Playing Russian Roulette With Your Children

Playing Russian Roulette With Your Children

Written By Ken

In today’s world of broken homes and broken children, it is hard to believe that our society cannot see that it is the result of the lies they were told and they believed just a few generations ago. Women were told they could do whatever they wanted with their lives with no thought of the damage it would do to their children over time and over many numbers of women working. What is a mother to a child but EVERYTHING to them?

Women were told that they did not have to stay in a relationship that did not fit their feelings, or they felt like they were not the sole focus of a husband’s life, so they divorced without thinking of the damage it would do their kids and now in turn all of society. Yes, women were taught to follow their feelings and desires because they were equal to men, while never realizing that most men were not following their feelings or desires but instead putting their hands to the plow and working hard to support a family that would stay together and create their legacy.

You see, women have been lied to and its the same lies told over and over again that began in the garden. “God did not really say that, did He?” and “You won’t really get into trouble as the apple in front of you looks so delicious…, just eat. Then worry about the long term consequences later.”

We all eat the apple. We all want to do things our ways, be our own little god of our puny little lives, and seek the immediate pleasures over ignoring the long term consequences. Well, the day has come when the consequences are coming home to shower bullets on our children and wreak havoc on our society.

Oh, you say, “But I work and there is no problem in my family and with my kids.” And I say “Congrats!” You played Russian roulette with the lives of your children and family and you are one of the maybe 50% that has not suffered divorce or children damaged because of it. Just keep in mind that the sins of a parent are visited even until the third and fourth generation. You may have escaped, but have your children’s children when now their mom goes off to try to follow the example set for her by her mother?

We live in a depressed, anxious, and often dangerous society because the family unit is broken. Moms and dads chasing their own apples of desires and pleasure all at the expense of their children. Of course, these women hate it when Lori speaks the truth to them and she tries to get them to think about the damage they are causing society.

And yet I hear them now, “Not me! I was able to avoid the gun going off in my family.” Okay, now look to your left and your right and see that only about 50% of families are escaping the dreaded consequences that come when we walk away from God’s Word and God’s values. And you have taught your sons and daughters to take the chance and eat the fruit as a two worker home that surely does provide far more security and pleasures than a family with one dad who works hard for his family.

Alas, if we want to look to why some of our kids are so messed up: eating Tide Pods, guzzling alcohol, doing drugs, catching life-long sexually transmitted diseases, turning gay, and worse yet cutting off body parts to try and feel whole, look not much further than a mom who was rarely at home when they needed her love, comfort, and correction. Look no further than the stupid experiment perpetuated on America by Dr. Spock of lax discipline. The experiment failed and now we have half a generation of unhappy and depressed kids and adults. For there are no more apples to eat. We are already eating them all and not a one of them is satisfying.

To get our society back on track will take a huge amount of energy and effort by those willing to look at the damage caused by moms leaving their children and lax parenting and get back in the home and do the work of training. Yes, just as God said from the beginning, “Train them in the way they should go and they will not depart from it.”

The God who wrote the instruction manual on human love and life has spoken, but will our society listen and allow His Word and values back into our homes, schools, and churches. Or are we in for the next generation who will not only walk away from God’s values, but will choose to rebel against Him and destroy those who love anything about God and His ways? I pray our society is reaching a turning point, but fear it will once again choose to no longer hearken to the words of the Lord. Just because you escaped your sins with no seemingly bad consequences doesn’t mean the woman you influenced will.

Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little.
Isaiah 28:9, 10

13 thoughts on “Playing Russian Roulette With Your Children

  1. My oldest son is now 14, but when he was about 2 years old my husband and I joined a “get rich” pyramid company. Among many other flaws in their thinking, we also bought into the notion that both spouses needed to spend ALL their extra time trying to build their business. Of course it meant lots of babysitters for the kids. I remember a male leader of ours, who was experienced in this business, told me that we should work hard now. Then when we are financially independent we can gain back the lost time with our kids. How in the world could that ever be possible? Even when working from home we were suppose to be making phonecalls trying to convince others to get rich. That was a huge red flag for me. I never felt right about what he said. We no longer participate in that group. Another example of the love of money being capable of breaking a family apart. I thank Yah for getting us out of that group!

    1. Very good point, LJ. There’s nothing more important for married women with children than to put all of their energies into raising godly offspring and being help meets to their husbands. This culture makes women believe that they have no value if they aren’t making money. Raising the next generation is what’s most vital and women need to trust God and obey what He has commanded.

    2. Praise the Lord your eyes were opened. Your son will rise up and call you blessed for your investment of your life in him. All the money and things we get in this life are just going to be burned up anyway, so let’s focus on the things that give eternal value.

