“A Day, No Years, Without Men” in the Workforce

“A Day, No Years, Without Men” in the Workforce

A day, no years, without women in the workforce wouldn’t change a thing. Women think they’re invincible in the workforce but they aren’t. Men can easily and often better replace every single job that a woman has in the workforce. Our military would be stronger without women. Our police force would be stronger. Women make these institutions weaker and now we have these “sexual” problems in the military. Duh! This happens when we mix males and females in close quarters for months on ends and far away from home.

Societies would suffer greatly if men decided to take off a day from the workforce and and they would cease to exist if they took off a couple of years. Camille Paglie wrote, “Only a tiny number of women want to enter the trades where most of the nitty-gritty physical work is actually going on—plumbing, electricity, construction. Women have played virtually no role in the erection of those magnificent towers in every major city in the world. It’s men who operate the cranes or set the foundations or wash windows on the 85th floor. It’s men who troop out at 2:00 AM during an ice storm to restore power to neighborhoods where falling trees have brought down live wires. It’s men who mix the stinking, toxic cauldrons to spread steaming hot tar on city roofs. Last year in a nearby town, I drove by a huge, chaotic scene where emergency workers in hazmat suits were struggling with a giant pipe break, as raw sewage was pouring into the street. Of course all those workers up to their knees in a torrent of thick brown water were men! I’ve seen figures indicating that 92 per cent of people killed on the job are men—and it’s precisely because men are heroically doing most of the dangerous jobs in modern society.”

Our society couldn’t operate without men! They are the ones that God has given the muscle mass, testosterone, and strength to accomplish many things women cannot do but need. They are the protectors, inventors, and builders of all cultures and God designed it this way. Women who wanted to be like men were deceived by the enemy of their souls!

On the flip side, cultures have suffered terribly when women decide to leave their God-ordained sphere of influence – the home – and tried to take on men’s jobs. There’s few women left at home bearing and raising the next generation. This is catastrophic on many levels and we are seeing the ugly fruit that it has produced in all the cultures where this is happening. The younger generations have no ability to take care for the aging, much larger generations. Children have lost their way since they are no longer being raised and cared for by their very own mothers. Their mothers have decided their careers and making money is more important than loving their own children.

God has given men clearly defined roles and He has given women clearly defined roles and when they stop doing what they are supposed to be doing cultures die a slow, agonizing death. Go home, women. Tend to your husband, children, and homes. Make them sanctuaries of peace, warmth, and affection for your families. This is the greatest work that you can do because it was given to you by the Creator of everything.

She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

36 thoughts on ““A Day, No Years, Without Men” in the Workforce

  1. You know, Lori, I hadn’t even heard of the “day without women” until I read about it here on your blog. Perhaps that indicates that it really didn’t make much of an impact. I know if–God forbid–men did something similar, the impact would be very obvious. Like you pointed out, most women do not do the difficult, dirty, dangerous jobs that men do. I remember thinking this last winter when I saw a crew repairing a water main break in cold weather and said a prayer thanking God for the men who take the risk to perform such jobs.

    As always, thanks for sharing the Biblical perspective on these matters.

    1. Right, Lori and Lady Virtue. God’s divine flow chart is His creation. No wonder it works if we’ll work it!


  2. Absolutely. As much as women try to be as strong and tough as men, they will never be because God did not create them that way. An example, my husband and I work out. Now I can lift as much as I possibly can with my arms and do twice as many reps as he does, yet he still builds muscle and I only tone muscle (I don’t want to build muscle, I am only using this as an example). My husband is so much stronger than I could ever be, I’m not offended by that, I am thrilled by it. You see, God made men and women to compliment one another. He’s strong, and tough, I’m soft and nurturing. It’s the perfect combination. And one more thing I want to point out—- I am so very glad he is strong because God made him my protector! It’s funny how as long as he is here, everything is great and I sleep soundly, but if he’s not here I am anxious.

    I saw a post on fb from a woman talking about how men make more money than women and she used some ugly language, but boy did she get her point across. She pointed out that her husband worked really hard, physical labor and was out in the cold and rain and heat. She talked about how much harder his job is than anything she does, so she put of course he deserves to make more. I always want to remember how hard my husband works for me and our family. It is back breaking work and honestly, the very least I can do is have a hot meal prepared for him and offer him a back rub. I couldn’t do his job, really I probably couldn’t do half a day at his job, and thankfully I don’t have to, but you know what I can do? I can make sure I am showing him respect for it, I can make sure he has a meal when he walks through the door, I can make sure he knows I appreciate all his hard work and that he isn’t doing it for someone who is ungrateful. Yes, many women don’t think my “job” as a housewife is glamorous, but that doesn’t matter. God called me to this job, and I love my job! Ladies, you can’t improve upon God’s design, it’s perfect as it is so quit trying to.

