Is Socialism Good For Mothers?

Is Socialism Good For Mothers?

Women from socialist countries have tried to convince me that living in a socialist country is great! They have many months off after having a baby. They have free daycare and everything else. They have it made, right? Here’s from a woman who lives in a socialist country:

“I live in a place where most women work. There is ‘excellent’ childcare in my country which means they’re in free education from the age of two and a half years old. Why stop work for longer than the four month maternity leave they so generously give? You can even prolong it to five or six months if you’re nursing. Infant nurseries are paid according to income, sliding scale, with assured wages for the childcare. It sounds like heaven. I know some of the women providing childcare and they are lovely, maternal women. But if a woman never unplugs, only seeks to ‘organize well’ so she can juggle everyone’s expectations, and her own…

“How can she ever slow down enough to feel her desire to stop? To just rest. To be present without a thought of the next day’s obligations? It makes for a lot of frazzled or self-righteous individuals. Families break up from stress. ‘Why don’t YOU fold the laundry for once!?’ Affairs are a temptation. Women are robots full of loving words and timetables embedded in their routines. You need regular vacations to make it work. Absenteeism is rampant. Burn out common for both sexes and fewer families or women have babies. Or want them. Or plan to have them. Men are just sad or ready to take advantage of the increased money in the bank account.

“Most keep separate accounts and split in percentages. ‘You make less so you pay the electricity; I’ll pay the mortgage.’ Super romantic, not. And the children are busy, in activities, busy, plugged into their peer group and antagonistic to parents. I spoke with one beautiful teen who told me she felt sad at times when her mother held consultations at home as a therapist, so she was out of reach down the hall.”

No, women, socialism isn’t good for mothers no matter how great it sounds. All it means is higher taxes (heavier burdens placed upon families), more government intrusion, and more mothers not home with their children. Socialism has never worked nor will it ever work. Just look how the government runs public schools and post offices. Their job is to protect their citizens, not control every aspect of their lives.

What is good for mothers is to have a husband who works hard for them so they can be home full time with their children. Children need and want their mothers. On yesterday’s post, a woman shared in the comment section what it was like being raised by a mother who was a teacher. Her mother never had time for her and she felt abandoned. Our culture is in the mess it is in from mothers leaving their homes and not raising the next generation to be stable and secure individuals who contribute to society instead of take and are a burden.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:9

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    1. My wife will be returning from her native Venezuela at the end of this month after a six-month stay (four more than she had planned) to take care of some family emergencies. What she tells me about conditions down there right now is something out of a horror movie. When she gets back I’m going to recommend that she put a presentation together that graphically details the inevitable poisonous fruits of Socialism, as the sprout in the real world. Too many people in the Anglophone West are deluded and clueless about this, the inevitable result of most of them being indoctrinated in government schools staffed and run by lying Marxist ideologues.

  1. In the interest of equality, in 1920, the Russian government under the control of communist(socialist) leaders became the first country to legalize full abortion rights for women. The effect was so disastrous to the Soviet people, that the law was modified in 1936 to save the country from economic collapse. One of the first acts of the Socialist was to give women power over birth rights. Socialism cries out for equality, but always ends up enslaving people to a tyrannical despot. Abortion ironically is legal in every socialist nation. In the call for equality for all, there is no equality for the unborn. One of Socialism’s chief goals is to destroy God, that was always the dream of Marx’s. Socialism isn’t an economic system, it is part of an evolutionary system created by man to rid the world of God.

  2. That which the government giveth the government can taketh away, if you don’t toe the party line. Look at China’s social credit system, or for an even more drastic example North Korea’s habit of rewarding the families of “good” North Koreans with all sorts of perks and throwing multiple generations of “bad” North Koreans into brutal prison camps.

  3. I live in a semi-socialist country (New Zealand) and right now we have a fairly socialist coalition government. Since they’ve been in power, our sky-high living costs have skyrocketed even more. Housing is unaffordable and most rent is subsidised by the government (not just social housing, but all lower-income earners are eligible for accommodation supplement – so effectively, the taxpayer is making the private landlord rich). We have more homeless people right now than we’ve ever had before.

    Food is expensive – you can buy NZ lamb cheaper in America than we can buy it here!! Petrol is expensive ($2.36 per litre, currently). Electricity is expensive. Everything is just crazy expensive!!

    The recent minimum wage hikes have made things worse (not better, as was the intention) as it’s put the prices of everything up even more.
    Our public health system is woefully under-funded. It is adequate, for the most part, but not great. Midwives are almost at crisis level, and lack of funding means small rural maternity centres are being closed.

