The Epitome of the Slave Mindset in America

The Epitome of the Slave Mindset in America

On yesterday’s post, a woman who used the name “Baker” tried to convince me that her family is doing much better that she is no longer home full time but is in the workforce for 30 hours a week. She felt that God “gave her the wisdom to to see that she has more capacity than just working at home.” Of course, she used the Proverbs 31 woman as her excuse. Here is how one woman responded to her:

Baker’s response is the epitome of the slave mindset in America, caused by compulsory schooling and the Prussian education model that infiltrated our public education. Our American system is not an altruistic system to help educate the masses but a system of creating cogs in the wheel. “Going to work” is the end goal. Your labor is used for the betterment of an outside institution not your family. The family is subject to the goals of the corporation (or government). One can’t even go on vacation when they want but needs to get approval from the bosses. It reminds me how God warned Israel against a king but since they demanded it He gave them one. It didn’t work out so well for them. God values our freedom; us, not so much.

It is true, school does not teach us to be independent. If you think for a moment that it is an altruistic institution, you are mistaken. I’ve been privy to attend conferences put on by our Executive Branch of the government and some of the heads of major companies are also in attendance. They openly say how they give to local schools and set up curriculum and apprenticeships so that the new labor force will be ready to populate their factories. This is lauded as a good thing. Our university system is similarly set up to support the labor force, not teach students how to be independent thinkers or entrepreneurs.

The industrial revolution has decimated the family unit (which was once used as the hub of all industry in the US). It first pulled the men off the land (no more small blacksmith shop on your property) but now you have to abide by a ton of federal regulations and most can’t afford it. Then became compulsory schooling which ripped the children away from the home. By the way, the literacy rate was higher in the US BEFORE compulsory schooling. Now, the mothers are following suit. In some ways, it’s no wonder as they look around and think there is nothing left for them, therefore, they falsely believe that they have no purpose in the home.

But as Christian women, we should do all we can to highlight God’s ways, not walk as the world does. The world has no light and walks in slavery. We should show true freedom. The Proverbs 31 woman is the epitome of a Godly woman who highlights the usefulness and industry surrounding a home that a woman can do. Going out to work for someone else isn’t inspiring to anyone. Sure, we may not be able to convince our husbands that we are more valuable in the home, or that our children belong with us and not sent to Caesar’s orphanages (public schools) but we need to at least stop going around with our eyes closed and blinded to God’s plan for the family and actually fighting against it.

The very fact that God tells us what is good, but yet we ask to see if there is condemnation on what is not good before we will concede to His ways, is not looking to Him but looking for an excuse to continue on our merry way without regard to what He actually did tell us to do. I would not be pleased with my children if I told them to do their household chores if I left for an hour and I when I arrived home, they were watching television instead. If I questioned them and their household chores weren’t done but they said, “Well, you didn’t tell us NOT to watch television,” I would not have considered them obedient. This is the same. Just because some women can still get the laundry, cooking and cleaning done while working in the workforce, it doesn’t mean that they are getting all the other things done that God intends, as illustrated in Proverbs 31, unless they literally don’t sleep.

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.” (C. S. Lewis)

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

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  1. Hi Lori, God does indeed command women to be keepers at home. However, I struggle imagining a society without women in the workforce. No female gynecologists? No fermale nurses? (I would not be comfortable staying at a hospital with all-male staff), no female police/security officers (who would be doing pat-downs of female passengers? or work with female victims of sexual violence?). If this is what God intended for us, then it should be the ultimate goal (no women in workforce), but it’s impossible to imagine a society like this, unless we go back in time to pre-industrial era. Did we commit a sin inventing technology and advancing science?

  2. This is a strawman argument, Dana, since all women will never leave the workforce. Many mothers willingly choose not to be home full time with their children and raise them so no need to worry. BUT I do believe this argument is a selfish one since people who make this argument (which I have heard often) care more about what they want and what is best for them instead of what is best for the children.

  3. Thank you for replying, Lori! I did not intend to sound selfish, I also think that any woman would share my concerns. I am just trying to understand, if this is what God intended for us, how would it work? If we lived in a true 100% Christian nation where women stayed home with their children, what would it look like.

  4. Children would be much happier, more secure, and well adjusted. Marriages would be stronger. That’s what would happen! This is how it was in the “olden days” before women entered the workforce.

