Working Mothers Raise Better Children?

Working Mothers Raise Better Children?

A woman sent me an article and told me that I am dead wrong about working mothers. She linked an article called Working Moms Raise Better Kids. How are these kids better than stay-at-home moms’ children? “They found that the daughters of working mothers are actually more likely to be successful. That means they’re more likely to have jobs, be in positions of authority, and make more money than girls raised by non-working mothers.” Yes, if you are looking to raise children who are successful in the eyes of the world, then yes, work outside of the home and let someone else raise your children.

Raising daughters who have careers, are in positions of authority, and make more money than others are not things that I wanted for my daughters at all. None of these things interested me in the least. I wanted daughters who loved the ways of the Lord, being married, bearing and raising children, and not caring about making a name for themselves in this world by ruling over others.

All of these things that this woman and many other women believe are important aren’t important to the Lord at all. There’s not one place in His Word that states that women are to have jobs outside of their homes. There’s not one place that tells them to be in positions of authority except for over their children. In fact, the Bible warns about women being in positions of authority. No, it’s not a good thing! “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12).

There’s not one place that tells them that it’s important to make more money than others. In fact, the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10)!

“Boys were found to be more caring: they’re more likely to spend more time taking care of family and taking care of the household than boys of non-working moms.” If you want to raise boys who are good homemakers, then yes, work outside of your home. I have no problem with men helping with housework but it shouldn’t be an expectation that women place upon their husbands since God calls women to be the keepers at home not men. But yes, our culture values men who take on women’s roles since women have taken on men’s roles, even though men never asked for this in the first place.

“Maybe a working mother is a good role model for their daughters, and it sticks with them until their working years.” If a good role model means leaving their home for hours every day five days a week, working for a boss, and their children are left with strangers, then yes, this is a good role model but nothing that I wanted for my children and nothing the Lord cares about.

“The numbers say that daughters of working moms are 4.5% more likely to be employed, compared to the daughters of stay-at-home mothers.” Big deal.

“When a mother goes to work, it shows her daughter that they have good opportunities to be successful.” So what. Successful to whom? To her husband and her children if she has been blessed by them? Successful because she makes money and is in authority over others? Was she around to see her children’s first steps, first words, raise them in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord, teach them about purity and modesty, read the Word to them daily and have them hide it deeply int their hearts, teach them to be kind and honest, discipline them when needed, and all of the other things that children need and want? No, she wasn’t. This is heartbreaking and a lie they are being told with tragic consequences for themselves and their children.

In a study of the impact of working mothers, the conclusions are sobering and the need for mothers home full time are essential for a healthy culture ~

As can be seen, the effect of women in the workforce are dreadful to the society and future generation. Women that have children should stay in the role of a mother to nurture the children in order to have a better future generation. When less mothers join the workforce, there would be higher birth rates as they would not have other intentions on postponing childbearing. The rate of latchkey children will be decreased, too, when there are less mothers working in order to spend more time with their children. This would help in lowering the crime rates and teen pregnancy. The future generation will be brighter for the country, and the society will be a better place and lesser burden on the welfare system. Lesser women in the workplace would help in lessening the cases of sexual assault in the workplace and lower discouraged workers. Society will have better employment rates and lower suicidal rates.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

15 thoughts on “Working Mothers Raise Better Children?

  1. Liberals have destroyed their own argument with their patron saint Hillary Clinton

    Wouldn’t even know her name without Bill

    Behind every successful woman is a marriage to a more successful man who got her there (unless u did Harvey)

  2. A study done by Harvard, ok, then, moving on…
    A question to the ladies clinging to these kinds of studies:
    Are our families/churches/ culture/ state of our nation better with all these women in the workforce? If they are honest, the answer should be a resounding, “NO!”

  3. As my husband said, there would be lower unemployment rates if women would stay home. The feminist movement is seeking to destroy the family, and sadly already has done a good job of it.

    1. Sometimes I wonder how many poor men have been accused of sexual harrassment, but have been truly innocent. This whole harrassment battle lately has just fueled the fire for women’s rights in speaking out. We were commanded to be meek amd modest. Some men are guilty, I realize, but do question how many women are actually telling the whole truth. There is enmity between the sexes because women were never meant to work in the first place!

  4. I love how you answer people! Haha! You always answer the naysayers with confidence, kindness and TRUTH! I remember when one commenter said that your message is dangerous for women, and you matter of factly shot back, “No. Living in disobedience to God’s word is dangerous for women.” Haha! I showed it to my husband and we got the biggest kick out of that. I guess when you have truth on your side, nothing ruffles your feathers! Keep up the good work!

    PS- make more videos!!! I love your videos!

  5. Ugh! Gross! I don’t want my daughters to be career women or in power over men! I want them to be EXACTLY what God called them to be-godly mothers and wives who submit and love [to] their husbands. I don’t care about what the world says is successful, I care about what GOD says is successful!

    And how can they be ‘better’ when they are left in daycares from 6weeks old to 14 years old. Who is REALLY raising them! Rotations of people.

    This reminds me of a big argument my sister and I had when I got married and immediately became a housewife. She was very upset I didn’t do it the “right” way and felt I didn’t deserve it. Ya know, because I didn’t go to college-work for many years-then have babies. I did it GOD’s way, which is the ONLY right way! She could not understand that. Man, so glad I did because we have a blessed life!

    (I am very passionate about this topic!)

    1. My mom screamed at me just like your sister.

      My dad vacillates back and forth…one day calling me a loser and saying ‘the world doesn’t work that way anymore…when are you going to realize you need a real job’ and the next day being ‘yeah focus on hubby’

      Yesterday I worked for 5 hours (basically covering for someone who was ill) and I didn’t have the house nice and dinner ready on the table for when my husband came home….There was a .05% degree of chilliness in his demeanor…I don’t even think he knows about it…it’s an ingrained instinct…

      Go against male/female nature, the correct order of things, at your own peril.

  6. Yes, to this woman’s logic if you want to ‘blasphemy the Word of God’ in Titus 2 – the very being of JESUS.

    Yes, if you choose God’s Deut 30:19 choice of “death” that He has set before you.

    Yes, if you insist on interpreting through the language of the world and not through the language of God.

    Yes, if you want to separate the hearts of fathers and children – Mal 4:6.

    Yes, if you don’t fear God and keep His commandments – Eccl 12:14

    Yes, if you will deny Christ, the very Word of God, come to the earth in the flesh, and dwelt among us.

    But that’s a YES to eternal death.

    Rather, “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Rom 12:2 – back to what you really know is right!

  7. I think many women are afraid that if they don’t “demand our rights as women” and don’t “promote ouselves” they will get trampled. But that is false! It’s when a nation follows God’s Word, that they will not trample on anyone… man, woman, or child. Respect takes on a new meaning. Love becomes real, and kindness becomes the way of life. That is the root of the issue, if there really is an issue any more. I’m actually beginning to think that men could use a “men’s rights” movement! This has just gone way overboard.

  8. I love how so many women commenting are FOR mothers staying at home with their children and raising them. I have a lot of questions and would love to pick your brain (maybe in a separate email), but I am very passionate about this topic too. I love reading what you write and I am so with you on women need to stay home! My husband told me he talked to a WW2 vet and the vet told him, “You know when WW2 happened and women went to work, the problem today is that when the war was over they never came home.” Isn’t that the truth!!

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