Women Have Lost the Most Important Rights From Feminism

Women Have Lost the Most Important Rights From Feminism

From a comment on my post Women are Great at Twisting Scripture

Gaining rights through feminism is a lie. What rights did we gain in the past few decades? We gained the right to work like a dog trying to make enough money to live, only to come home and work again by cleaning the house, cooking, and taking care of children.

My mother only had to cook, clean, and take care of the children. She did not need an outside job because my father brought in the money. Is having to work an outside job in addition to taking care of the home and children some sort of improvement over my mother’s lifestyle?

I remember when men would give up a seat for women in a crowded room. I remember when women were allowed to go first in line. I remember when men opened doors for women because they respected them. It was nice to be treated like a princess or queen. Feminism has caused us to lose that respect. We have lost our privileged status in order to be “equal.”

Feminism has led to gender confusion. Women want to be just like men. Now we are even gaining the right to use men’s bathrooms in some public places. Is that really an improvement over women having a bathroom only for women? Women used to have easier lives before the feminist movement began changing the way we live in an effort to be “equal.”

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

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  1. Quite right, not only have women lost their important rights under feminism, but, since the poison of feminism and the 19th Amendment have come to America, the real horrors of women being in leadership are being plainly exposed. Women are fiercely territorial, which is perfect when confined to the sphere of the home God designed for her.

    Today, women are raped, abused, molested, and enslaved at the highest rates ever in American history. But, the women who have a lot of wealth and power care little to nothing about the women who have to be enslaved and abused to keep these women in power. Men have the same tyrannical tendencies, but it is seriously undermined when men and women marry and have families. The most powerful societies in human history are those where the man is the head of his home, and the male leaders of the society are selfless and righteous.

  2. Indeed my freind. Sadly we are now living with Gods curse on a wayward people, we now must suffer women leading in the home, in the workplace, the church and even in government. It’s not going to be long until people stop thinking this whole silly experiment of empowering women is cute and righteous. Gods not mocked.

  3. So true. When I was in my early 20’s I unwittingly bought into the feminist ideology , it was so pervasive even back in the early 70’s in the university town I lived in. I thank God that in His mercy he saved me, forgave my sins and began teaching me His ways. We agreed that I should stay home with our 2 children and it wasn’t because he had an amazing income. We wanted for nothing we needed but no new sofa could replace the Joy I had in being home with my children Now when my sweet granddaughter puts her arms around my neck and calls me mimi, there is nothing a high powered career could do to top that pure joy! Young women, Search the Scriptures and follow godly women God places in your life in person and blogs like this one. Merry Christmas to all!

  4. Lovely testimony, Mary Jane Miller! Thank you for sharing about God’s goodness and provision. It’s encouraging!

  5. I’m old enough to remember before feminism, and what a peaceful world that was. I miss that world. Women were content to have men stand up when they entered the room. They were content to have men open doors for them. It made them feel like a lady. They didn’t need rights, or to own property or get admitted to colleges or have money in their own name. Being treated like a queen was enough.

  6. Not to mention the right of female (and male) babies NOT to be murdered by the person who should love them most.

  7. That is so heart warming to hear ? I am facing so much adversity from other women due to my choice to follow the Lord’s commandments and be submissive to my husband. All I know is that I can’t wait till I’m gray headed and surrounded by my grandchildren.

  8. Women, from what I understand, strongly desire love, security, and honor (to be honored). Would anybody seriously claim that women are more secure, loved or honored now than 100 years ago?

  9. You need to understand that the women who invented “Feminism” were severely mentally damaged. Depressed, chronically angry, mean-spirited, hateful, ego-damaged women. There have always been women like this in every society but in most ages, they were driven out of the town/village by the other women, to prevent them from poisoning the mind of the young.

    These damaged women invented Feminism because they felt like failures. They saw that the majority of women were happy, content, had good relationships with men, and loved their families. The Feminist women were the failures…they couldn’t create a happy family or solid relationships with men. They hated their smarter, prettier, more feminine sisters.

    So they created Feminism as their “vision” of what THEIR KIND of female society should be like…women who fight with men, who hate motherhood and children, who put their egos above all else. A society where men and women were at war.

    These angry, hateful Feminists then spend decades slowly worming their way into society, slowly recruiting one young girl at a time. They slowly spread their poison. Of course they had their sexuality, freely squandered on random men, as their tool to gain converts.

    Feminism isn’t an accident. It’s a long, slow, and extremely devious destruction of the minds of young women and the society they live in.

    Our society is utterly poisoned by this, in every way. Satan’s handmaidens have won. Now only the wrath of God now can stop it.

  10. You are right about what women want.
    Feminism has made women seek their own security, rather than being content in trusting in their husbands for security. This does have advantages, but it can be bad for marriages because men desire to be that source of protection and security for their wives and my understanding is that man want admiration/to be “needed” most of all. Back when women depended on men for security, everything was in balance.

  11. Dear Debra, and safe too. Back in those terrible mid 1950s – when my late husband was a boy – his dad left his car keys in the ignition and went into the house for dinner. When the family went out to visit, or go up to bed for the evening, his parents didn’t bother to lock the doors. They lived in a small city.

  12. Thank you Lori for this site on feminism. I get so sick to my stomach , with the secular world, praising the feminizing of the role of the male vocation. I find it such a joke when these pro feminist types make sound so great.

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