Women are Called By God to Lead Fortune 500 Companies?

Women are Called By God to Lead Fortune 500 Companies?

“I find it absolutely preposterous that God would call women to places of influence and leadership within business and finance and medical practice and public education, but then in the church relegate them to mopping floors and rocking babies and leading the decorating committee. That God would think so little of women as to solely give them pacifying tasks. That He would trust them enough to lead a Fortune 500 company but not lead His flock. You don’t have to be a biblical scholar to know God values women more than that.”

A woman sent me this comment. I don’t know who wrote it but I am going to address it any ways since I know many women believe as this woman wrote.

First of all, does God call women to places of influence and leadership within all of the places she mentions? I can’t find any verse in the entire Bible that tells us that God calls women to these places. I know He calls younger women to be keepers at home and the Proverbs 31 woman was known for looking to the ways of her household, but not being a leader of any business.

God does call men to be in places of influence and leadership all throughout the Bible. He made Adam first. All of the kings of old were men. The priests in the temples were men. The patriarchs were all men. The major prophets were all men. The forerunner of Christ and Christ Himself were men. The Apostles were men. The authors of all of the books of the Bible were men. The elders and deacons are to be men and the husbands are to be head over their wives. God created “patriarchy” so when women fight against this, they are fighting against God’s ordained order.

What’s wrong with mopping floors, rocking babies, and leading the decorating committee? All of these are important tasks. Whose to say that being a leader of something is more important than rocking babies? What can be more important than raising the next generation? Wasn’t it Jesus who said the greatest of all is the servant of all?

Raising the next generation and serving in the churches aren’t meaningless tasks as the author of this statement claims but THIS is what young women are being taught everywhere including in the churches! They aren’t being taught that being a help meet to one’s husband, bearing and raising children for the Lord, and being a keeper at home are all God-ordained tasks for women and they are good!

Tell me where God trusts women enough to lead a Fortune 500 company? There are others who can do this but a Fortune 500 company won’t love you back like a husband and children that you’ve invested your life into. You see, women are taught that their value lies in their career path, paycheck, and how high they can climb up the proverbial ladder to break the “glass ceiling.” God never mentions any of this because this is not His will for women.

No, He calls us to have meek and quiet spirits. He calls us to be keepers at home and lovingly serve our families and those around us, including those in our churches. He calls us to store our treasures in heaven and not on this earth. This woman is so far off base for God’s will for women. His will for us is good, and acceptable, and perfect. Stop listening to the lies of our culture and many lies even being told in the churches. Learn contentment at home with your children. You are doing exactly what God has called you to do – raise godly offspring. The place God calls you to have the greatest influence is in your own home.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
1 Timothy 2:15

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  1. I completely agree about a woman’place in the home and in life with her husband. I have had to work outside the home, when necessary, for 35 years. To help my husband and family but I always come back to my home when that season is over. Just like Deborah and Esther and other strong, dutiful, Godly women in the Bible, there are times that God calls us to rise up to a position outside of ourselves, for a season. We, as women, just need to realize that when that season is accomplished we are to go back to who and where God made us to be. So many times (I have been guilty of this) we try to prolong that season because we think we are being fulfilled but we are being deceived by the enemy and that sense of fulfillment comes from the world and not from God and our husbands and families. I still struggle with this at times but I try to remind myself that my Lord and Savior knows best, not me.

  2. I am constantly amazed at how little other women value the role of a mother … to think that rocking a baby is not valuable?! So heart breaking!

  3. P.S. Do you have advice for mothers who do not feel “content” at home? I am given this question by other mothers, who, sadly, have not found “their calling” in motherhood and while they have larger families, actually have told me they do not actually “like babies.” These comments are from Christian women with children. They would rather help out at church adult ministries than be a full time mother, they seem to be constantly searching for something more meaningful, whether a part time job from home, working at the church office, volunteering to do sound board at church, etc. … it was very shocking for me to hear this comment from other mothers who homeschool and have large families and appeared as if they were “all in” for this calling.

    [If you do not want to publish this comment, I understand. I would love to read a post on this subject though … encouraging other seasoned mothers and young ones to find fufillment in serving their families…please forgive me if I have missed a post that addresses this subject already.]

  4. I believe that society is in the mess it’s in because of women abandoning the home. Nobody is rearing the children. Or the ones they spend most of their time with have no personal investment.

  5. Like you, I also have had to work outside the home numerous times over my 17 year marriage, even when my children were small. It was always only for a short time, but returning home always left me with mixed emotions. I *did* feel fulfilled and as though I was accomplishing something, when I was working – instant gratification I guess, as opposed to the slow burn of raising a family.