    1. We raised two sons and two daughters. I can tell you we were a lot more protective about our daughters being out alone at night than we were our sons. Women are much more defenseless than men due to being the weaker vessel.

      You husband is very blessed to have you as his wife, HH! Thank you for being an inspiration and example to all of us.

    2. “I always want to remember how hard my husband works for me and our family…. I can make sure I am showing him respect for it…. I can make sure he knows I appreciate all his hard work and that he isn’t doing it for someone who is ungrateful.”

      You are a wise woman HH and your husband is a blessed man. You are building your house up.

    3. Lori,

      I love Happy Homemaker’s sentiments. I have a perfect example of the protector in a godly man.

      My FIL, 86, uffers from some dimentia, yet not a full-blown Alzheimer’s. My husband flew into Hartford on the very last flight allowed into the Northeast as Winter Storm Stella was about to hit. He climbed into his parent’s guest room’s bed at 1:30 am.

      He had just shut off the light when he heard a knock on the bedroom. My DH opened the door and his dad looked troubled. “What are you doing in here?” he wanted to know. DH said he recognized the look on his dad’s face. “It was the look of the protector Dad was and is. It is surely the same look I have on my face when I feel the need to protect my family from harm or prevent danger to them or others,” my DH explained.

      REAL men get this look on their face. It’s the face of boldness, and “I can do this!” It’s the countenance of courage and determination to get it done, whatever it takes, even if he’s 86. Sorry, ladies. Try as you might to imitate that– it’ll never happen. It’s fake, and God loathes fake. (So does my DH! That’ll preach!)

      Of course, my MIL and SIL had told Dad for weeks that his son David was coming for a visit. Even in my FIL’s state of dimentia, though he couldn’t put the events together correctly, he had heard a noise or something and had gotten up to check it all out.

      It amazed everyone to hear my DH tell this story. God has just simply “put it into” a man to protect their families or the helpless. He built it into them to yearn to provide, eager to serve and never turn a blind eye to the needy, his body a shield from hurt, harm or danger. I’d say that is exactly like our God, just like our Jesus. Greater love has no MAN than that!

      What a God!!!


      1. Yes, and no matter how much women want to pretend they are men, they never will be. It’s similar to what is happening among transgenders today. They are pretending to be someone they are not. Their DNA will always be who they were born as, ie, the way God made them.

      2. I love this. Sorry about your father in law, but it truly is a testament to the way I believe God made men to protect their families. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Years ago as a single lady I spent a year doing “temp” work. I was sent to various places of business around the city to fill in as a secretary/receptionist or file clerk. Basic office duties. I made a discovery that surprised me (though it shouldn’t have.) When I went to offices populated primarily by women, there was near constant drama and strife. The most calm and non-stressful office environments were those populated primarily by men. Men focused on the work. Women focused on competing with each other. Wow. I thought women believed in empowering and supporting each other?? Sorry to say I didn’t experience anything of the kind. Women in the workplace were angry and petty. I suppose this is terribly politically incorrect to say, but that’s what I experienced. It has kept me from thinking I am missing anything in the workforce. I don’t need to prove my worth by participating in a “day without women” or by marching around with a silly hat on my head. My worth comes from my Lord and Savior, who gifted me on this earth with a strong and protective husband. Thanks for the great post, Lori!

    1. You’re welcome, Tam, and yes, our worth comes from the Lord! I agree with the drama and strife that are usually attributed to women. This is why there are Bible verses about contentious women, quarreling women, and women tearing their homes down with their own hands. It’s also why the Apostle Paul admonished the younger women to get married, bear children, and guide the home so they wouldn’t “learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not” (1 Timothy 5:13).

    2. Tam,

      Wasn’t that an incredible discovery?!?! My SIL is a nurse, and even he noticed that the “drama and strife” that was there when he first started working at a particular place full of female employees leveled somewhat because of the masculine element he added to the mix. The gals would seek his (leadership) advice on some matters and he would just tell them like it was. Funny how he usually proved to be right!

      He said he could only imagine what these gals’ homes and marriages were like as they were bossy, snippy, moody, and fake x 18 in their backbiting, gossiping and confrontational attitudes.

      My daughter once worked at a bank. She was frequently promoted (likely because she knew how to be a submitted wife…) and worked in many of the state’s branches. She was often asked by the top managers, “What is that branch’s problem? What is it lacking to get their act together?” VERY OFTEN was my daughter’s reply: “YOU WANT THE TRUTH?! THEY NEED A MAN IN THAT BRANCH!” Of course, that is sexism and gender bias and we all know they cannot hire based on sex or gender.

      Angry and petty. You hit the nail on the head. You hammered it, Tam! I’m glad you made the better choice, to see yourself through God’s eyes, serving Him alongside your good husband.


    3. I am hesitant to comment on this but I have to call out difficult truth when I see it and bless you Tam for speaking out on this matter.