  5. AMEN!

    Also with a married woman being in the work force, her husband is no longer her authority. Her boss is now her authority, telling her exactly what the wife can and can’t do.

    I can already hear some people screaming not true. Oh really? Her boss now tells her what time wife HAS to leave her husband and children. Her boss now tells her what time she MAY leave to go home to husband. Oh so sorry, you have to work 3 hrs overtime today. Husband says we are going on vacation these days. Boss says no, she has to work those days.

    If boss says wife is working these days and times; and husband tells wife that she is doing something with him on those days and times, guess who will win over the husband. Boss says if you do not obey, that you will be fired. 99% of the time the wife will tell husband that he loses.

  6. Thank you, Lori, for today’s posting. My career has been motherhood and housewifery for the past 40 years. All my children are adults and now gone from the home. I shudder to think of all the things I would have missed out on with them if I had worked outside the home. It all goes by way too fast! Nowadays, I am still content to be at home helping my husband and keeping the home fires burning. I loved the quote by C.S. Lewis on the end of your post… very powerful! Even at that, though, the Word of the Lord is living and active. It seems to me that God is very clear on His commands for women to be keepers at home. I absolutely love the freedom of being my own boss at home under the supervision of my dear hubby, of course.?

  7. I love even being home full time as an older woman without children at home too, Holly! Just today, I will be caring for my one year old and three month old grandbabies for a few hours. I LOVE doing this so much. I have built such a wonderful relationship with my grandchildren since I am able to be with them so much. I love teaching and mentoring young women in the ways of the Lord. I love being able to go out to lunch with friends and my sisters. I used to love going to visit my ailing mother frequently and helping her. There are so many ways that women can be productive and helpful if they stay home. Culture has lost out on so much since women have deserted their homes.

  8. I was thinking about Dana’s question and unfortunately because we live in a fallen world, we women have become more comfortable with having women being our ob/gyn or having a female police officer in the case of a sexual assault. I know it would probably be very upsetting for a woman or a young girl who was a victimized that way to go to a hospital with an all male staff. For me personally as much as I think all women need to be keepers at home I would feel more comfortable with a woman police officer or a woman doctor after a sexual assault.

  9. So bottom line (but of course this will never happen), you care more about having women police officers and women doctors than those women being home caring for their husbands, children, and home full time? Women midwives in biblical times didn’t keep office hours. They were home full time unless a woman was having a baby.

    And another thing to think about, women are much safer from sexual assault in their homes than in the workforce. Women walking alone at night through parking lots after work is not safe for women at all!

  10. Bosses are not always men. I am a teacher and I work mostly with women and my direct superior is a woman as well.
    Husband’s authority rules in the family and in the spiritual sphere. Outside our family, we have to submit to other peoples authority all the time, whether we work or not (government, police, officials, etc.)

  11. Women being at home are much safer. I can see women nurses maybe part time but full time work just takes away from the home and the home should be #1. My pastor’s wife works part time as nurse currently. Plus more of the “working” can be done by women that don’t have kids that need them. Like women before they have kids or after the kids leave might be more of a candidate for part time hospital work. Working should not be a top priority though.

  12. Even working part time as a nurse is exhausting work. Most of them have shifts that are 12 hours long which I can’t even imagine. Many women have written to me and told me that they quit their nursing position because it was too exhausting and taking away from the responsibilities that God called them to, namely, their husbands, children, and home. When I was growing up, our pastor’s wife was a full-time nurse and we rarely saw her except on Sunday mornings. It’s sad to me when pastor’s wives work outside of the home. They should be examples to the women in their churches of being a keeper at home. Young women need to see this modeled to them so desperately.

  13. It matters not whether or not a boss is a man or woman. The bosses still control those who are working under them. God tells us that the husband is the head of the wife and she is to live in submission to him not to bosses. Governments and police officials have no where near the authority over a woman that bosses have on a daily basis. There isn’t one woman in the entire Bible who was under the authority of a boss. No, they were under the authority of their husbands if they were married. God is specific in that He wants women to be keepers at home.

  14. I agree women should be at home but for the women that are saying they want female staff and stuff just trying to give them a viable option. But yeah you’re right its almost impossible to work and still say you are serving your husband/head, kids, and home like you should.

  15. There will always be “female staff and stuff” since most women consider careers freedom and being a homemaker as bondage. They have drank the feminist Koolaid and believe its lies hook, line, and sinker. As believers in Jesus Christ, we teach and pursue obedience to God in ALL things regardless of the outcome to our personal well being.

