Questions Asked of Me

Questions Asked of Me

A woman wrote an email asking me these questions so I thought I would make a blog post out of them.

1. What do you think of infertile women who choose to have a career because they can’t have children?

It’s not what I think; it’s what God commands. Just because a woman is infertile doesn’t mean she has to have a career. There were many women in the Old Testament who were infertile for a long time (Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Hannah), yet not one of them left their homes all day and worked for a boss. They were help meets to their husbands and waited upon the Lord. Women were created to nurture, not have careers. This is why infertile women grieve so deeply when they can’t have children. Here is a post for barren and infertile women.

2. What do you think of women who choose not to have children because they have a history of miscarriages in their family and don’t want to go through that pain?

I would encourage them to trust in the Lord. Just because there is a history of miscarriages in their family doesn’t mean that these women will have miscarriages. We must not live our lives by fear but by faith, knowing that whatever we go through, God will work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

3. What do you think of women who believe that God called them to have a career and not have children?

God doesn’t call any women to have a career. You can’t find one verse that states this. He calls them to marry, bear children, and guide the home (1 Timothy 5:14) and to love their husbands and children and be keepers at home (Titus 2:4, 5). The unmarried are to be holy in both body and in spirit. And no, the Proverbs 31 woman wasn’t a career woman. She was known for looking well to the ways of her household, not going to a job each day, putting her children in the care of others, and working for a boss. She made some things at home and sold them. This doesn’t make her a career woman. This a modern day fable made up to justify career women.

God would also never call women to intentionally not have children. He created women to have children! Look at their bodies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. He calls children blessings and wants us to be fruitful and multiply. He has never taken this command away. God’s will for married women is to have children.

4. Do you think that God could have given some women less meek and more boisterous personalities?

God gives us free will. Are we going to live for Him and obey Him, or are we going to go with our natural bent which is usually opposite of God’s will? He wants women to have meek and quiet spirits. Those with boisterous personalities need to learn to tame them. It doesn’t mean that they can’t laugh, have opinions and discussion, and enjoy life. It means they don’t dominate conversations and insist on being right and don’t act and dress in a way to be noticed by others. They do think before they speak, and discipline themselves to be kind and loving in all that they do and say.

5. What do you think of female representation in the media: characters such as Captain Marvel, and Rey from Star Wars?

I haven’t watched any of those shows but I am sure it’s in order to make women look superior to men, therefore, I am not a fan. Feminists don’t like acknowledging the differences between the sexes. Men are generally stronger, faster, taller, and have ten times the testosterone than women have. God made men to be the protectors and providers. He had men over 20 years and older to go to war (Numbers 1:45), not women. Women and children have always been the ones who were protected up until recently. God calls women the weaker vessel for a very good reason.

6. What if a woman were able to achieve a career and not have children, and still be glorifying God in the process?

Achieving a career is NOT the be all and end all for women as our culture makes it out to be. God’s curse to men after the Fall was that they would “toil in the soil” all of their days. They were the ones commanded to work hard for their families and others. Women’s curse was to have pain in childbearing. If women can’t have children, there are still many ways they can contribute to society without having the stress and burden of having a career.

Yes, some women need to work because their husbands want them to and others have no choice (divorced and single women) but even to those, I encourage them to seek the Lord in prayer and ask Him to make a way for them to come home full time and get out of the rat race; for with God ALL things are possible. There are many who need the nurturing, gentle touch of women in their lives (neighbors, church members, young mothers, old and sick people, children whose mothers works, to name a few), yet few are available because they are in the workforce.

7. What do you think of women who use birth control for health reasons such as endometriosis?

Birth control doesn’t heal endometriosis. As Dr. Jolene Brighten wrote in her book Beyond the Pill, “Did you know that women on the pill are more likely to be prescribed an antidepressant? That they are at significantly increased risk for autoimmune disease, heart attack, thyroid and adrenal disorders, and even breast and cervical cancer?” The birth control pill, along with most birth control contraptions, are dangerous to women’s health. Those with endometriosis and other conditions, I encourage to seek out a Naturopath and get to the root of their problems so they can heal.

8. What do you think of fathers who train their daughters to get careers, but also tells them it’s okay if they become housewives?

My dad was this way. He raised us to have a career, even though my mom never went to college and she never had a career. He never wanted her to have a career. He wanted my mom home raising his children. We all did have careers that were easy to quit once we were married/had children and we all did. The difference from then to now is that none of us had debt when we were finished with college. It wasn’t expensive back then so it was easy to quit. We didn’t have to keep working to pay off the debt, thankfully.

If a dad wants his daughters to pursue careers, I hope he pays all of the college bills so that they can be home full time when they get married or have children. It’s a huge blessing to be home full time. Women write me frequently or tell me in the comment sections of my social media how thankful they are to be home. Many grieve over how they were deceived by the feminist movement and can’t be home full time because of all of their debt. Don’t make the same mistake, young women!

“I hope these questions where clear enough. Thank you for taking the time to look at these!”

You’re welcome!

Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.
Colossians 4:6

30 thoughts on “Questions Asked of Me

  1. Great Q & A – Love it!
    I have another related question.
    All of our boys have worked at a fast food restaurant near us and it’s been a decent place for them to work at. But now our girls are getting older and I’m not sure what to do. What are your thoughts?

  2. They can help keep the home clean and tidy. They can work in the garden if you have one. Teach them how to sew or do some other type of productive hobby. Are they old enough to watch other children in the neighborhood, work in the nursery at church, or do something else with children? There are many things that you can teach them in and around the home!

  3. I loved this post! Spot on, perfect responses to all of the questions. Thank you for speaking truth.

  4. Thank you so much for responding to my questions! Appreciate it! Also I’m curious, have you seen the YouTube channel Mr. Athiest? He often makes videos refuting your points, I think I would like to see you respond to that.

  5. This is so good! Thank you, Lori!

    It always comes back to do we believe ALL of God’s Word?
    And we first have to know what that is!

    Sometimes there is a tremendous blind spot. Followed by great difficulty to grasp and apply because worldly ways are a 180 from God’s instructions!
    We tell ourselves that this, or that, isnt a sin, or harmful. But then there is some consequence.
    Because as you stated, it’s not what WE think, it’s what the Lord commanded.

    To do otherwise is rebellion!

    Have a blessed day everyone!

  6. Lori, you are staunch in your opinion that women should not have careers, yet in many of your posts you quote career women.{ As Dr. Jolene Brighten wrote in her book Beyond the Pill, “Did you know that women on the pill are more likely to be prescribed an antidepressant? That they are at significantly increased risk for autoimmune disease, heart attack, thyroid and adrenal disorders, and even breast and cervical cancer?”} Do you feel that it is okay for you to use the work these women have done, and the careers they’ve built, to tear down other women who want to accomplish something similar?

  7. I appreciate the work of many career women, Ashley, and am thankful for them BUT I grieve for the children (if they have them) that they must leave each day in the care of strangers while they go off to work. I teach what God commands that I teach (young women to be keepers at home) but it doesn’t mean I dislike them or want to force them all to come home full time. I have no desire to control anyone but this is God’s perfect will for women and their children would be much happier and their marriages stronger if they didn’t have careers. God’s ways are always best!

  8. I haven’t watched them but I know that he does this. Others have told me. I don’t need to respond to what he has to say about me. I just need to keep teaching what God commands I teach. Of course, atheists won’t like what I teach since they don’t believe in God Almighty nor His ways. (They really do since everyone knows that there is a God according to Romans 1. They just want to be their own god, make up their own rules, and live the way they want.)

  9. Perfect answers, especially to question 5, just once I want a mainstream movie or tv show that shows feminine women as intelligent and traditional womanhood as a fulfilling life (I have found one tv show but it wasn’t popular and canceled after 1 season and while all the women were keepers of the home, not all were portrayed as godly) but I guess that would require society to actually value femininity. I’ve seen Mr. Atheists (and other YouTubers) responses to you and I am so glad you continue blogging despite all the nasty comments (seriously Mr. Atheist makes fun of Lori’s voice, but yet somehow Lori is the misogynist). Women just want to be men and they’ll always get mad whenever you remind them that feminism is wrong and they should be serving men, not stealing their place.

  10. You mentioned minding children. Does this include childcare centres, creches, etc? Many people prefer that women or girls have things like a police check, senior first aid and CPR training, or certificates and diplomas. What do you think of this? Should my girls get some training and education about this?

  11. I’ve been enjoying your blog. Do you propose that college is an acceptable option for women if it involves little to no debt? Is the main objection you have due to the debt that would be a burden to the marriage, thus making it more likely that she would want to keep a career going instead of being home? I am thinking of a 17yo friend who is finishing high school this year. Should she focus on engaging in domestic activities to prepare for being a homemaker over the coming years or further her education in order to better be able so support herself should she find herself unmarried.

  12. There’s more to just the debt that I don’t like about college, Melissa. Most of them, including “Christian” colleges, teach feminism, humanism, and secularism, everything that is opposed to the will of God. Women don’t learn anything about biblical womanhood and femininity at college. It’s dangerous to be listening to false teachings for so many years as the Bible warns. As you can see, I’m not a big fan of college anymore. The statistics show a large portion of those who go to college and were raised in Christian homes walk away from the faith. If our eternal souls are all that matters, is it worth sending young women to college?

  13. Dear Lori,
    I have a quick question. I agree with you 100 percent that women should stay home and also that it would benefit society if women did but there’s only one career that comes to mind that it seems women should be doing and that is that of a midwife. I have used my same midwife 4 times now and she’s definitely a career woman with a busy practice. Thoughts?

  14. “5. What do you think of female representation in the media: characters such as Captain Marvel, and Rey from Star Wars?”

    What would you say if I said that God teaches us, in scripture, that “masculine women shall not inherit the Kingdom of God?” You would likely tell me, “The bible does not say that”. And you would be right. The bible does not say that. But I didn’t say that it said that, I said that it teaches that. And it does.

    It does say that “effeminate men… shall not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven“. And underlying that statement of God is a principle in action: the reversal of gender roles that God has assigned to each sex. Thus, it is equally as wrong for women to be masculine as it is for men to be feminine, because it violates the same principle that God is expressing in scripture.