    Teachers have been striking all year for better pay and conditions, in part because there are so many more kids today with behaviour and learning issues than there’s ever been before – possibly due to the frantic pace of life with both parents working.

    Low-income families (up to $60k a year I think) are eligible for government subsidies to help with the crazy high cost of living. But this of course means taxes are insanely high to pay for all this stuff.

    Our free education really isn’t free when you factor in insanely expensive uniforms ($120 just for the compulsory brand shoes!) and required laptops, plus camps and activity fees.
    It’s crazy!

    Both parents have to work, in most cases, because living is just so expensive. And this is detrimental to society. Childcare (especially school holiday care) is so expensive that two wages turns out to be really only one and a half wages and it’s just not enough. It’s like we’re all on a hampster wheel, spinning faster and faster but getting absolutely nowhere.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but it certainly isn’t this!

  4. The norm in countries with a highly developed welfare state is to do everything possible to encourage equality of employment opportunities between men and women by helping woman overcome the ‘handicap’ of motherhood.

    What should happen is that families should be helped to ensure that married women are not forced to go to work. In fact the opposite, married women should be strongly discouraged from working.

  5. Susanne, your depictment of motherhood as a “handicap” could not be more accurate. Our culture portrays motherhood as a burden that must be overcome rather than a blessing that ought to be celebrated (in my opinion).

    Also, I have noticed that there are so many blogs, articles, tips, etc. that teach women how to “survive” motherhood. But shouldn’t they be encouraged to THRIVE in motherhood, not just survive it?

  6. Ok…I’ve read the article and these are from women in Scandinavia who are against the current system.

    I agree. Here are my additions:

    1) Currently in Denmark there are so many kids in daycare that there are not enough spots. So the Danish government now pays mothers to stay-at-home with their children. The rate is 5dkk-7dkk depending on where you live.

    2) There is a huge anti-natalist attitude in Denmark. 1 or 2 children is ENOUGH! ENOUGH! How dare you want more? HOW DARE YOU! We care about the environment! Look at Greta Thurnberg (hahaha sorry I’m really laughing hard right now….) Ok actually, that’s Sweden…most Danes think Greta is insane. Danes are the most conservative of all the Nordics because they still have some German in them to make them a bit less crazy.

    3) Relationships are transitory. People break up because ‘they aren’t happy.’ F*** the kids. Kids? Who cares about the kids?

    4) Men are disposable. If you are a young single woman from a religious background in the U.S. or if you are the mother of someone from a religious background in the U.S. who is having trouble finding a man to marry. I recommend going to Scandinavia. A traditional Christian female can score BIG TIME here. Yes, you will have trouble converting your husband to Christianity. Your husband’s atheist pro-divorce family will hate you and do everything to break you up. But you will not have trouble getting married (if you require it of course…and don’t give the milk away for free) You may have to work though, but maybe not. All the girls I know who work full-time are also wanting to work full-time.

    5) Most Scandinavian Women Lie About Their Jobs. If you think a Danish woman works full-time, guess again. She makes it sound like she works full time. But she doesn’t.

    6) Scandinavian Women do not work Demanding Hours, Demanding Jobs like their U.S. Female Counterparts. Life in Denmark is very easy-going, so going home at 3 oclock is normal. I would never be allowed such easy-going hours in the U.S. The workload is a lot less here as well. There’s no comparison between the amount Scandis work and U.S. people work.

    7) People like sending their kids to Boarding School so the boys can practice premarital sex and ruining women and themselves. But if your kid is in boarding school, then you don’t have to parent.

    8) I have yet to see a family in Scandinavia where Generational Knowledge is passed down. The relationships between parent and child are INCREDIBLY shallow. I would say bordering on Meaningless.

    9) Scandis live in a bubble and have no clue what is going on in the rest of the world. Don’t bother trying to have discussions with them on world events. They just don’t know. The media reports U.S. events WEEKS after they happen. (However, occasionally, you will hear very intelligent things from even women in this country…so it’s not totally hopeless)

    10) Most women in Scandinavia have jobs that are really ‘raising other women’s children.’ From bornehavet, to social services, to teaching, etc etc…most women are paid to raise other women’s children full-time. It’s weird and stupid. But it leads to a really big Evolutionary Bottleneck in that many women don’t reproduce…it’s interesting on a Darwinian Level. Don’t be that girl that raises other women’s children.