  16. I was looking for the new covenant in Hebrews and I came across this passage which is relevant: “See to it that you do not refuse [to listen to] Him who is speaking [to you now]. For if those [sons of Israel] did not escape when they refused [to listen to] him who warned them on earth [revealing God’s will], how much less will we escape if we turn our backs on Him who warns from heaven? His voice shook the earth [at Mount Sinai] then, but now He has given a promise, saying, “Y ET ONCE MORE I WILL SHAKE NOT ONLY THE EARTH, BUT ALSO THE [starry] HEAVEN.” Now this [expression], “Yet once more,” indicates the removal and final transformation of all those things which can be shaken—that is, of that which has been created—so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, and offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship with reverence and awe; for our God is [indeed] a consuming fire.”
    ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭12:25-29‬ ‭AMP‬‬

  17. Excellent response. It’s a blessing to have a resource like The Transformed Wife blog readily available with so many wise, godly women.

    I would like to add that “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” Matthew 6:24

    God’s Word is perfect and final. It is self-sufficient and adequate to give direction to every situation. God’s instructions for women to bear children and guide the house are clear. When a woman becomes too involved in any activity outside of homemaking, it can become an idol, and her family will always suffer.

    Like Baker, I too have struggled with depression and “lack of mental stimulation” as a homemaker. But my wise husband, instead of suggesting I find work outside of the home, has always encouraged me to become more invested in things IN the home. To research, learn, create. It is in fully serving as God commands that we can fully “find” ourselves.

    Homemaking is never static; there is so much to learn and discover within the purview of the home. We are all stamped with the Imago Dei and designed to be creative, life-long learners. Women are to be “creators” in the home, designers of their own microcosm. Every time I have become discontent with my role of a homemaker, it has boiled down to a heart problem. And the answer has always been to lay down my selfishness at the feet of Jesus and pour my heart MORE into serving my family.

  18. You have just responded to a troll here. Dana is a troll who bashes you on other places and is in your chatroom.

  19. I would suggest midwives for as much as you can (many do things outside of just pregnancies). They are a wealth of knowledge and most often work on their own as independent businesses. I personally don’t have a problem with male OBGYNs but I can understand why one would. In that case I would either bring a husband, or girlfriend along with me to all my appointments or I’d ask for a nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioners are generally older women and have similar training as a doctor. Being that they are older they aren’t as likely to have small children at home.

    I hope it is apparent that by refusing to do things God’s way we are making more problems for ourselves. Sin has already entered the world and thus death and disease but while we are quick to take a pill to “fix” our issues or demand new laws, we aren’t quick to take the Great Physician’s prescription to minimize the effects of sin to begin with. We are a promiscuous people which leads to all sorts of disease, infertility (not all infertile people of course), sexual assaults etc. If women were to take seriously the command to literally “guard” the home we could head off a lot of the sin that leads to disease and death. Instead we are like dumb ostriches “which leaveth her eggs in the earth, and warmeth them in the dust, And forgetteth that the foot may crush them, or that the wild beast may break them.”

    We are too busy to fix nourishing food, preferring the drive-throughs or frozen dinners which aren’t healthy. We leave our eggs in the dust of social, print and mass media and don’t closely monitor what goes into our children’s minds which leads to bullying and sexual perversions. We leave our eggs in the dust of public schools which leads to molestations and a degradation of thoughts. So yes, people are going to sin anyway, and the results of sin, disease, violence and death are a part of our world, but we as women are not doing our part to minimize it. Shame on us.

  20. I was having a conversation with my husband the other day about women in the workforce, and he was agreeable that scripture says that married women are to stay at home, but what about the unmarried women? Apart from the scripture about it being advisable for women to marry young, does it specifically say anything about young/ unmarried women not being able to be in the workforce? I say this because I was talking about how I want to lead our daughter (she is only young) in God’s ways, which will ultimately be to stay at home, but my husband was saying well what if she marries later in life? Can she not work before she’s married? (I.e. she will need a decent education if she is to work)

  21. Thank you. I have many trolls who try to dissuade women away from what I teach but those women who have soft hearts towards the Lord and His ways won’t be dissuaded by trolls.

  22. Anon, you must be confusing me with someone else and I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been reading this blog for months so there are things here that I’m learning that are useful for me, and I am asking Lori honest questions. Calling people names when you think you disagree with them is not Christian.

