Feminism Forgot the Obviousness of Women’s Biology

Feminism Forgot the Obviousness of Women’s Biology

Joseph Spurgeon had a picture of himself with another man at a table with a sign that read, “Feminism Ruins Everything. Change My Mind.” Of course, a lively discussion ensued and feminists were outraged. A woman named Zoe wrote, “I’m sorry you feel this way. Feminism is what gave women the right to vote. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Bringing women up, in the eyes of the government, to the same level of their male counterparts? What was ruined there?”

Joseph responded, “It ruined family solidarity. It has resulted in 60 million dead babies. The female vote put people in office that have no business near it. The push for women’s suffrage came hand in hand with prohibition and the income tax.” Zoe answered back, “Why should men be allowed to do things women can’t? What gives you more inherent value?”

The discussion went back and forth and then a wise woman named Rebecca Nugent made this incredible comment that is worthy of a post of its own.

“Zoe, it seems that you are conflating two separate issues. No one is saying that women ‘can’t’ be generals (or any other vocation mentioned). I’m sure that there are women who are quite competent in their field and can best many men. Dr. Jordan Peterson attests that more women succeed and are promoted in the field of law at a faster rate than most men. But just because a woman ‘can’ do something doesn’t mean that it is always wise for her to do so.

“Dr. Peterson (who isn’t a Christian) has found over his years of clinical study that women often outpace men in academia and in their field of study, but swaths of them are found wanting around the age of thirty. Why? Because the obviousness of biology catches up with them. They want marriage. They actually find that they DO want children (and often when it’s too late). They want a more relational and nurturing existence. They want family.

“What feminism has preached is that women should be ashamed of agreeing with their biology and their psychological/physiological make up and pursue mightily things that go against their very nature. So, they live like men and spend the first two decades of adulthood denying the obviousness of their sex. They are more hardened like men. They are constantly out to ‘prove themselves’ like men.

“I’m an educated and cultured woman and have spent quite a bit of time in academia and surrounded by those who are entrenched in it. Honestly, I have yet to find one feminists (who has lived her life by the feminist play book) who is truly happy and fulfilled. Just about every woman who has looked out for ‘number one’ and pursued with all her might her passions and dreams has found herself to be alone and unhappy come middle age. And if she’s not alone, she’s in a relational situation that will either eventually leave her alone and bitter or in something that is certainly not God-honoring. Of, if she was able to have children, they are usually a mess and in chaos. No one here is saying that women CAN’T be things. The question is if whether or not it is WISE for her to be certain things to the detriment of her children and household.

“I spent many years during high school, undergrad, grad school, and in the early years of marriage working as a nanny. Most of these families had wives/mothers who were constantly ‘tending to themselves,’ whether it was via a career or just living a sort of Riley life. These were not happy homes with happy children. Across the board, it was so. The root of feminism is to get women to deny the obviousness of their sex, and it has mostly been a scourge on our society.”

God certainly doesn’t intend for women to compete with men but to be known for this:

But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
1 Peter 3:4

20 thoughts on “Feminism Forgot the Obviousness of Women’s Biology

  1. It’s wonderful to have you back and know that Ken is on the mend! Feminism is a great big lie. Nothing it promises brings happiness. The women who practice it don’t make the world a better place and generally are unhappy themselves. True happiness comes from doing God’s will and loving and serving others.

  2. Hello, Lori. I would like to thank you for your amazing ministry through this blog. It has changed my life greatly. I have amassed great wisdom through your ministry. I genuinely feel a great sense of peace reading through each article.

    I would love to purchase your two books, however I live in South East Asia where Amazon does not ship. Are your books available on other websites or maybe I can purchase them directly through you? Are there epub or Kindle versions that I could get my hands on so that I don’t have to pay for the shipping fees? I would really love to read your books as I know there must be great treasures and gems in there that would change my life. I would really love to hear from you.

    Thank you again for running this wonderful ministry that is transforming marriages worldwide.

    – Lily

  3. How lovely to have you back. We continue to pray for Ken to be as good as new.

    Feminism is another form of “emperor has no clothes” mass deception. Everyone knows it’s a lie but most are happy to play along and watch whilst lives get ruined.

