Biblical Womanhood Sounds Like a Dull Existence to Many

Biblical Womanhood Sounds Like a Dull Existence to Many

Written By Joseph Spurgeon

The woman of virtue: clothed in fine linen, strength, and dignity. She was busy with her hands, always looking to the ways of her household, and never eating the bread of idleness. The virtuous woman opens her mouth teaching kindness in wisdom. She has a husband who is known at the gates, a man of influence, with children who are thankful and give her much deserved honor and respect. This godly woman recognizes that beauty is vain and passing away, so adorns herself with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit.

Young ladies, you are going to need much prayer, and much striving to enter through the narrow gate, to resist the minefield of temptations before you in this day and age. Feminism has a choke-hold on our society right now, and is placing pressure and demands on young women that are direct attacks on the biblical picture of womanhood. If Proverbs 31 illustrates for us how a godly, spirit-filled woman cares for her family and home, Proverbs 7 could easily be pointed to as an example of how feminism utterly destroys the relationship between men and women, and subsequently, their homes.

The adulterous woman is wayward, loud, boisterous, and dresses like a prostitute. She is not content to be at home, working diligently to provide for her family, but rather prefers to be everywhere but home. She is brazen, with flattering lips, seeking to seduce with smooth words.

Let’s be honest, there is a temptation to look at your godly mothers, with their gentle and quiet spirits, submitting to one man in their lives, their husbands, caring for their homes, and say to yourself, “What a dull, drab existence. I want to get out and experience life. The way my mother wants to live her life might be fine for her but it’s sooooo old fashioned. This is 2019. I want to make lots of money. I want to get my finances, education, and house in order before I have a family. In the meantime, I will test drive my potential spouse, and if they don’t meet my specific demands, I will find another.”

That’s how things work in 2019. “Children? I am not ready for that. How can I work, go to school, have time for dating, and do what I want to do, if I have kids. I have plans, and Proverbs 31 definitely puts a damper on those. I think I like the picture painted in Proverbs 7 better: she seems to have more freedom, and seems to be having a fun, adventurous life. What could possibly be wrong with enjoying myself for a few years before being shackled with the burden of managing a home, full of whiny kids and a demanding husband?”

Young ladies, he who thinks he stands, needs to take heed lest he falls. Many, many a fine young lady, having grown up in Christian homes, have fallen prey to these temptations. Many young ladies have traded the life of a virtuous woman for that of a wayward feminist who destroys her own home. The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands. A very vivid picture of this can be seen at the abortion clinic as young ladies, who a mere decade before would have never conceived of murdering their children, pay Anne the Butcher to do the dirty deed so that they can continue living their wayward lives unhindered.

You say “I would NEVER have an abortion.” Fine. So, what middleman are you willing to pay so that you can shirk your responsibilities to God in pursuit of your will be done?

Not my will, but thine, be done.
Luke 22:42

17 thoughts on “Biblical Womanhood Sounds Like a Dull Existence to Many

  1. Love your articles Lori. The world is such a mess. It’s getting worse all the time. My mom passed away just about 5 years ago. I miss her so much! She dealt with a lot in her life. My dad was an alcoholic but she stayed faithful to him until he passed away. She was so devoted to my dad, even after he passed until she went to her heavenly home. My mom taught me no matter what you go through in a marriage, you should stick it out. My mom always pointed to my dad’s good traits, in which he had a lot. I’m so thankful that I had such a faithful mother who loved her husband and children. She lived a very simple life, but her dedication and love for us has taught me a lot. The older I get, the more I see this. I was so blessed to have a wonderful mother who was such a good role model. I’m sad for so many young women today who don’t have these type of role models. Thank you for being a good role model for all of us Lori. God bless your day!

  2. Wow! You did have an excellent mother, Gloria! It’s so much easier for women in marriage and in mothering if they were modeled it to them during their childhoods. You were blessed!

  3. Yes Lori, I was. My family has had a lot of tragedy in it but the older I get I realize how special my mom was for going through everything she did. The alcoholism of my dad was just one thing, but there were other things in my family also as time went by. She said, “we have to preservere”. She was so simple. A lot of women would not put up with that, just think of themselves, and wine.

