Mothers at Home, You are a Magnificent Success!

Mothers at Home, You are a Magnificent Success!

“Your choice to be a subtle whore leech. My choice to pursue my MBA and 40 year career. I am far above you in every level.” This is a comment I received on my blog the other day. Yes, I receive many hateful comments but this one will be disproved by what I am going to share today. In The Federalist, there is an article called Why Do Feminists Say Women Aren’t a Success if They Focus on Family?

The author shares the feminist agenda for women today: “get an undergraduate education; get more education to qualify for a white-collar profession; get married; wait the prerequisite few years to ‘establish’ yourself in your career; then and only then have a baby or two; go back to work and carry on exactly as if you didn’t have a baby or two; outsource the raising of those babies to other (typically poorer) women; encourage your children to perpetuate this cycle.”

If you don’t follow this feminist agenda, you are looked down upon as this woman clearly told about me on my blog. No, I am not a whore because I don’t deprive my husband of sexual intimacy. I am obeying God by not depriving him (1 Corinthians 7:5). No, I am not a leech because I don’t bring home a paycheck. (She gets this from none other than Betty Friedan who described full-time mothers as ‘parasites’ and more recently, a ‘deplorable’ by Hillary Clinton.) I am obeying God by being a keeper at home (Titus 2:5). No, I don’t have an MBA nor a 40 year career. I have been married for 38 years to the same man. I have raised four children and have been blessed with nine grandchildren so far. I have been a homemaker for 33 years but to feminists, I am a failure. Thankfully, I don’t live my life to please feminists. I live to please the LORD.

“A feminist culture that disparages full-time motherhood necessarily places intense pressure on women to continue working and to maintain their level of professional success even after becoming mothers.” I am hear to tell you that you don’t have to continue working outside of the home when you have children. Who cares if you are called a whore, leech, deplorable, parasite, or whatever other degrading words feminists want to call you. You are a child of the Most High King, the Lord of LORDS, and loved by Him. He wants you to be a keeper at home and love on your babies and children full time. This is His will for you!

This article does mention that a full two-thirds of working women do not want to be working full time but few people are telling them that they don’t need to be. In fact, the workforce is not where they are called to be!

I love how this article ends: “When I envision female role models, the formidable Paglia comes to mind, but so does a woman who has chosen to embrace a more ‘traditional, gender-based role.’ ‘Laurie’ is a relative from my home town, a warm-hearted woman in her early 70s. She is the matriarch of a family of three grown-up children, their spouses, and six grandchildren. She has been married to her husband ‘John’ for over 50 years.

“Their division of labour was conventional: he worked outside the home and she worked inside it. Laurie does not have an undergraduate degree. Laurie has devoted her entire life to family and community. With Jane’s superficial understanding of what it means to be a successful person, I think she would view Laurie as just a small-town housewife, someone below her: a failure.

“She is not a failure, Jane. She is a magnificent success.”

Mothers at home full time, you are NOT a failure!!! You are a magnificent success. You are doing exactly what God commands that you do! There is NO more important job than raising the next generation. Don’t listen to the lies of our culture and find joy in God’s good, and acceptable, and perfect will for you.

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.
1 Peter 2:9

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  1. Indeed! NEVER let anyone tell you you aren’t worth as much as the CEO, or a “nasty woman”! The traditional woman, surrounded by the love of her family is far happier in the long run than the embittered “nasty woman” with broken homes and resentful children…

  2. I needed to hear this today. Thanks so much, Lori. I often get caught in the daily grind and it’s hard to have an eternal perspective sometimes.

  3. Living a life of sacrifice, serving your husband and raising the future (if you are blessed with children) is a high calling. For this calling to be denigrated to “whore leech” shows a willing ignorance on the part of this “successful” woman. She is one broken hip away from being left in a nursing home and forgotten by the world she worshipped. She has spent most of her time in vanity where she could easily have been replaced by any man who could have done the same job. If she had children, she spent more time without them than with them. So when she is languishing in Over the Hill Nursing Home she’ll finally learn that the world lied to her. She’ll spend more time with strangers in her “golden” years than with family. All those people she worked with for over 40 years day in and day out and poured her life into, she’ll be lucky to get a Christmas card from. When she is in eternity she’ll only be a couple of dates and a name on a family tree.

    The Godly woman who has spent her time loving and serving her family will reap the benefits of being surrounded by family willing to serve her when she no longer can help herself. They will honor her and bring all the new babies by to see her. When she is gone to her eternal reward they will still talk about her and how they miss her. She will leave her example of love and service which they will try to emulate making their lives better as well as the whole world around them.

  4. This kind of harridan who sent you that nasty and vicious nonsense is created by selfish men, who verbally abuse women until they become the money making playthings that they want them to be. She is a slave of a sick society, and doesn’t realize a college degree today is practically worthless. Nothing these college graduates learn can’t be learned for free in the library, yet they are insanely and unreasoningly proud of it.

    Women like the one who sent you this diatribe would find it impossible to live in a society where just, moderate, wise, courageous, and virtuous men dominated. No one would pay them any attention.