    Every single time I left my job and returned home, I was replaced instantly. At work, I was absolutely dispensable. It didn’t matter what my role had been, someone else could do it just as well as I could. But at home…. noone else can take my place. Sure, my husband is perfectly capable of running our home and looking after the kids (and often has/does) but that’s not what I mean. Sure, the necessary tasks will get done, but I will be missed. My presence in the home will be missed. My children will miss me, my husband will miss me. But at work, as long as the work is getting done, my bosses won’t miss me.

  6. Having had 5 children given me to nurture, you couldn’t convince me to lower my calling to become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Does a woman want an important job that no-one can ever replace? Ask God to give you children! There is no irreplaceable job in the world except a parent. Even the president of the United States gets replaced every few years, and we pretty much forget about the last one. But not a parent.

  7. Out in the “world,” I experience great frustration, but I feel only peace when I read your posts reminding me of God’s will for my life. The world’s message is to go, go, go and be loud and stand up for ourselves. It’s completely opposite God’s calling to practice gratitude and meekness and serve others. It’s such a shame that our society is not as accepting of women being housewives. So much has been lost, including peace of mind and harmony for many of us! Thank you for centering my focus as I strive to be a godly wife.

  8. I love this! I’ve often struggled with understanding my place and after reading this I feel I have a little more clarity. Thank you for sharing!! Bless you and your wisdom!! Xoxo

  9. The woman’s very purpose for existing, at all, is to be a helpmeet to a man (Gen 2:18) and to serve him, ultimately, through bearing his progeny (1 Tim 2:15).
    It is the very first commandment God spoke (Gen 1:28). The very first, how can anyone miss it!?

    From this launching point, we understand the wisdom in young women being keepers at home (Tit 2:5), with contrast used to demonstrate that busybodies (Prov 7:11) are not healthy. We understand the commandment to be the soft place for her husband to land (1 Pet 3:4), with contrast used to demonstrate argumentative behavior (Prov 25:24) is counter-productive.

    When you understand the genesis of her existence (origin) and the purpose to which she is called (direction), all the biblical commands in Ephesians, Titus, Peter etc really do become both obvious and redundant.

    To get from the very reason for her existence, to where we are today with women in the military, business, politics.. the amount of mental gymnastics (and heresy) these female/feminist theologians must go through is incredible. Is there an Olympic medal in mental sports? The competition would be fierce.

    I laughed fairly well the day the CEO of Pepsi delivered the speech on her life. The women/feminists sat aghast when she detailed how she humbly served her husband in their home. They were all waiting for the affirmation of GRRRL POWRRR! and received none of it. Their crown example- the CEO of Pepsi! the largest company with a female CEO!- and the narrative was shattered.
    [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indra_Nooyi ]
    [ https://www.businessinsider.com/indra-nooyi-how-her-kids-felt-when-she-worked-all-the-time-2016-4 ]
    [ https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/03/indra-nooyi-shares-a-work-regret-on-her-last-day-as-pepsico-ceo.html ]
    Better still, this woman who values her husband, her family, her home, would lead a more fulfilling life if she simply stopped serving Man, and served exclusively HER man. It’s what God designed her to do. It’s what God wants for her. God’s ways are best.

    Reading through the Bible in full, a woman’s ministry looks like:
    1. Obedient daughter to her father
    2. Chaste adolescent with her sexuality
    3. Faithful wife in all her husband commands
    4. Loving mother to the upbringing of God-fearing children
    5. Teaching grandmother (to younger women)
    6. “Well done, my good and faithful servant”
    Anything else- everything else- is a rebellion, is idol-worship.

  10. There are a million Biblical reasons why a woman should not be, or aspire to be a captain of industry or in politics.

    But the needs of one child is more than enough to make the point beyond doubt.

    God made us to be mothers and keeper at home, supporting our husbands in the wider world.

  11. I must assume this woman’s church (and home) must have layers upon layers of filth due to no mopping, babies crying endlessly, and the decor must be from the Stone Ages since the women are called to be CEO’s elsewhere. The servile work at church(and home) is deemed unimportant until it goes unattended.

  12. Hey Lori!
    New reader of the blog and I decided to ask you one of the questions that I’ve been struggling with. I’m an 20 year old girl starting her Junior year of college. So far, thanks to scholarships, I’m completely debt free. I have a fantastic internship with a non-profit organization that was VERY competitive to get and leaves me feeling fulfilled. But there are times that I question my track in life. At 20 I’m still single and am the only person my age at my church who isn’t married, engaged, or even close to dating anyone.Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something wrong that I’m in this situation. I was wondering if you had any advice that you could give me about my life and whether you think that I’m doing what’s right in the eyes of Christ. Thanks 🙂

  13. God’s instruction to young and unmarried women is to be pure in body and in Spirit so don’t neglect spending daily time in God’s Word and in prayer. Learn from godly, older women. If you don’t know how to cook, learn and keep the place you are living clean and tidy. In this way, you are preparing for marriage if the time comes!

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