    Just consider, none of the old beloved fairy tales have a princess who sits in a tower pining to take over the kingdom. None of those princesses longs to become a knight and prove her prowess in a joust. This is not the case for only the western Hans Christian Andersen variety of fairy tales, it’s true for our African folklore and Far East folktales. Majority of women, even today’s feminists, have a deep seated longing to be part of a fulfilling marriage, to a strong dependable man. That is why the most successful depiction of male heroes in literature and entertainment is not of limp wristed milquetoasts who are run roughshod by their wives; but rather the unapologetically masculine.

    Every effort is made in our culture today to suppress these obvious truths in unrighteousness but God’s design will not be thwarted.

  4. It’s so sad how feminism has convinced the world to hate femininity and motherhood and to view that desire as a weakness that a woman needs to grow out of. I’m 21 and I’ve been mocked by friends because my main desire is to be a wife and have children, they act as though those accomplishments mean nothing and are now not good enough for women. I give the feminist brainwashed media most of the blame. True femininity is no longer shown in media and even when a feminine woman is portrayed her only personally trait is to be an idiot who’s obsessed with make up, as if caring about that superficial crap is what makes you a woman.

  5. Maria – of so true and so sad.

    Feminists seem to hate every aspect of being a woman and the closer to Godly womanhood and femininity the more they despise it.

  6. It is very sad that you are being made to feel bad about wanting what most women truly want and what God designed us for.

  7. Lori, I am so happy to know your husband is doing better and is finally home! Praising God for this! Thank you for your willingness to share the truth with women and for exposing the lies of the enemy that have taken hold of our society. I appreciate your boldness and your desire to educate women in a biblically sound way!

  8. Lori,

    Many of my friends used to long for marriage, but now it seems there are no men left who honor and respect women. They want a woman to give unnatural sex acts, make sandwiches, and do their laundry. There is no respect for motherhood, the joys of discovering sex together, good companionship, Spiritual leadership, support, love, homemaking as a career, etc. Marriage (excuse the crude language) is just about having a sex toy that serves food. The things men post on the internet (even on your page) insinuate women are dumb and no good for anything besides sex. I am worried for my friends that they will not find what now seems to be rare: a husband (like mine) who is grateful for having a homemaking wife, enjoys mutually satisfying intimacy, enjoys my company and personality, thanks me for cooking and cleaning, realizes i am strong for going through labor and miscarriages, prays and reads the Bible with me, and consults me when he makes decisions. These new young men or MGTOW seem to devalue Gods role for women and have base reasons for desiring marriage!!

  9. What happens if you can’t have children? Bearing in mind for some adoption or fostering is not feasible. Thank you and God Bless

  10. I agree. I have always felt that things weren’t quite right and could never explain why… but at 35 having embraced that I want to just be submissive to my husband for BOTH of us… now life makes so much more sense and has a greater sense of meaning to me. The sad thing is that I wasn’t raised to even realize that was an option…. it makes me so sad for my daughter.

  11. I am curious in knowing Mrs. Lori if you think there is a difference between traditional feminist ideology and today’s feminists? What are your thoughts on earlier movements like the suffrage movement?

  12. Nicole – its so sad that most women are raised not knowing that this ‘an option’ when it should actually be the only option.

  13. There’s a lot of problems and I am not qualified to articulate all or really any of them well. MGTOW is most likely a natural response by a growing number of men who are disenfranchised by the mainstreaming of 3rd wave feminism and the liberalization of sex. As religion and traditional sexual mores collapsed in contemporary western society, all sexual modesty has disappeared and all of the traditional limitations on women’s hypergamous nature have been removed and sex has become a trade-able commodity. Most young women no longer seek stable provider husbands in their youth with which to start a family. Instead they spend their teens, 20’s, and even much of their 30’s competing with men to elevate their economic and social status. Women are 55% of university students and out earning men in attaining college degrees and graduate level degrees. Yet, women by their very nature and despite decades of feminism, continue to prefer to marry up, but men are being left behind for a variety of reasons. What we have seems like a pretty simple math problem…there simply are not (and will not be) enough high (enough) status males to satisfy all of the aspirations of modern women. I have no idea what the solution is now at this point.

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