  5. That is just an awful comment. For 1) from a feminist sexually liberated mindset I don’t even get the “whore” reference, housewives can have gratifying intimate lives (I would say way more gratifying) 2) this woman has no right to make a judgement, she hasn’t even lived a day in a housewife’s shoes.

    Speaking from experience, I have been “just” a housewife for 11 of my 17 year marriage, have 2 beautiful, smart, loving kids and couldn’t be more satisfied with my life and choices.

    I think I will keep trusting the Lord, his ways are always right.

  6. One of my weaknesses are crime shows. Years ago there was an amazing, AMAZING line from the character of ‘Rossi’ from Criminal Minds. He was speaking to a female detective:

    “No, I don’t remember you, but that would explain the hair that you claim to have found in the storage unit. The hair was a keepsake I’m guessing. YOU HELD ONTO IT AS A VESTIGE OF THE FEMININITY YOU RELINQUISHED IN THE PURSUIT OF YOUR CAREER AMBITIONS.”

    I believe the longer you play in the sandbox, with the boys, competing with them, little by little you actually rewire your mind and heart to be masculine, thereby turning yourself into one of them: A boy. You may have a vagina and breasts but as soon as you open your mouth, you sound like a male.

    I’m pretty sure there’s science to back this up. The more masculine actions, the more testosterone is released, bathing the mind in more testosterone, releasing more etc. The same with feminine actions.

  7. I find the mental gymnastics compelling:

    “Your choice to be a subtle whore leech. My choice to pursue my MBA and 40 year career. I am far above you in every level.”

    Let’s really look at the words she uses and what they reveal.

    The choice to align yourself in the position or role that is one of surrender (the homemaker), is really no different than the choice to align yourself in a position or role of student that is surrendered under the professor, to get the grades for the course that the professor teaches — the professor is in the position of superiority — THEY give the grades. Then, after the ‘subtle whoring’ to get grades from MANY different professors … solicits herself further, to MANY different bosses surrendering to ALL of them for a paycheque; as an employee, which is, again … a position (or role) of inferiority.

    Because let’s be honest, that’s what the commenter means by “whore leech” … it’s about who’s in charge and who’s paying. A women who chooses to get her paycheque from her husband (ONE MAN–paying her way) is no different than a woman choosing to get her paycheque from the boss she must answer to (ONE company paying her way). At the end of her life, it is the woman with the career that will actually be “the whore” because she’s had multiple “bosses” that she’s exchanged her time with for her living. Not to mention all the companies that she’s attached herself to to ‘leech’ a paycheque from (… to pay her way)

    In order for her to be truly not a leech, she’ll have to do it all by herself, aligning herself in no surrendered position … answering to NO ONE: start her own company and work for herself. OH wait, then you are beholden to the government.

    See my point. We are all in working for someone. Her comments reveal MUCH more about the lofty view she has of herself (pure narcissist) than about the “hating the stay@home” schtik.

  8. You’re absolutely right, Robyn! We are all beholden to someone and I would much rather be beholden to my husband who loves me than some stranger who doesn’t.

  9. I have 2 adult children. I think to myself “how did you get to have an almost 30 year old!”. Anyway, I find it extremely difficult to accept praise of any kind. I do, graciously though. People often tell me how much of an amazing job I have done raising a child with a disability. Success is having happy, well adjusted, independent kids. And I am so lucky my kids are that.

  10. “I don’t live my life to please feminists. I live to please the LORD.”

    This is the summed up version of all you do. Whatever the world asks of women, is the exact opposite of the Lord’s intention. Juxtapose them.

    Thank you, Lori, for living out via both example and words what it means to be a woman, a daughter in Christ, a child of God.

  11. Further thought on the “whore” comment: The commenter obviously regards sex as purely transactional–you give me money, shelter, etc, I give you sex–rather than a unifying bond between husband and wife. She grudges the showing of love to another; any sacrifice must be resented, any display of affection doled out with a stinginess that would make unreformed Scrooge blush. In other words, she doesn’t know what love is.

  12. The most interesting thing to me about this is the thought process behind that woman’s need to leave you that comment. If she is indeed “far above you” why even bother? Wouldn’t she be far too busy? I think that perhaps she instead feels far below you and needs to strike out as a way to suppress those feelings.

    As most honest men will tell you, even guys, as your career gets toward the end, can’t help but acknowledge that it’s rewards pale in comparison to the joys of your family. Women have been sold a fools bargain by godless corporations.