      Women in the workforce make the job so much more (unnecessarily) difficult and wearisome. The emotions… the “feelings” that have to be considered… the drama… the stress… the strife… the tears… and if tears don’t cause them to get their way, then the anger (fangs and claws) comes out. Women expect (and these days INSIST) that the men speak and act according to THEIR sensibilities because after all, men are BAD and women are GOOD. Every request has to be made with a smile on your face and start with “please” and end with “thank you” or they get upset. I have even been publicly (in front of other women in the office) admonished by a woman that if I want to make a request of her, it better start with please and end with thank you. It seems that women in the workplace can say anything they want (and be as disrespectful as they want) to the men without any fear but it does not go both ways. Men dealing with other men can offer constructive criticism (iron sharpening iron, often with good result) without fear of hurting their feelings but we can’t say anything to the women or it’s tears, or claws, or complaints to HR and we get another stern talking to (typically by another woman) and off we go to sensitivity training.

      The women are constantly playing games and causing trouble as if a quiet (do women ever shut up?), peaceful, low stress, efficient and productive office environment is just intolerable. The women not only compete and fight with each other but with the men also (sometimes ganging up and conspiring together against them) and if there isn’t an issue to compete or contend over, they will invent one.

      Then when the men go home after having spent 8+ hours of trying to do their jobs while dealing with this unnecessary female nonsense all day, their wives wonder why we have so little emotional energy left to deal (rightly) with her if she is being a bit talkative (nothing wrong with this), or (the normal amount of) needy, or a little petty, or whatever normal thing that we should be happy and able to deal with but the women at work have already drained (stolen from) us of our emotional capacity for the day.

      Women in the workplace is a lose-lose-lose situation.

      1. Hi Trey,
        I loved your comment so much I shared it with my husband. He did say you left out a few scenarios like the inappropriate office romances which prevent you from treating a colleague like a colleague because of their affair with the boss.

        Anyway, I always enjoy it when you chime in. Thank you.

        1. Anna Mary,
          Thank you for the encouraging words and yes, I left out quite a few difficult scenarios. Another is the women in the office going after the married men.

          Women who work in the world know what goes on but you SAHM’s need to understand not only the aggravations and difficulties but also the temptations your husbands can be faced with on any given day and sometimes over a long period of time. You really need to be taking care of your man as there are women out there (at Satan’s behest) gunning for him. This is another topic that Debi Pearl so clearly explains. How well you take care of your husband (in and out of the bedroom) can make a big difference in how easy, or difficult it will be for him to ward off the unsolicited offers and advances THAT WILL COME from women (that he is unable to avoid) in the workplace.

          1. Plus, all the men that are out of work because of the competition that women have brought to the table and taken away men’s jobs. Men NEED to work and provide. God made them this way.

        2. Ahemmm, Trey……aren’t these same issues also happening in the local church leadership and body (as well as in “the church”) today?? Does this not make scriptures like I Tim 2:12, I Cor 14:33-35 and I Pet 3:2-4 even more poignant?

        3. Lori and Anna Mary,

          I often read Trey’s comments to my good man, too. I want other women to ‘hear’ me notice godly, good advice from men. I want my husband to ‘hear’ me agree with wisdom inspired from above, too.


  4. Hi Lori,

    I’ve been following your blog and bought our book as well, and trying to apply Godly principles of submission in my marriage. My question is this – what about women in the medical field? I am a stay at home mom/homemaker, but I have quite a few relatives including my mom and sister who are nurses. My husband thinks the medical field is not for women since they can be exposed to naked men, or inappropriate behavior by men. But, he does not like for me to be treated by men- only women, unless it is an extreme situation or there are no women specialists available. I’ve tried to gently let him see that this thinking contradicts himself, but he just says, let the unchristian women work in the medical field.

    The argument here is not if women should work outside the home period, it’s if her husband does want her to work, what is an appropriate field, and to him, the medical field (besides things like dentistry and eye care) should be off limits to Christians (even men since they will come in contact with exposed women). Every woman I’ve talked to that is a nurse or in the medical field says they see the patients as their job, nothing more, and in most cases they do not even have time to realize what they are looking at if it is an exposed man. My guess is that it also has to do with the differences with men and women, men being more visual and vulnerable to serial sin, so I think that is why he thinks women would react the same.

    Any thoughts on this?

    1. I have never pondered this before. I had a male OB-GYN deliver all four of my babies and I honestly didn’t think much about it. My doctor was an older man who delivered many babies. In the olden days, it was midwives who delivered the babies and they didn’t need years of schooling and exorbitant costs of medical school in order to deliver babies like they do today. My Grandmother and many of my aunts had the same woman deliver all of their babies in their homes.