  23. I wish so badly that I could stay at home full-time and homeschool my children. However, my husband wants me to work part-time (15 hours/week, I get to work from home as well as bring my youngest with me as I work at a church). He also wants our children in public school. I’ve followed your advice to trust God and obey the Scripture by submitting to my husband, even though I disagree and have peacefully given my reasons why when it came up. My paycheck does help our family and it’s nice that my daughter doesn’t need to go to daycare, but I do not like sharing my submission with an employer. I’ll continue to pray for circumstances to change. I confess that I’m weak in this area and that I don’t pray as often as I should. I guess I just want to say thank you for your teachings because it is very encouraging to my longing heart to be a Godly woman.

  24. YES!! Matthew 6:24 is SO true in my situation. I check this blog everyday hoping for new wisdom.

  25. I can so relate to what Dana is saying here! How can I go to a lady eye doctor, but still say women should be home? Is it okay, just cause she’s not a Christian? Don’t non-Christian families need Mama at home too? That’s what I struggle with.

    But like others have said, we wouldn’t have the problems we have if women really followed God’s ways in the first place. And imagine the community of families we would have and women helping each other in their homes! Of course, there will always be sin, but life would be so different.

  26. For over twenty years my husband has female bosses. This will not change because of the “Frauenquote” (women get preference and are activ promoted). I don’t like it.

  27. ST says:

    For over twenty years my husband has female bosses. This will not change because of the “Frauenquote” (women get preference and are activ promoted). I don’t like it.

    Trust me, your husband likes it even less than you do. Depending on what job field he’s in, having a female boss, especially one who is a “Frauentoken,” is not merely an impediment to productivity, but downright dangerous (e.g., frivolous accusations of sexual misconduct that go unchallenged or unpunished, or reckless and ill-informed decisions made that can lead to lawsuits against the business, bankruptcy, or even, inworst-case scenarios, employee injuries or deaths).

    I don’t know what country you and your husband live in, but here in the U.S. it is becoming obvious that replacing men in the workplace with women, especially in positions of management and leadership, has been highly detrimental to the macroeconomy. Of course there have been ZERO formal studies of this, and thus no official statistics to provide proof, because bringing attention to the issue is a political non-starter.

  28. Catherine,

    I am not as dogmatic (and I mean no disrespect to others here) about women staying home. I also have found our local school district to be a great for our children, although it seems like a rare situation. However, my wife has been SAHM since before our first was born. It required me to work two jobs to barely make the bills, but it was worth it. We have what we need, and as we are starting to experience an emptier next, we are beginning to have more than what we need. I encourage your husband to consider the benefits of a stay at home mom compared to the extra funds. To me, the decision is clear. Having a wife who invests in her family is far better than an extra income, at least to me.

  29. Anytime someone tells me that homemaking is boring, I always think they must not be doing it right. I always have something that can be done. If you find yourself in lulls, I always suggest to try to take up another hobby inside the home. Baking is something I have come to enjoy, and even make my own bread and butter! My husband loves it and asks me to make it for him to bring it to work frequently.

    While I was working, I remember being sick quite often and worn down, and my husband would tell me to call out, but I never would because if I did, I knew I would get in trouble with my boss. My husband took the back burner. Dinner was never cooked, I was perpetually behind on laundry, and I never listened to him. Staying home has been the best decision for our family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This article is spot on! Thank you for writing the truth!

  30. Baker mentions being on anti depressants or something along those lines. Mental health is largely related to the health of the gut. Medication doesn’t fix it. It’s a band-aid treatment. The problem is still there until the gut or underlying issue is healed. I would question why she was bored or struggled at home? Was she being wise and resourceful with her time and belongings? How regularly was she in the word? I find her comment to be totally sucked in to the feminist agenda and that’s sad.