  4. It’s always a treat to hear you talk about the values of traditional womanhood. I see many women my age so stressed out with the demands of school, work, their social lives and trying to gain more money and trying to get that promotion and it never fulfills them and I think about how happy and simple their lives would be if society still valued motherhood and femininity. So many of my friends see those things as an inconvenience and it’s easy to want to get made at them for mocking it but when I take a step back I realize how happy and secure I am in my desire to become a wife and mother and I see how unsure they are in how successful their education will be and I see how they move from unstable boyfriend to unstable boyfriend and I feel as though I won something they didn’t.

  5. Great article. 95% of women who are eligible to marry, are closer to Proverbs 7 than Proverbs 31. It’s a disaster.

    This is what taking sex outside of marriage, giving women the right to vote, and legalizing porn and contraception has led to.

    Our nation is on the brink of collapse because the minds of the women have been deceived by the Democrat plutocrats who run the media, schools, and tech companies.

    God bless you Lori, for your excellent articles. Younger women are being preyed upon by a society which feeds them so many lies, and sadly, many will never awake until they are too old o marry and have children, and a few will never awake until they find themselves in the hot place.

  6. You had me until “right to vote”… what’s wrong with women voting, if it’s our chance to influence (if in a small way) a secular culture in a God-honoring way?

  7. There is so much to unpack on this topic. Where to start…

    I think to really grasp it, we have to go back to the very beginning of our creation, and God’s divine design for men and women.
    And how do we know what that is? He told us in His Word.

    So for me, when I’m trying to discern something I say, “Is God our Creator? The ultimate authority on all matters?”

    For Believers it is without hesitation, YES.

    Do I believe Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and communicated God’s nature and divine roles for us?

    Again, YES.

    So from there we have Scripture, His Word, His instruction manual.
    So next question, Do I believe ALL of it? Or none of it?
    Because it’s only one or the other.

    Then, because as a Believer, I know God only has my best interests at heart, and everything he prescribes protects me from harm and consequences, how could I legitimately dispute his role for us as women?

    Well, mainly, that would be out of ignorance and worldly influence.

    But once I’m aware of TRUTH, then it becomes straight up rebellion!

    The only reason women believe being a stay at home wife and mother is “boring” or “punishment” is because women bought into the lies. And lies about who we are is definitely what they are. And where do lies come from? The enemy who wants to undo the family, so as to take control of God’s world.

    So in the big picture of things, I think on this. There is absolutely NOTHING diminishing about living per God’s design.
    Our loving Father would not do that to us!

    It’s our frame of mind and our attitude in how we approach being wives and mothers.
    If we joyfully embrace God’s design for us, it is a fulfilling career!

  8. Ok. So normally I’d be against something like this, as I’m not religious nor was I raised in that way. However, I don’t necessarily disagree entirely.

    I grow up with my mom staying home and tending to her kids and husband. I was fine staying home with my child when I had one but unfortunately my first marriage was a disaster (we can address this another day) so I had to work. He never paid child support so I was grateful I could provide a lucrative life for my child.

    I’ve since remarried and have been for the past 12 years. And I DID stick around for the tough times and it paid in spades. I am now a stay at home mom and I love it.

    When I did work, I met a new generation of women. One in which I didn’t understand.

    What they ALL had in common:
    – all good looking, slender, very well groomed
    – great personalities
    – very well educated with most having earned a bachelors and some even a masters degree all before 25
    – had great, stable, well paying jobs

    Here’s what I saw:

    – ALL were DESPERATE for a relationship
    – some had never even experienced an actual long term relationship or any sort of commitment at all. Read that again, NO RELATIONSHIP AT ALL YET.

    So yeah, I didn’t understand how they were all single. Seemingly normal, successful people who no doubt were everything that society had expected them to be.

    First I asked how they approach dating.


    I pointed out that while I might have been married a while and wasn’t single when these apps were created, it was still plainly obvious that those sites were for cheap hook ups and one night stands.

    Still, they continued despite having never been successful.

    I said why don’t you go out and meet people like we did in the olden days. So I went out with them for a drink after work once.

    WHAT AN INSANE SIGHT TO SEE. Literally no one approaching anyone. Everyone speaking exclusively with whom they come with. Everyone on their phones.

    It’s clear the youth of today are crippled socially and unable to make in person connections.