      I am not trying to tell all women and men how they are to live their lives. I teach younger women who love the Lord and His ways what the Word commands I teach them. Godly women should want to be married, bear children, and guide the home. Their desires shouldn’t be for medical degrees or any other type of career that keeps them from being able to marry, have children at a younger age and stay home with them full time.

      God wants a family; a family who loves Him and wants to live their lives the way He has told them to do so. He wants a remnant who aren’t afraid to go against the culture’s norms and live godly lives.

      1. Being a midwife takes quite a bit of money. It takes 2-3 years of bookwork, education, hands on experience and apprenticing plus testing and continuing education, equipment, insurance, seminars, training days, office space to rent, etc etc. It isn’t cheap but worth it to have someone fully qualified for the job.

        1. Yes, it’s too bad that it takes so much time and money in order to become a midwife these days. In the olden days, they learned from experience. The midwife who delivered all of my grandmother’s and aunt’s children had a ton of hands on experience and never lost a baby due to negligence, even after delivering babies for over 30 years. I am sure she had little of the “education” midwives must have today.

          1. I’m grateful for the advances those in the birtb field have now. There were just as many horror stories as there were success stories back then as well. Thankfully qualified midwives today make birth even more safer than it was in the past. Standards of care are way up and any midwife who is careless or negligent is brought up before the complaint committees and are dealt with swiftly. Today many midwives work together with OBGYNs and often refer clients to each other since some women need to be under an OBGYN’s care.

    2. Mban,

      Find a lady doctor that your husband is comfortable with. He is your husband and it is best to be submitted to him in everything that is not sinful. You will not be held accountable for what your in-laws, parents or siblings do. You will not be held accountable for what your husband chooses. You will be held accountable for your choices. Your own opinion of disagreement does not have to roll out of your mouth. Ponder these things, like Jesus’ mother Mary did, and keep them to yourself. Pray about the matter(s) and for your husband to be wise in everything.

      If you are in an emergency situation and a male professional takes care of you somehow, that is not your fault, but when you have a choice, always try your very best to please your good husband, whether that’s working outside the home or receiving medical treatment or advice for your body. Whether something is right or wrong, your husband will answer for his own choices. It’s always right for a wife to do what is right.


      1. Thanks for the replies!
        Yes, I made sure to have all female doctors and midwives currently so it is not an issue right now, but we do have 3 girls (so far) and it came up because he said he wouldn’t want them working in the medical field.

        I try to do things as he likes it, sometimes it’s hard to keep my opinions to myself but I’m working on it! He also always says he doesn’t want a wife that has no opinions and doesn’t put her input in, so I try to find the balance between not saying anything and saying too much. Praying for wisdom for myself and for my husband as well!?

  5. Lori,

    Three cheers to God for His wise creation of strong, masculine, powerful men! Hip-hip-hooray and Halleujah x 3!

    Three cheers for selfless, “just doing my job,” “my family comes first,” heroes– OUR STRONG, MASCULINE, POWERFUL, AND GODLY MEN! Hip-hip-hooray and Hallelujah x 3!


    1. I agree with you 100%, Kelley! Feminism has tried with all its might to destroy men and masculinity and I am so thankful that there are men who don’t give a hoot about feminism. They simply continue to do what they are supposed to do: work hard, provide, protect, build, create, etc. Our lives would be horrible without them.

  6. I just don’t understand the whole “independent woman” trend. Are we really going to pretend that women don’t need men? Of course we need men. And it doesn’t make us any less, because men need women too. No man alive would be here without a man AND a woman. It’s our interdependence that works so well, people seem to forget that.

    1. This is what many are pretending today, Taylor, and it all comes from selfishness and pride. It’s been so destructive on our culture and yes, we need each other. You are so right.

  7. What you are writing is very true. What would u advise me to do? I have a part time job that has helped alot in raising some money for us to run the home. It has been very helpful because my husband who is working had got into financial problems and was not able to support us for about two and a half years. He insisted i get a job and i got one. good enough, it’s conditions have been very lenient as we have two small children, i actually went to work with the youngest for over 7 months.

    I would love to stay home and be with my babies full time.

    My husband has always said he wants me working, even if at a simple job, but he wants me doing something so that he knows that in case of any eventuality, i can support the children.
    How do i respectfully convince him that it is better for me to stay at home?

    Thank you Lori.

    1. Ask the Lord to convict and change his mind, Cadreen. Buy the book “Home By Choice” and the author shares studies that prove the importance of mothers being home and at the right time try to share them with him. Keep casting your cares upon the Lord.

      Many men today have bought the feminist lie that women need to work outside of their homes, unfortunately, but God can change your husband’s mind.

  8. I love your posts and this blog! Thank you for speaking TRUTH! I don’t know how you get away with saying some of the stuff that you do, haha… But as a born-again, Bible-believing Christian, it’s refreshing and validating to read what you write! 🙂

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