinating that would be. However, she then told me that she wants to have a family, though, and be home with her kids in the not too distant future. With all the debt she would wrack up just to hope to be selected one day, and then end up already married with children at that time, I suggested that maybe she can live out that dream with a trip to space one day as a consumer. She liked the idea. 🙂

    Life before feminism wasn’t nearly as hard as it is now. Since men no longer feel the need to protect and provide for their independent and rebellious women, we have been left with double duty and all that has resulted in is an weary bodies, broken relationships, and an unspeakable emptiness. Oh if only to experience the peace that comes from doing things God’s way!

  4. You’re welcome Lori. You’re welcome for having a public female voice in a free country. You’re welcome for the grocery options you very clearly enjoy. You’re welcome to have had as many children as you wanted without confines. You’re welcome for the freedom to complain about politics & your government. You’re welcome to your free choice of religion & the right to spread your views as far as you like.

  5. I wanted to marry and have a family and that’s all I knew. However I never gave it much thought because that’s not the kind of answer people are looking for when they ask if you’re going to college. They assume marriage and kids is a given but not the main pursuit or the sole focus.
    There was no need to rush into getting married. No hurry in having children. If you put off school you’ll never be able to go back because your family will keep you too busy….blah, blah, blah. Sounds good to me! Why put off the most fulfilling roles of life for the career goals that appeared second best?
    The time I spend at home taking care of tasks so that my husband doesn’t have to when he gets home, means more time for both of us to enjoy life together. Would he like us to earn more money? Sure, but he knows the price to be paid if we both work outside the home. More busy work at home after work and what feels like a lower quality of life instead of an improved one. Thankful he is wise and not greedy.
    I’ll never forget having a family member ask if I planned on getting a job after a move my husband and I were going to make. I said no, and she jabbed, not the working type, huh? She works full time by choice, never cooks for her family, has a very messy home, is impatient with her children and mean to her husband. But she is proud to be bringing home the bacon. She’s called me Suzy homemaker. Has teased me for wearing an apron and gloves while washing the dishes. Mockingly took a picture of me while doing said dishes. I carry on patiently and kindly, grateful I don’t have to carry her burden of career pride. She and many like her are under the deceptive sway of feminism. Very sad.

  6. You are so right, TJFW. I love reading your words of wisdom rather than all the foolishness of the feminists. “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.” (1 Cor. 3:19)

  7. I’d like to offer a dissenting voice on Point #6, breastfeeding in public. From my own research, I found that breastfeeding in public was actually more common before the sexual revolution – i.e. before feminism plus rampant sexual immorality combined to over-sexualize the female breast. Before then, it was extremely common for women to breastfeed openly. You can look up lots of vintage pictures on this one. There are also classic Madonnas shown with very exposed breastfeeding. Anyhow, the point is that we really don’t have feminism to thank for this one. Yes, feminists are NOW fighting for public breastfeeding, but it’s really cleaning up the mess that they made in the first place. The reason that people are totally fine with immodest cleavage but disgusted at public breastfeeding is simply that because the breast has been super-sexualized, breastfeeding is now seen as obscene with sexual overtones. Before the sexual revolution, when modesty was more common, public breastfeeding was quite common. So I wouldn’t put this one down as a point in feminism’s favor.

    I love this list of yours so, so much. I too have mentally gone through “what feminism has done for me,” and the answer is a big, fat, NOTHING. Every single step has been backwards for women, and it’s just continuing in that direction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  8. Yes, they need Jesus. They are trying to find satisfaction in the things of this world and in their “rights” but they only end up being bitter in their mouths.

  9. You’re welcome and it’s interesting what you shared about breastfeeding, although I am thinking men have and always will be attracted to women’s breasts and this is why the Lord has called us to be modest.

    I sure agree with you about feminism. It has been so destructive for the women of today who have fell for their lies. They are all against God’s Word for women.

  10. ALM, I’m sorry you have endured such treatment. How rude this person was. My guess is that she is actually very unhappy with her choice. Your family will rise up and call you blessed. You will have many years of enjoying your family and grandchildren. The truth has a way of shining through. God sees. Blessings to you, ALM.