    This will help explain why homosexuals, of both sexes, do the things that they do. For instance, effeminate men will resort to makeup, and clothing that is clearly identified with femininity. And women will resort to things that defy their femininity and instead adopt masculine traits.

    Whatever God commands or prescribes, Satan will attack that. So, for instance, if God says that He has given the woman her hair as her glory (and he has said that), then it is to be expected that lesbian homosexuals will take to cutting off their hair. This is why the Apostle Paul warns that it is a shame for a woman to cut her hair. And that also explains why the first thing homosexual women do is cut off their hair.

    Satan’s worldly entertainment system is right now cranking out images of masculine women as fast as it can, and it is all being happily eaten up by the world. I can’t include images here, but google all of the Marvel Universe women, and you will see not femininity, but masculinity.

    Satan knows that “no masculine woman shall inherit the Kingdom of God”, so that is where he is directing his efforts in deceiving women.

  15. I love your posts, Lori. I am so glad for your position standing for God’s Word. How free we are in Him. Today I heard an interview of Dr Dobson and Anne Graham Lotz. It struck me that the ability of her 2 daughters to accompany her to her radiation sessions implied they were free of paid employment where there presence would be required. It breaks my heart that we are leaving children and elderly to their own devices in their hour of need due to workplace obligations.

    My own daughters were raised with me at home. I didn’t oppose higher education for them because my own college degree never left me feeling a need to work once children were on the scene. I treasure my education as a God given privilege BUT they both are in demanding careers (art teacher and nurse). As I hear them speak I’m horrified to sense they don’t contemplate laying aside their work to raise their children. Indeed, the nurse is admitting she can sense having children will be a lot of trouble to juggle schedules etc… I pray she will see the robbery of her peace of mind and daily joys of motherhood of she let’s the world dictate her career path. May she remember the Lord as she moves forward. The day when she’ll allow me to make a comment are behind us as it now stands. God’s Word is the way forward into freedom.

  16. Unfortunately, women think they’re “free” when they have careers but those same careers keep them far from God’s will for their lives most of the time. Many choose their careers over having children and if they do, being home with their children.

  17. Midwives in biblical times worked out of their homes. They were only away from it when someone was having a baby. They didn’t hold office hours and weren’t away from their homes all day long. But take heart, there will always be midwives and women in the workforce since many women don’t want to be keepers at home.

  18. As a mother of boys, I believe this applies to my family as well. False teachings are just that, no matter who’s listening.

  19. As I prepare for the birth of my 3rd son, I’d like your opinion on receiving an epidural. I have been convicted and have resolved to not get an epidural, but I am curious of your thoughts on it.

  20. Some women need them in order to dialate, for C-sections, and other reasons. It’s your decision but I see nothing wrong with them. Carefully weigh the risks to the benefits.

  21. The Bible says that male homosexuality is abomination. (Leviticus 18:22) While female homosexuality is just against nature.(Romans 1:26) As you pointed out the Bible says the effeminate shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven. The reason the reciprocal seems to lack the same spelled out severity of offense, is because it does.
    1 Corinthians 11:7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.

  22. No. 6 hits home for me. As a young stay at home mom, it’s so so hard to find others who are my age, have children, and stay at home. I can’t stress to you enough that it’s difficult because nearly every stay at home mom in my church go to work! Oh it bugs me to no end. But alas, that’s how it is. I have resorted to finding companionship in older women… like older women who are 60+. Don’t get me wrong, I love the older women because they have wonderful wisdom, but being in my mid 20’s it would be nice to find someone I can relate to or even come over to watch my son for a little bit while I go grocery shopping (I hate the markets personally because of the magazines at the checkouts… plus my toddler is very active and being in a stroller isn’t conducive to him regardless if he listens or not). Am I complaining? I don’t know. All I know was that back before the lie of college was shoved down our throats, the stay-at-home mom community was at large and made it easier to find help when needed — or even to talk to! Even though I absolutely love staying home with my son, a little company now and then isn’t such a bad thing. Thanks again Lori!

  23. Trey – I agree. I had pain relief for my first 3 but not my 4th and I am convinced that although medical intervention for the safety of mother and child is entirely acceptable, it should never be purely for the comfort of the mother.

    God created us and created the process, he did not intend us to make it easer for our own convenience.

  24. Lol, Kati. God Bless you. I had my first child at age 42 (quite unplanned……ahem.) I’m 51 and my son is 8. I am pretty sure the median age of the parents of my son’s peers are about 15. Usually, I’m looking at them, trying to determine if they are actually a parent or a sibling!

  25. I have a question for you that I desperately need an answer to! How would you react towards a victim of rape or sexual assault or harassment and what do you think are the proper steps to help a victim! Also do you believe that victims are ever at fault? How should we raise our children to avoid these problems in the future! Any answer would be greatly appreciated

  26. They need to be taught who they are in Christ and that their value and worth comes from this, NOT what was done to them. God transforms lives and restores the years the locusts have eaten. They are new creatures in Christ and have His Spirit dwelling within them.

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