There are NO High-Fertility Countries That are Gender Equal

There are NO High-Fertility Countries That are Gender Equal

“There are no high-fertility countries that are gender equal,” according to an article in The New York Times called Americans are Having Fewer Children. “Women have more agency over their lives, and many feel that motherhood has become more of a choice.” Many are not choosing to have children and be home to raise them. No, they want to be men and have freedom to have careers, use birth control so they can have sex without consequences, and pursue their dreams!

The only problem with this is that it leads to dire consequences. Of course, it does! God created women for a specific purpose and He created men for a specific purpose and they are different, good, and beneficial to a healthy society.

Check out the reasons from this article why women aren’t having children. One high on the list is student debt and women carry most of it! But don’t try to warn them about this or you will be blasted even by the “Christian” community! College and careers are idols in our country and debt is one of the main reasons women aren’t having children. This is foolishness!

Some more of the reasons:

“want leisure time” (pure selfishness and hedonism),

“haven’t found a partner” (it’s not politically correct to say “husband” anymore and most men aren’t attracted to feminists women, no, not even to “Christian” feminists),

“can’t afford child care” (this shouldn’t be something they even have to consider since mothers are the ones who should be caring for their own children),

“no desire for children” (a product of a godless society),

“can’t afford a house” (the burden of school debt is one of the main culprits here),

“not sure I’d be a good parent” (then learn from a godly, older woman),

“worried about the economy” (live a life of faith instead of fear!),

“worried about global instability” (“be anxious for nothing…”),

“career is a greater priority” (than having loved ones that you’ve invested your life in surrounding you on your death bed?),

and so the reasons go on.

“Jessica Boer, 26, has a long list of things she’d rather spend time doing than raising children: being with her family and her fiancé; traveling; focusing on her job as a nurse; getting a master’s degree; playing with her cats.” This life sounds a lot easier than a sacrificial life of being a help meet to a husband and bearing and raising children but what are the rewards for the kind of life she wants to lead? Has she not read all of the articles being written by older women who regret not getting married and having children when they were young? They are growing old alone with their cats. These women have short-term vision instead of the long-term vision and the blessings that come with living a sacrificial life for the Lord and His ways.

You can’t go against God’s clearly stated will for you, young women, and expect good things to happen. He calls you to have meek and quiet spirits. He calls you to marry, bear children, and guide the home. He calls you to be joyful and thankful for all the good that He has done. This is what this culture needs – young women willing and available to live according to God’s will for their lives. Love being a woman! You are loved and valued by God Almighty. Stop listening to how culture wants to define you and begin searching for your identity in Christ and His will for you.

“For better or worse, mothers are the makers of men; they are the architects of the next generation. That’s why the goal of becoming a godly mother is the highest and most noble pursuit of womanhood” (John MacArthur).

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:9

16 thoughts on “There are NO High-Fertility Countries That are Gender Equal

  1. Traditional roles lead to children and prosperous families, where radical feminism breeds effeminate soy boys and nasty women who shun children and family, and try everything to prevent pregnancy!

  2. I wonder about the “haven’t found a ‘partner'” reason {I hate that term}.

    Sadly, I do think so many people have given in to feminism’s influence that it truly is difficult for mature, sober minded Christian women {and men} to find husbands {and wives}. A lot of people are merely looking for recreational dating and recreational sex, to be honest.

    However, I also think many women develop unrealistic expectations about marriage {I know you’ve written about how expectations destroy marriage and I read your post on romance novels yesterday; those also contribute to this}. For many women, a man who fears God, works hard, and has the ability to provide for a household is not enough. He’s got to be a certain height, look like a Hollywood hunk, have money {not for the purpose of providing for a family, but so he can buy her all sorts of material stuff}, be “fun,” make her feel like he’s her “soul mate,” and on and on it goes. People can’t be satisfied with the simplicity of Scripture’s requirements; they tack all of this extra stuff on to it, which they–not God–require, and thus end up needlessly prolonging their time in the unmarried estate {and depriving another of a spouse as well}. This also puts them at risk for fornication and having children outside of wedlock.

    Too often, it’s more about us than it is about God.

    1. Of course women struggle to find partners when they look for a man who will effectively allow them to live exactly as they want. Who would sign up to that in any relationship ?

      Feminism teaches women to regard selfish, self centredness a liberations and fertility as an inconvenience.