    So after that disaster I said “ok, that was pointless, since all you people can’t communicate, let’s go back to online. This time though, let’s put tinder on hold. Why don’t you join a more reputable site where you have to pay. They usually offer free trials and I think the people that take the time to pay are likely more serious then the free apps.”

    Nope, they refused. I had one close friend in particular that could never go past a first date, lost her virginity at some absurd age like 20 (not bc she didn’t want to) and was just sleeping with people.

    Sure there are women who would cry at the idea of a “godly” role at home but there are also people that would love one and are so ill equipped to attain.

    The problem is a lot bigger than some intimidating, fleeting, hypothetical thought.

  9. So, great comment, thanks for sharing. Not being religious, it’s hard to wrap my head around staying in negative marriage.

    – do i feel marriages are broken far too often and frankly decided upon poorly? Yes.

    – do I think there are more then enough avenues to pursue counsel? Yes, and certainly more available and socially accepted today then in your moms day.

    – but here’s the thing. I don’t equate staying no matter what to a godly life. I have no idea as to the severity your mother endured, as it may have been tolerable to most, so I say this in more broad sense, not so much to your mothers life. But maybe so.

    So let’s include other scenarios. The “what if” portion of this reply.

    – what if he beat her and or the kids too?

    – what if he was going outside the marriage and potentially exposing her to disease?

    – what if he was sexual abusive toward his own children or others?

    – what if he was so intoxicated that he was unable to hold a job and finically failed to provide for his family?

    – what if he is consistently incarcerated costing the family money they can’t afford and creating an absence

    I’m cool with obeying the husband, I kinda like the man to be in charge and expect it. I do believe you should have sex with your partner even when you don’t want to because it truly does contribute to a healthy relationship.

    I also believe women (most that aren competently qualified) are MENT to be mothers. Even if they are unable to conceive – there are plenty of children that need homes. I do also believe that if the man successfully (another topic for another day lol) provides for his family, that heck yeah:

    – the house better look good when he comes home
    – there should absolutely be a tasty meal ready
    – you should look good when he comes and the kids ready and we’ll behaved for him

    But that’s contingent on him doing his part for our relationship to EARN those listed above.

    I by no means believe that a man is owed this. Perhaps he is just like when you start school you start essentially with an “A” but it’s still up to you personally to maintain that.

    I think living a godly life should mean keeping your own health in tact, not selfishly but responsibly. I think being a mother godly or not means you will always be sure to provide your children a happy, healthy environment.

    So no, i feel awful for women were not able to experience a happy marriage. I do not believe staying equals godly. Ton waste a perfectly good life and disastrous childhood for their kids.

    I dunno, what do you think? I mean, afterall, you lived it.

  10. If there is any type of physical abuse, a woman needs to get out and seek help immediately. If she’s in a destructive or very difficult marriage, she needs to seek help. If it’s difficult but not destructive in any way, she needs to practice 1 Peter 3:1-6 and try to win him without a word by her godly behavior, caring more about his eternal soul than anything else. You see, as believers in Jesus Christ, we know this life on this earth is extremely short compared to an eternity in heaven or hell, therefore, we live our lives pointing people, including difficult husbands, to the Lord in hopes that they will come to know the Savior of their soul.

  11. Yes, the smart phone generation is having a hard time being in healthy relationships where people look each other in the eyes and really listen. It’s very sad. I encourage young women who love the Lord to find a good church and get involved. This is the best place to find a good man!

  12. When I just saw the title, I thought: “Isn’t dull better than stressful?!”.
    Being a keeper at home consists of so many things that everyone can do it in their own way and it depends on us whether it’s dull or super exciting, or something between.
    But, hey, it’s so hard for me to believe that women prefer a stressful, often stupid (not fulfilling at all) job, doing what a stranger – boss, client, customer – wants them to do than to be free to just stay at home, care of it and family, and… do what you want, and rest… I just don’t understand.
    It seems I’m young but old-fashioned.
    In the past, we had a business together with my Husband. It was so stressful. Tight stomach every day. No, thanks.
    Today he’s working and I’m taking care of our home and kids. And I feel better. And he enjoys homemade dinners.
    It’s so simple. People have to be very strongly manipulated to believe that the idea of women in the workforce is good for women, kids, and societies.

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