  31. Feeriker,
    I get your point but I think it is important to have a clear idea that women should stay home because God tells us to, not because women are bad leaders or are less competent, on which I have to point out, actually a lot of research has been done in the last 30 years and it didn’t find any significant differences, on certain indicators, women actually outperform men, and if we look at the biggest cases of misconduct, bankruptcy, etc. the majority of the CEOs in these cases were men, for every bad male manager, you could easily find a competent woman who could do a better job. But this is not the point. Men have been appointed to the position of authority by God because they are men, this position was given to them by God.
    Regarding sexual harassment, false accusations, etc., these things do happen, however, this is not the norm in the workplace, there are bad men who do harass their co-workers and it’s not ok, and there are women who do use false accusations against men, and it’s not ok either. However, the majority of people are just trying to do their job well and get paid to maintain their family. I would never generalize men in any way as it is being done in the media, for example, saying that men are inherently bad, aggressive, etc., and I don’t like when it is done with women either. My personal position is that God has created every person in a unique way and I try to see this uniqueness in every person I meet.
    Long comment short, I wanted to say that God has defined and assigned different roles to us an we have to follow them and it doesn’t depend on anything else but the God’s Word.

  32. I agree 100%! Every human is unique, and some Wives know their own husbands are not “leaders of men” and some Husbands know their wives *could* be a successful CEO out in the world somewhere. The point is that is not how God has ordained it, and thus that husband probably has a fine job somewhere halfway up the ladder and that wife is running a ship shape home!

    When I hear people bashing women and saying all women make false accusations, or all women in the workforce are x y z, I know they are misled and sadly acting unChristian. Women are to be at home because God says so, not because they are incompetent or use feminine wiles in the real world.

    Truly Godly men respect women and that’s why they trust them to raise and educate their children, run the household, manage schedules and budgets, and stand behind their own endeavors.

    Single women, watch out for these women bashers. Find a man who respect women as intelligent, competent, and capable. Those are the men who will cherish you as a stay at home mother. He will see your value in being home as a benefit and credit to your sex, instead of “putting you in your place.” Even if he works with women outside the home, he will be respectful and pray for them, instead of insinuating gossip and participating in sexual immorality and blaming career women.

    I am so blessed to have a husband that recognizes that women (and me) make an incredible sacrifice when they stay at home, and he sees how my god given gifts help run our home smoothly and teach our children. He knows there are similar women in his workplace and never bashes them, only prays they will one day see how their skills could better serve their homes!

  33. Nineteenth-century Christian reformers operating during the Second Great Awakening such as Calvin Stowe lauded the Prussian education model as they believed that public schools were an important institution to inculcate American children (especially the children of recent immigrants) to Protestant Christian values. Now that evangelicals have lost the culture war and public schools are predominately secular, evangelicals are claiming that the Prussian education model is wrong as it conflicts with freedom. The irony is that this notion of freedom and individual rights is exactly what the minorities in the nineteenth-century who were tired of having Protestantism shoved down their throats fought for (see for example the landmark separation of church and state case, Cincinnati v Minor). Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s interesting hearing modern evangelicals advocate for the same thing. The moral of the story is that different groups define freedom as the ability to shape society in the image that they want. If they’re unhappy? Why, it must be slavery and oppression. The irony (lots of irony here) is that the infrastructure complained about by evangelicals today was put in place by the evangelical Christians of the past.

    Industrial revolution? Extolled by nineteenth-century evangelicals in the names of American exceptionalism, progress, and manifest destiny.

    Public schools? Built and encouraged by nineteenth-century evangelicals who wanted to make sure they could instill Christian moral values to children to ensure an intelligent and moral populace capable of making wise voting choices.

    Separation of church and state? Encouraged by nineteenth-century evangelicals as they believed it encouraged voluntary revivalism while also preventing Roman Catholics from gaining state funding for their parochial schools.

  34. Kate. No no. It is the obedience of a wife to respect her husband, and obey him. The husband is to love his wife. It’s easier for a woman to love her husband, but much harder to respect him. Western women have been raised with the, “you go giirl'” encouragement, that this has made them overconfident and prideful, it’s no wonder women don’t respect men anymore.

    The woman is the weaker vessel. Not all women will be successful “CEOs”, most can’t. That’s how we are wired. This is highly politically incorrect, and offensive, and you will dismiss it, but it’s how God made us.

  35. I’m interested in mental health issues. Do you have any evidence of this I can read? Thank yóu.

  36. Lori, since wives should submit to their husbands and obey them, should they go out and work if their husbands tell them to? I watched a video of a Christian woman saying that if husbands want their wives to work instead of being full time homemakers, wives can explain why this is not their ideal situation but should obey their husbands and work anyway.

    How is this fair for wives, that they should work when their husbands tell them to, since they should submit to their husbands, yet work is not what God wants for them?