    11) In Denmark, the women of rich men ARE stay-at-home wives, like in every other part of the world and in every culture and religion. If you aren’t a stay-at-home-wife…you married a poor man. Sorry. Truth Hurts.

    12) Cheating is rampant as a commentator said. Young girls do hit on older men at companies. And that’s weird and creepy. Julefrokost is code for ‘Cheating’ (and it is oftentimes the women initiating) I’ve heard stories….(from my husband who was there) And yes, Russian girls are VERY slutty. Sorry!

    13) Burn-Out is high. Most women I know have done the whole ‘Disability thing’ here in Denmark. I actually don’t know any women here who haven’t been on Disability at some point.

    14) Marriage depends less on love but more on Materialism. If you are a woman and you want the house in Frediksberg…then you need a second income to pay the 12 million kroners mortgage (1.7 million USD). But if you’re a woman whose ok living in a flat or whatnot…then Husbands and Commitment are Pointless. If your husband doesn’t make enough money, then he’s out and onto the next one!

    15) Marriage is roommates. My husband is shocked by how I actually want to spend time with him and discuss things with him. I know for a fact that he has never had conversations (sober) with any other women..even his past long-term relationships. They were always out at gym, out with friends, or just too drunk at parties to really connect. Deep meaningful discussions and forming a deep family culture…nope, not in Denmark.

    16) Lying. Lying is Big in Denmark. Everyone lies. If you have an affair with a married mother of 2 and get her pregnant, and she leaves her husband….The new parents of the man ‘adopt’ the other man’s children and call them grandchildren. It’s a big Inversion of Reality here. There is no reality. My husband calls his stepmother mom and every time a part of me dies…I will not allow my children to call her grandmother. I will not. She is of no relation to my children.

    17) Kids? F*** them! The school will raise them for us! 2 hours a day with kids is Enough. ENough!

    Of course, this is very harsh, and there are good families here in Denmark.

    But they are rare. The women do work, but in the good families, the women do not do the amount of work that American women do.

    In the good families I have seen, the women, even with jobs, have A LOT of spare time.

    Men are infantile, not as bad here in Denmark, but very noticeable in Sweden. The Swedish media does everything it can to turn men into little dingle-berries. It’s very creepy. I would never allow my children to watch Swedish anything.

    Scandi men are getting to the point where they may be incapable of raising a family by themselves (one salary…being the breadwinner)…thus making them redundant for many women.

    Every once in awhile, my husband will have a ‘Breadwinner’ break down. And I Tell him the Truth. What is the point of your existence then? That sounds really bad, but when women work full-time…the men are redundant and just add an extra level of complication that women don’t need.

    And finally, women in Scandinavia have created a consumer goods cycle of ‘I cut your hair, you cut my hair…and we swap money back and forth’ Most women are in beauty, fashion, childcare…or ‘business’ aka what used to be called secretarial work. There are very few women doing any other jobs. Consumer goods are extremely expensive in Denmark and I believe it is because of this ‘Circular Economy’ of women. If women were to go back to raising kids…I think consumer goods would become much cheaper.

    I think Denmark would benefit from having less women in the workplace. I think many things would become more streamlined and cheaper.

  7. I enjoyed reading this post very much!

    Pro-natalist policies in socialistic countries can backfire. I am an American living in Canada, and have noticed far less stay at home mothers here. In the US, my maternity leave was so ridiculously short (3 months) that I left my job and stayed home with my baby. I soon realized my presence in the home was so important. In Canada, women are given one year paid and after that time it is considered normal and expected to return to work. And more do, and are brainwashed to think that that one year is enough. It is very sad, because you go out in the community and every child accompanied by their mother is…. under one years old! Playgrounds are silent on weekdays because all other children are in care. Furthermore, higher taxes are needed for these generous work policies with paid maternity leave, making two income families more a necessity. It is a terrible cycle!

    1. Canada (at least Ontario anyway) now allows 18 months of paid maternity leave. My sister and I are two of the few SAHMs that I know. The few women who don’t work, (or who only work part-time) will send their kids to daycare full-time so they can have a “break.” It’s incredibly sad.

  8. Germany tried socialism when they put the National Socialist German Worker’s Party in power. The short name is Nazi Party. You may have heard of it.

  9. Here’s something that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed from my cousin… it’s quite interesting; especially when the newscasters try to say what the “solutions” should be — when we all know the answer to that, that mother’s need to stay home and teach their babies and children essential moral life lessons and especially Christian values/virtues! Because, doesn’t everything start in the home? This is all to say that mother’s need to be home — because we are desperately head deep in the mess we have made!

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