Anxiety Over the Election

Anxiety Over the Election

Many of you are anxious about the election being held today. It seems to be a battle between good and evil. Many things are at stake like the lives of the unborn, our freedoms, and basic human decency. We’ve prayed daily but still can’t find peace about this. What are we to do?

I had my first radiation treatment yesterday. I was extremely nervous about it since my experience with Cyber Knife seven years ago was traumatic for me. I asked for prayer that I would experience the peace that passes understanding since the Lord has told us to not worry about anything but with prayer and supplication make our requests made known unto Him and the peace that passes understanding will guard our hearts and mind (Philippians 4:6). I repeated this over and over to myself. I wanted my heart and mind filled with His peace.

My first treatment wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, thankfully. Yes, I was still anxious when they lowered the mask over my face and bolted it tightly to the table, but the treatment time was MUCH shorter than with Cyber Knife, the mask wasn’t nearly as claustrophobic, and the new machine was much quieter. For this, I am thankful since I only have 27 more treatments to go!

Do I always handle anxiety perfectly? NO! I was a nervous wreck before my two brain surgeries, neck fusion, and radiation, but I can say, without a doubt, that the prayers of many carried me through, and God’s grace is indeed sufficient. He promises to never leave nor forsake us.

In these tumultuous times where the future seems to be at stake, we must remind ourselves that God is still on His throne. He already knows who will win the election, and what our future holds. He wants us to continue to obey Him by loving Him and loving others. Teach your children His ways and to trust Him even through the dark times. If you think of past generations all over the world, most have had it SO much harder than all of us. Yes, we will all suffer on this earth. In fact, we are promised tribulation, but we can take heart because He has overcome the world.

Continue to love your husband and children. Show them that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Serve them with gladness; for when you are serving them, you are serving the Lord. Be kind to those around you. As our culture grows darker, we must shine brighter; for we have the God of the universe living inside of us. Our eternal future is secure in Him. We can rejoice in all of this and be thankful for the many blessings that we have regardless of who wins the election.

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
Romans 13:1

17 thoughts on “Anxiety Over the Election

  1. What beautiful words to start my morning with. Praying for your treatments. Please give updates as you feel comfortable doing so-so many of us will never meet here on earth, but one day…??

  2. What a wonderful reminder and exhortation! (I’d already promised my husband I wouldn’t make one of the hysterical videos crying in the bathtub or yelling in the car no matter the outcome ?) I’m also so happy to hear that your procedure went well.

  3. Lori, I am glad to hear that your procedure went well. I will continue to pray for you. God indeed is still on His throne and he wants us to turn to Him. Worrying is not going to change the election outcome. I’m glad I read this post today as a reminder of the One who is in ultimate control.

  4. You claim that freedoms will be taken away by the left…yet advocate to have Women’s right to vote taken away…who really wants to take away rights? I don’t understand your stance.

  5. Thank you! Thank you!!
    Praising God for his goodness and mercy.
    You don’t walk alone in your trails.
    We will continue to pray for you.

  6. I’m in Australia, so the election doesn’t immediately affect me per se. While I am sure Trump will win, we won’t really know until all votes have been counted. Praying for Trump, America as a whole and your treatments Lori. We can take comfort in knowing that God will have the victory in the end.

  7. I have never advocated that women’s right to vote be taken away. I just want people to realize that women overwhelmingly vote for Democrats and how much women voting has harmed America. They vote for the party that advocates for the murder of unborn babies up and through birth. This is an atrocity.

  8. Please pray for my friend’s 5 year old son. He’s going through radiotherapy as well and has to wear the mask. He’s a brave little soul and isn’t taking a sedative for the therapy (the family is trying to avoid excessive meds). He was diagnosed with DIPG (very slim diagnosis, less than 5% survive 2 years after diagnosis). The family is just making the most out of their time together but they are still praying for a miracle.

  9. @M

    No one says women should have their votes taken away. The problem is feminism has manipulated women into not taking responsibility for themselves and that has affected the country. They made abortion legal and now the morals of the younger generations are screwed up. I don’t want women to lose the vote but democratic women tend to vote with short sighted ideas and refuse to vote the same as their husband, effectively nullifying a mans’ vote. If they valued these things more I wouldn’t have a problem.

    Also thank you for the post Lori. I went out shopping today to avoid watching the news and stressing so this post was nice to come back to.

  10. I pray every day for you to recover and I know that the Lord is on your side. You are one of the few people left still upholding Gods word and maintaining a holy life. May you have a swift recovery.

  11. Dear Lori, you are one brave soul. Am so glad the Lord is Sovereign, and will look out for you, and your family.

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