  3. The statement “haven’t found a partner” speaks volumes about feminism in general. As for wanting or having “casual sex”, I also have doubts these feminist women are. Seriously, what man in his right mind wants to spend time with, much less be intimate with a woman who is a feminist. They are truly taking themselves off the dating market, with how they act (see you tube). A real man is going to have no interest in a woman who acts likes a man, or thinks she is one.

    1. Hello Patrick,

      Depending on where you live, you will find many men who ONLY want to date feminists. They are actively looking for college-educated, working women to date. Many of these men are self-proclaimed feminists.

      Christians are not to be “of the world.” That’s what sets true Christians apart. I believe your generalizations are incorrect when you look at the general population. Only some Christian men are thinking about a Godly, feminine, anti-feminist, nurturing, help meet. Young men and women with this same outlook need to find each other. But you are sorely mistaken if you think that “most men” don’t want the kind of worldly women we see today. Perhaps you mean “most Godly Christian men.”

      1. I am not sure Patrick is too far off, Kate. Marriage is in steep decline these days for a reason. Sure they may want to fool around with the feminists but it doesn’t seem that they want to marry them and have children with them.

  4. Brilliant article. Learned something new.

    This is why America is dying, women want to be equal, and the weak men who insist they are.

    My school district has gone from 20,000 kids in the 1990’s, down to 10,000 currently. Women simply aren’t having kids anymore, and the ones who are, are increasingly having them outside of marriage, as one can see by the 39% of babies born outside of wedlock in 2017, contrasted with 3.6% in 1947.

  5. If a woman decides never to have children because of past abuse, Or a genetic disorder in the family, is she going against God? Even more, what if they can’t afford adoption? Are they saved? Does God require a woman to have children for salvation?

    1. There are always exceptions, Sylvia, but when birthrates are rapidly dropping, it means the exceptions have taken over the rule which is a very bad thing. There’s a good reason for this verse: “Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety” (1 Tim. 2:15). No, it doesn’t mean they’ll be saved for eternal life just because they have children but it’s their calling on life if they are able. God made men and women for separate but important roles in this life.

  6. I’d love to see some stats from the giant cities. Los Angeles was a beast of a place to try and find husband material. I was 29 before I met somebody wanting to get married. He was already 32 and had been looking for awhile. We met at a church retreat. But, the male friends I had? Not one of them was interested in settling down soon. They were busy building their careers & saving for $300k starter houses in L.A. (Those are now $600k so I doubt it’s improved the odds). Most eventually settled down between 35-40. I was also one of the very few that married a man with no baggage. Many of my friends are married to divorced men with at least one previous child. That one thing took a lot of potentials off my list. I grew up in that environment and it was very unhealthy to me. Best of luck to anyone doing it.

    Of course, Lori, I do know of one young man that turned out to be great marriage material (or so I’ve heard) and I think you probably know him, as well. ( No, he’s not your husband lol). But, it’s just a hunch. He went to L.A. Baptist College, as it was called back in “the olden days.” He was a peach even then, but I was way too young & stupid to know it, even if he had been interested. When I attended church with him once, there were more pretty young ladies flitting around than I’d ever seen!!

    1. Man is tasked with provider (1 Tim 5:8). He must be worried about the economics of the world in order to allow the woman the opportunity for her to perform her role as mother (Gen 1:28).

      Men who work in the face of economic realities are being obedient. Conversely, women who work for financial gain are doing so with a spirit of rebellion. One must remember the danger of false equivalencies between man and woman.

  7. Even CNN has been all a-twitter about the US’s dismal fertility rate. They hasten to say that of course it’s a good thing women are exercising control over their fertility, but they point out that low fertility can have bad economic consequences.

    1. It’s not just economic consequences, but the entire fabric of a nation is destroyed when it cannot reproduce itself. America is becoming fast depleted of any of the resources it needed to stand firm on freedom, and justice for all. It is not wealth that builds a country, but ironically we have exchanged our children’s lives for a mountain of debt. All in pursuit of wealth and happiness. Not realizing that true wealth is found in family and lots of it.

    2. and then they say they have to bring in more immigrants to make up for it and then that makes people more leary to have more kids because now they have to compete with the whole darn world coming here for a job. It is going to take going back to pre-1965 immigration act and go back to when father and son could count on a job at the same plant for their employment life at decent pay. I do not know if we can turn the Titanic around.

      1. I don’t know if I would count on racist government policies to change people’s hearts (pre-1965 policies like the National Origins Formula, Magnusson Act, Chinese Exclusion, etc). I think Lori has always put it very well that we’re meant to be following God by means of His word because by His love and grace He has saved us through Christ—laws have never made anyone love Jesus.

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