    3. That sounds really familiar — my husband was involved in an MLM when our youngest son was an infant. They wanted the 2 of us to travel to events and spend our evenings “showing the program” to others. We didn’t last long — for one thing, we were not leaving our kids with sitters to travel out of town! I’m glad you and your hubby didn’t get sucked in! You can’t “gain back the time you lost” with your kids when they are little. By the way, they told my husband the same thing “in 5 years, you’ll have lots of time with your kids.” That was the final straw, and he quit.

    4. My parents did that exact same thing. This was back in the 80s/early 90s. It might have even been the same business – the philosophies sound the same.

      We spent more nights at Grandma’s house than we did at home. After school, we would go home to feed our pets (alone) then go to Grandma’s.

      We did this for 4 or 5 years – Mum and Dad were both out “building the business” while we went to Grandma’s. Oh we loved it at Grandma’s house and didn’t mind at all, but when my mother looks back now, she regrets those lost years. She said that is one of the biggest regrets of her life, was spending so much time away from us. She said that being at home with us when we were small were the happiest years of her life, and “that stupid business” stole too many of them from her.

  2. Very true. These very same words could also be used for the foods we eat. Of course it isn’t nearly as important spiritually but definitely physically. So much of our society eats bad food and takes all kinds of medicines and thinks all is fine because they appear healthy enough without a thought to their children’s and grandchildren’s future health. I’m from a family whose health was affected by these choices in earlier generations. Our roulette bullet fired and hit us decades ago. It is really heartbreaking and I’ve tried to warn others but so few listen.

    Thanks again for the reminder to always choose the narrow path even (or especially if) it looks good and easy on the broad path.

    1. I agree, M. God created food that is perfect for us as is everything that He created (marriage, child bearing, women being keepers at home, etc.). I love to seek all of His ways since I know they are best for us!

    2. Good analogy M.
      It is true that the body can take a lot of abuse with what we put in it, but it needs some good stuff too. Once cannot depend on genetics to bail them out without good foods and exercise.

  3. Thank you Ken and Lori (VT2)!!!

    We are thankful for your strong loving kindness to the truth of God’s Word! What a blessing you both are! So wonderfully encouraging – WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YA’LL CLOSER TO US!! Not many sharing these profound truths! KEEP-EM coming please! We look forward to rejoicing with you both “soon” with our Savior FOREVER!! God Bless You both and your lovely family! From the East Coast to the West Coast – how wonderful and vast is HIS AMAZING LOVE!!!

    1. You’re so welcome and Ken wants out of CA so we may be a lot closer to you soon but even if we don’t, we have eternity with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Oh, what a day that will be – “When we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will. When we all see Jesus we’ll sing and shout the victory!”

  4. Excellent article. Just so good. I was born in 1982. My parents were caring, loving and had a stable relationship (still do). House was always tidy, well feed, looked after etc. However, they are ‘atheists’, and very left/liberal. I believe the leftist mindset is dangerous and is becoming more and more unhinged.

    Mum stayed at home till I was about 8 and that made me feel quite safe. I was very obedient, wanted to please and worked very hard at school and was at the top of my class in many subjects. Then mum went off to work full time leaving me, my younger sister, and brother to work things out. I just remember ending up becoming a lazy teenager, mucking around at school, being really mischief and silly with friends, and watching a lot of awful TV.

    I started binge drinking at age 13 and then developed a heavy addiction to marijuana at 16. I became a believer (Pentecostal so lots of deception) at 19 and this gave me a few years of relief from drugs. Got married to a wonderful man at 22 (who I am still married to). But then started drinking again soon after marriage and by the time I was 33 was a full blown alcoholic (only my husband knew the extent). Ended up in rehab, had affairs and suffered from sex addiction. Now at 35, I am becoming a reformed Christian and my marriage is stronger than ever, but this is only thanks to God and his mercy and finding teachers like Lori, John Macarthur, Paul Washer etc. who are helping me to untwist the scriptures and hideous doctrines of the charismatic movement.

    My sister has battled with addiction pretty much her whole life (she is not a Christian). She is 33 and has recently started using ice. She has two young daughters to two very difficult fathers.

    My brother is the only seemingly stable sibling but I’m sure he has his hidden issues.

    The sins of the father’s are passed down to the third and fourth generation as you stated. Addiction is heavily in my extended family and both my sister and myself have suffered.

    When I read blogs like this, I can’t help but wonder, if my mum (who is a loving, caring and stable women – though not Christian), stayed at home and cared for us properly, would my sister and I have gone off the rails. I know it’s not entirely my parents fault but it plays a big part.

    Society is in a lot of trouble. I know our story sounds hectic, but it is the story of many people. We need Jesus. He is our only hope.

    Sorry for the long message (and I hope it makes sense – I wrote it very quickly..), but I just really related to your article. There is so much wisdom in it. Everyone needs to read it. God bless. Thank you, Ken.

    1. Sarah, just read your comment and wanted to give you a virtual high five – good on you for breaking your addiction and getting your life back on track. Takes a very strong person to do what you’re doing and I wish you the very best in your life!

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