  11. I love this list! Feminism claims it is about “choices” but in reality they want all women to “choose” working outside the home and allowing government to raise their children. Throughout the Bible anytime someone wanted EQUAL power with the authority God had placed over them it led to chaos and sin (Satan wanted to have the same power as God, Eve wanted to have the same power as Adam, etc). Feminists confuse equal worth with equal power and the two just aren’t the same. A child is equal to his parents in that his life is just as important (if not more so) but that does not mean he should have equal power in the home to make the rules. And them forcing us to do jury duty alone should be enough to throw out the rest of the nonsense.

  12. A great quote (not sure who said it), “What every woman wants most, is to have her own way.” People can debate all day long back and forth on the pros and cons of feminism, but you can sum up its root cause as being simply women not wanting to be under the control or authority of anyone but themselves. To be their own “god”.

    The joke is on them. All they did was trade being under the authority of their husband (a man whom they presumably love, having voluntarily made the choice to marry him) for being under the authority of a boss. They thought they were getting “freedom”, what they got instead was a whole lot more work, stress, and a frantic fast paced lifestyle.

    I would also point out that all the supposed benefits feminism has brought us(such as education and protection for women), were actually in place in Biblically sound societies long before feminism.

  13. Hi Lori! Women can study and work in any profession here, but abortion is illegal and birth control requires a doctor’s prescription. Divorce is not recognized here unless the spouses are married under Muslim law or the foreign spouse obtains a divorce in another country. Women can join the military but do not serve in combat. We have feminist organizations here, but what they do is help abused women and children, especially in human trafficking. It’s sad because while prostitution is illegal here, we have many women who are sexually abused or sold as prostitutes. Poverty and drugs are a big problem here. It sounds like the women in America have different problems. I really appreciate and Iearn a lot from reading your blog.

  14. Satan wants to move the women out of the pyramid/puzzle/home. When you lose an important piece everything falls apart and the majority of women in this country have fallen for it.

  15. Lori, I haven’t posted on your blog in a longtime, though I still read it and find inspiration here often. When last I commented, I was single, praying about the possibility of God bringing marriage and family into my life, and working in a vocation that I felt called into by God: as an attorney at a Christian organization researching, writing and advising faith-based orgs and churches about their religious freedom. I have since been blessed by God for the man he brought into my life as my husband, and we are praying for a family (I am 30 and very newly married) and I am inspired by your words about marriage and mothers being home (which I plan to do when we are blessed with children). I am certainly not a feminist, nor do I care to support feminism. But I did feel a sting in your words about female attorneys. I know several young Christian attorneys who are women like myself who are bringing about Justice for those who have been oppressed: victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, etc., and advocating for religious freedom for Christians to live out their faith in the public square. I don’t think you have fully considered that some women are called to singleness, for a season or a lifetime, and they don’t have fathers who will support them indefinitely. I know maybe I’m talking about a handful of exceptional Christian attorneys, but I have seen them firsthand bring about change for vulnerable women that a male attorney may not have been able to bring about because the female was able to gain an abused woman or victim of human trafficking’ trust better. And, in my case, I’ve been able to write about and advocate for Christian orgs like Hobby Lobby precisely because I am a woman. God has given me a unique calling to speak into religious freedom issues that have been painted as “religious freedom is oppressive to women” and actually say: “I am a woman and I support Hobby Lobby’s religious freedom and religious freedom is good for women, let me tell you why.” I don’t go to court as an attorney, and many positions an attorney might fill never require them to go to court or argue in the ways you suggest. I’m not saying all women or even a significant number of women should consider this profession, but I will say, I am glad we live in a world where women are allowed to be attorneys, because even if a handful of single Christian female attorneys who feel called to this vocation are the exception to the rule, God is using them in powerful, tangible ways, and I hope that continues.

  16. Fran, I understand how you feel. I’m a doctor in my early 40s. My NICU babies and their families are my ministry. I’m at peace with my single status; although, I still go on dates strictly to enjoy the talk and good company.
    Congratulations on finding a good man who appreciates you.

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