  37. Life isn’t fair. We are commanded to submit to our husbands so yes, if a husband wants his wife to work, then she should work but pray daily that the Lord will convict and change her husbands mind. Maybe sit down and see how much a wife is truly bringing home and make a gentle appeal to live frugally within his salary. Many times, it’s not worth it for women to work outside of the home.

  38. Anon, this is not even the point. The point is that you accused me of being a “troll” because you clearly confused me with someone else and you didn’t even apologize when I pointed it out. I assumed you were a Christian because this a Christian blog and Lori teaches Christian women accoriding to the Bible. I apologize if that offended you.

    On the other hand, this is America and we have freedom of speech here. Eveybody is allowed to speak to whomever they want and whatever they want. We are here to learn from Lori and each other and exchange ideas. No reason to get angry.

  39. If women where at home more sharing their values with the next generation society would have a strong moral foundation and women would not have to worry about things like female police or female this and female that workers.

    The objections so far are based on the assumption society is meant to be this way. Society is the way it is now because man decided he can cope without God and is finding out the hard way that he cant.

  40. Lori,
    Where in the Bible does it say that a woman is not allowed to speak to a man who is not related to her? It seems to me that some men here are coming here to insult and bully women in the guise of “correction”. Some men commenting here are posting very rude and disrespectful comments. Like when Anon referred to Dana as a “mere” woman, implying that she is inferior. When the King James Bible says to “honor all men” in 1 Peter 2:17, do you believe that literally means only men, or was the word ‘men’ supposed to include all of humanity? The original Greek doesn’t even use the word ‘men’, it just says “honor all” or “honor everyone.” There are men commenting on your site who believe that women are inferior, lesser beings, not created in the image of God. What is your opinion on this?

  41. Mike, that is a two-dimensional and incomplete representation of the adaptation of the Prussian model of education in the U.S. It was not pushed by the evangelicals in order to spread protestant values. Just naming an evangelical doesn’t make it a evangelical push. Christian morals and values were included in the public school movement but that wasn’t the impetus for it. If you were speaking of Sunday school, yes, that was indeed created for that cause specifically, to teach children who were in the workforce and/or poor immigrants about Jesus. If you are naming institutions like universities than you would be correct as the majority of colleges before the 20th century were started to spread religious teaching. But as Lori, mentioned above, what was meant for good has turned bad in many of the universities as we now see.

    Compulsory schooling was specifically fought against by many Christians, especially in the agricultural communities where the children were valued for their help in the home and on the farm.

    “Separation of church and state” is a whole other discussion that many misunderstand to be a legal or constitutional term. The constitution gives legal protection to the People to worship how they see fit without government intervention. It is not protective of the government or it’s institutions, but of the people.

    You wrote, “The moral of the story is that different groups define freedom as the ability to shape society in the image that they want. If they’re unhappy? Why, it must be slavery and oppression.” No, that is not the definition of freedom. If society were to vote that all men named Mike were now to be stripped of all personal property and were to henceforth serve everyone else, I would not expect Mikes to be happy about. They would call it what it is, slavery and oppression. That is exactly what compulsory schooling is, forcing families who may not agree with the majority to live in such a way that goes contrary to what they consider the wisest course.

    My people have been enslaved long enough Mike, I for one am all for breaking out from under the yoke of the majority. The black community is suffering greatly from the majorities’ policies of “welfare” and public schooling. If you doubt this, just look at any statistic that shows how we are continually scraping the bottom of any societal measurement. I’m old enough to know people from my community who had their father’s enticed from the home with new government “welfare” policies and now they are on the third generation of single-mothers. Now these women are enslaved to the government and look to them to provide even the most basic of needs because there are no men around to provide for them. The government are their husband. They are working their fingers to the bones to make ends meet while never being able to get ahead because the model they were taught doesn’t work. And you don’t think that is a slave mindset?

    Black public school students are the lowest achievers. Why would I extol the virtues of compulsory attendance? It is one thing if it is optional (I’d still opt out) but being forced? (That’s not slavery either I suppose…).

    Doing things God’s way is the only way for true freedom. The Proverbs 31 woman is an example of how we can live as God designed. Trying to make a utopian society through governmental systems isn’t going to work. Setting up family structure in a way God didn’t design, isn’t going to work. They’ll just lead us further away from the freedom God intended into slavery. That is why it is the epitome of the slave mindset.

  42. Would this apply if a husband was pressuring his wife to smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, and other harmful things alongside him? Should she obey him and do these things?

