Do You Cause Evil to Be Spoken About God’s Word?

Do You Cause Evil to Be Spoken About God’s Word?

Christians don’t like to talk much about blaspheming God’s word. In fact, I have never heard a sermon on this topic, have you? But God is clear in His Word that there are ways that we blaspheme His Word (speak evil of God’s Word). One way we are told is if young women are not keepers at home. “That they may teach the young women to be…keepers at home…that the word of God be not blasphemed” (Titus 2:4, 5).

In Debi Pearl’s book, she gave one of her own life illustrations on what this meant. She was dropping one of her daughter’s off to be watched by someone else but there was this very suspicious man there so she quickly decided not to leave her daughter there. Many awful things happen to little children when they are away from their mothers. This is one way women who aren’t keepers at home blaspheme the word of God. God created mothers to watch over and protect their children. And how can they raise godly offspring if they aren’t the ones raising them full time?

I asked the women in the chat room how women not being keepers at home could blaspheme God’s Word and here are some of their answers.

 “It blasphemes the word of God in that it has potential to promote abortion. Many women blame their abortion on having to ‘pursue a degree or career’ as if motherhood is a trivial matter.”

 “The attitude of entitlement that comes from working out of the home: that the money is yours, that you deserve or don’t deserve certain things, that the husband do his share of housework because you both work outside the home, that your job is just as important as his, at least you are using your education unlike those women who stay at home, etc.”

“In our extended family, the working mom takes on a dominant position over her husband. There is no submission to the husband. In order to keep the family ‘happy,’ he lets her!”

 “It blasphemes God’s Word because it is a denial of the truth of what God has commanded. It’s believing Satan’s lie that ‘you surely won’t die,’ but couched in different phrases: ‘You surely can work outside the home.’ ‘You surely can chase your education/career aspirations.’ ‘You surely can let someone else watch/educate your children.’ ‘You surely can demand equal rights with men,’ etc. It is blasphemous because it is a filtering of God’s Word and His commands through the lens of modern culture instead of filtering the culture and its ideas through the lens of Scripture. It is making gods of ourselves because we think we know better than God, the Creator, who fashioned humans and familial and social dynamics and knows under what conditions they work best. It is a refusal to live the crucified life for Jesus and yet wanting to claim to be a follower of Him.”

That they may teach the young women to be…keepers at home…that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

*Here is a more in depth post on this topic called Why Does Not Being a Keeper at Home Blaspheme God’s Word that I wrote a year ago in which I used commentaries to help me write it.

5 thoughts on “Do You Cause Evil to Be Spoken About God’s Word?

  1. Hi Lori

    I have always read but never commented. I am a firm believer in God and His Word and by His grace He reclaimed me from the corporate world where I had a very successful senior management job. He brought me home and my husband was fully supportive. We had only 2 children at the time and our lives were crazy busy. We begun homeschooling and now have five children. The pace of life is calmer and the children are learning about God. My husband is happier and I couldn’t dream of going back to work or leaving my precious children in another’s care. We are a young couple living in another continent and far away from family. By the time I left work, we hadn’t saved enough for a deposit on a mortgage but we felt an urgency to obey God’s Word there and then and trust Him to provide. He has been faithful to provide for us; we have one very old car but it’s a trustworthy runner. However over time, the pressure of renting a home big enough for our growing family on a single income is building and people will not let their houses to a family with more than two children; and that is the least of the ostracism that we face. Please pray for us as we have to vacate our current home in a year’s time because we are struggling to keep up with the rent payments as they take more than half my husband’s income and it’s imprudent for us to neglect our savings as five little ones are relying on us. It’s not a glamorous life this; but that is God’s will for us. May He enable us to be and do what He wills us to be and do.

  2. The thing is many women don’t believe they are blaspheming the Word of God by not being keepers at home. They either don’t believe it’s for today or they will say God wants them to use their talent and not waste it by being at home.

  3. I have seen that verse lived out before my own eyes. My wife decided that instead of being a keeper at home, that she would lie, steal our sons, and run off to her parents with them. She had also been having an online affair with a divorced former sex partner of hers, from where her parents live, at that same time. She slandered me to her family as abusive, and felt entitled to make herself out to be a victim, because I had yelled at her after she defiantly refused to unfriend yet another man, from out there, who was sending her nude photos. While I had previously had a positive Christian testimony with her family, her father told me to shove my Bible up my A$$. I seriously doubt I will ever regain the testimony for Christ I once had with her unsaved family. I also now don’t believe her “faith” or repentance from her sins were ever really legitimate. Please pray for us and our two boys. She tells everybody at her new church that she wants to reconcile, while refusing to even speak of it with me, or to participate in any joint marriage counselling or mediation. While she has defrauded me for our entire marriage, the “family courts” will continue to make certain that she gets our sons, our property, and more than half of all my income, through “no Fault” of my own. She gets rewarded for doing this to the boys and I, while I get ruined, and the boys get emotionally damaged. I believe 95% of the “Christians” she talks to, cheer her on after hearing her false perspective on things. If people would just side with God’s word, then they wouldn’t be deceived by her deceptive stories denying or excusing all of her wickedness. but hardly anybody makes decisions based upon God’s principles anymore. Anyhow, I have gone from an outspoken testimony for Christ, to a laughingstock in the world, because of a wife who is not content to keep her own home.

    1. The 2nd best selling book in world history, right behind the Bible, is Pilgrim’s Progress, about a man whose wife won’t heed his call to Christianity. So he goes on alone, without her, and is guided by God. Long after, his wife follows.

      Having a wife out of subjection is quite a trial.

      The Bible clearly says,
      ‘It is better to dwell in the corner of a rooftop than to dwell with a brawling woman’


      It is better to dwell in the desert than with an angry and contentious woman’.

      Hosea dealt with an unfaithful wife, Gomer, and he has been an inspiration to mankind for thousands of years.

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