  13. You said it right!
    I stayed home to raise my children while my hubby went to a paying job. Often when people would introduce themselves, ask me what I did, and heard “Full-Time Mother” they’d discontinue the conversation. (I dislike the term stay-at-home mom; it sounds derogatory.) Sometimes women would say “You’re lucky to be able to stay home.” I never thought I was “lucky,” I thought my husband and I had made a decision we would stick with. We were blessed that he was able to focus on his career, and he is successful. Interestingly, Career Women loved to tell me they were also Full-Time Moms. A ridiculous assertion. No one can spend 40+ hours/week on a career, AND spend 40+hours/week being best wife you can, raising your kids, and keeping the household together! Add that to the list of lies the feminists tell. Teachers always asked if I was home with my kids, and when I said “yes”, they said “we knew it” My kids became the best they could be: both are smart, got great grades, had wonderful friends and have a great start as young adults with careers. But the most important part is that they are honest, hard working, good people to be around. I never knew the Full-Time Mother career would pay dividends, but it has. I am richly blessed by their love and success, and blessed with a terrific husband of 28 years. Maybe those gals have a lot of money to buy stuff, but they cannot buy what I have produced – ever -, and they cannot buy the feeling of satisfaction, either. It was difficult at times, but very much worth it, and I would do it again.
    Thanks again, and God Bless You!

  14. Hmm, a 40-year career, eh? How sad to be so close to old age having such a vicious, horrible spirit. If that’s not a warning against choosing such a path, I don’t know what is.

    Keep up the good fight, Lori! You are doing amazing work.

  15. Shifting blame to men for women’s bad behavior is a disgusting feature of modern feminism. Are women children who have no moral agency?

  16. Spot on. As you point out, she only understands transactional conditional love. I am afraid that the last two generations do not understand what sacrificial Christian love is, which is the basis for our relationship with God and in our marriage. Without this understanding, knowing God Almighty is impossible as God is love. Romans 5:8 “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

  17. That’s the problem with modern feminism. They tell women that they can be anything they want to be, but if a woman wants to be a mother or God forbid, a homemaker, they turn on her.

  18. I just read this and I love it! Your blog is so encouraging to read as a Christian who stays at home I struggled with those thoughts for awhile until God showed me it’s not from him I’m doing what he wants me to do! I’m new to blogging I hope to encourage people the same way!

  19. “Mothers At Home, You’re A Magnificent Success” Amen! Thank you so much for this inspiring and uplifting message. I badly need to hear it and be reminded that I did a good job raising three wonderful ,smart and loving kids (ages 19 ,16 and 8)who will always remember that mom is always available for them because she insisted that taking care of them herself is her God- given career and that no one can ever replace her in her children’s hearts. I have been a stay-at home mom for twenty-two years now but three years ago, my husband started bullying me and telling me that I’m useless and a parasite. He has now absorb the feminist lies of this world. He has become a backslidden Christian because he does not even read the Bible anymore. He gets offended when I ask him to have a devotion with me. Please pray for my family. He does not even treat me as a wife anymore. All because he is now comparing me to other career women.

  20. You are an absolutely amazing woman. I am a deacon in our Church and have seen so many issues lately because people aren’t following the Word of God. Our pastor once said that we aren’t ready for the progressive way of thinking in which women will be deacons (like He hasn’t read the Bible, and I wasn’t there when it was said). So yes, we have been having issues for many months and I come home angry from Church service and not sure how to handle the situation. I handle it the best way I can when I am in front of Church and speaking the proper Word of God. But this is why we found your site today (from a quick search about women working).

    My wife and I have been reading your website for some time now (many hours today) and 100% agree with everything we have read. We try our absolute best to follow God’s design for creation and for us. We have 3 amazing daughters (10, 8, 2) we are raising right now. God blessed me (I wish I could tell you the story but it’s long) with a work at home job (some travel) and my wife and I run a couple of other businesses from home. God takes care of us and blesses us greatly (Romans 8:28). But, if we have some issues like Job we’ll know that He is still working out all things for good for us. We’ll go through whatever we need to go through for God to raise us to a higher level. God knows He can count on us. We are purchasing multiple books of yours from Amazon and going to place them on a table in our small church. Wow, at the Amazon reviews. I figured as much. People can be very nasty, and I tell them to not get mad at me and challenge me because I’m not the one who created you and has a plan for you (your chance of receiving life is 1 in 400 trillion and HE gave you life!!!). If you want to be nasty, go straight to God and tell Him you don’t like His design. And guess what? You’re not winning that battle. God is the ALMIGHTY creator and designer of ALL THINGS. God has been around for infinity and we have been here for less than 100 years. So I say: “HE knows more than you.” Did you create the universe? Did you create every living creature? Do you control the weather, the rain, the atmosphere? Do you give people life?

    Anything that goes against the Word of God will not end up well. When the Word of God is followed, things will go amazingly for you! And that, Lori, is what’s going to happen for you. Amazing things. And I appreciate you standing up and fighting for God. My wife and I will do the same. I pray for the 3 beautiful blessings that God gave my wife and I that they will one day find men of God who lead them the right way. The only way to fight hatred is with love. So no matter how nasty people get, those people need to know that we still love them as the people God created. We’ll meet you in heaven one day. We can’t wait. Awesome work!

  21. Thank you, Josh! Yes, I have been getting cruel comments for many years. This is my go to verse in how to handle them: “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them” (Romans 16:17). Yes, most women in the churches have been breathing the feminist air their entire lives and are in rebellion to God’s perfect will for them but thankfully, His Word never comes back void.

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