  43. Dear Lori,

    I am a young mom of a beautiful little girl. Before getting pregnant, I looked forward to one day staying home with my future children. During my pregnancy I fell ill and it only got worse after I had given birth. I cannot take care of my three months old baby on my own, as of now. Luckily my husband was able to take time of work and take care of us. Even though he enjoys being home for now, he will have to go back to work eventually. I don’t know how to take care of my baby in the state my body is in right now.
    I just want to be able to be a good mother and wife.
    Do you have any advise for me?

  44. Do you have any family around to help? How about some friends from church? In times such as this is when family and friends will usually step in and help. God will give you the strength and wisdom to get through, Julia. He sure did me when I was so sick raising my children.

  45. Thank you for your reply!

    Yes, I’m very lucky to have a great family and close friends nearby. I think I’m still getting used to needing that much support from others…

  46. I am going to try and be as gentle as possible, but I want to communicate that your comment was hurtful.

    If antidepressants do not work, then explain to me why I went from wanting to kill myself every day for two years, to being happy and adjusted once finding Wellbutrin?
    Emotions are chemical. Hormones affect them, as well.

    It wasn’t placebo. Before Wellbutrin I tried Zoloft and Lexapro. Zoloft had a slew of bad side effects and zero effect on my mental state, and Lexapro worked but inhibited my sex life.

    Because of mindsets like yours, I tried to fix myself through prayer, fasting, repentance, and will. Through prayer, the Spirit guided me to medication and soothed me of guilt that should never have been taken on.

    If you have never had mental health problems, I know it can be hard to understand. Our faith is so based in will and the Spirit that it seems strange that our self control can be swayed by things we can’t see. I also doubted that chemical depression existed before it happened to me, and until I tried medication I thought it was a “cheat”. Now I see that it enables me to do what I need to. When I was severely sick, I didn’t have the energy to take care of my own base needs, both spiritual or physical, let alone the needs of my family. Now that I am on Wellbutrin, I am no longer effected by relentless hopelessness, compulsions to self harm, or constant exhaustion. I am in the word more, present for my family more, and able to care for myself again.

    I want to end by saying that I realize that depression is massively affected by the gut. In fact, studies have shown that an improved diet does more for one’s depression that consistent time with a solid emotional support group. Omega 3s help my mood in a big way. You are absolutely right about how diet is linked to mental health, and I commend your knowledge. However, the mentality that antidepressants are useless can be harmful.

    I did almost everything I could to fix myself before I turned to medication. It was absolutely a last resort for me. I hope that my experience could help you see the perspective of a fellow Christian struggling with mental health. It is a tough journey, Andy I tried to navigate it with grace and in a Godly manner.

  47. I am sorry, but rape has existed well before the American lifestyle existed. It happened in the Bible. Even if all women willingly submitted themselves to a perfect value system, rape and sexual abuse would still occur. That happened because of the fall of man. We can’t change that by being perfect.

  48. If being at a part time job is a sin because in order to do it women must abandon their homes, then how do you justify going out with your girlfriends? Or going out at all? Isn’t that a selfish act, too?

    I am glad you get to go see your friends. I would just like to know the reasoning for that being okay, while working for a paycheck is not. There are part time jobs with few hours out there, which leave time care for the home,

  49. A job is something one must go to and work for a boss. Going out with friends is not an obligation one must keep. It’s God who commands young women to be keepers AT home so they don’t blaspheme the word of God. If you have a problem with this command, take it up with Him. I simply teach what He has commanded that I teach.

  50. To my mind, working at home doesn’t exclude helping in the communty. If we were to live in an overtly Christian community, I do believe there would be many roles for women to fulfill. In such a community, there would maybe be older women who could assist the victims of sexual violence and fulfil other roles such as being midwifes.

    Just remember that many things would be structured in a different way. Btw women today should also be active members of the local community to the extent it is possible, visiting the sick, witnessing, etc.

  51. Regarding Mrs. W’s question about unmarried women, wouldn’t these be the ideal ones to be doctors, nurses, etc? I might be wrong, but I think the Bible speaks about MARRIED women being keepers at home, so they can tend to their husbands, children, and home. The Proverbs 31 woman had maidens, probably as her helpers. These maidens could possibly be learning homemaking skills while “working.” So I think it might be ok for single women to be nurses etc. as long as they gave this up should they get married. Some women might never get married, so would it be wrong for them to be able to provide for themselves?

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